[Top 7] Best Tower Speakers under 5000 in India

Are you in search of a good Tower Speaker priced under 5000 rupees? If so, we have compiled the best list of these Tower Speakers available in Indian markets under 5000 Rs. 

Tower speakers are an innovative audio output device, that has a vertical design and helps you to minimize space usage. These devices have become a mainstay of audio systems in homes. 

best Tower Speakers under 5000

People are watching 4K movies and HD sound on their own television by merely sitting in their homes. They are experiencing a theatrical feeling from their home itself. These are only possible due to the powerful sound packed in a slim frame. These speakers will give a great look when fitted next to a TV or computer screen.

If you want to enjoy the best sound quality, then you have to choose the right speaker for your home. People who are more serious about the audio quality will be looking forward to buying a good quality tower speaker.

Tower speakers or Floor Standing speakers under 5000 rupees are low-budget range speakers, which can’t be categorized as a premium quality one. But these are enough to give you the right quality sharp sound output from your Television or laptop or computer. 

You can pair this speaker with a subwoofer and enhance the sound output. These speakers are way better than Bookshelf Speakers

The things that highlight the Floor standing speakers under 5000 are: 

  • Better Bass response
  • Better power-handling capabilities
  • Wider sound dispersion
  • Rich sound quality

From these factors, we can understand why these vertical tallboys are capable of filling your room and heart with quality sound. Like the sound quality offered by the Home Theaters, these floor standing speakers also give a comprehensive set of sounds.

Passive radiators or bass reflex ports are equipped inside these speakers in order to enhance the low-frequency reproduction on the front or backside of the speaker.

If you are a music admirer or a cinephile, then you must get a loud, punching bass response and for this, we highly recommend buying these tall speakers.

List of 7 Best Tower Speakers under 5000 Rs

  • Bayspower 27000W PMPO 
  • OBAGE MT-600 Bluetooth Speakers Tower
  • Zinitax Hi-Fi Dj Multimedia Bluetooth Tower Speaker
  • Zoook Gladiator 55W Floor Standing Speakers
  • Capicon Rockstar Bluetooth Tower Speaker
  • Bencley Bluetooth Tower Speakers
  • Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 Bluetooth Speaker 

What are the Best Tower Speakers under 5000 Rs in India

As the number of brands manufacturing tower speakers is limitless in the market, we may get confused about which one to select. At that time, just go through the compiled list of Tower Speakers that we have created for you and find out which one is top-rated under the 5000 Rs price range in India. 

Bayspower 27000W PMPO – Best Tower Speakers under 5000

Tower Speakers under 5000 in India

Music Lovers and audiophiles love to buy these tower speakers from Bayspower that come equipped with a 6.5 inches subwoofer. This speaker offers soothing Bass along with vocals. This Tower speaker features two in-built 3 inches speakers with a bigger 6.5 inches subwoofer. This will give you adequate bass and sound requirements.

You can enjoy the music of high quality with the right mix of Bass and vocals. If you want, you will be able to connect two extra mini small Speakers with this tower speaker in order to enhance the loudness.

The display has become better than before and helps in the easy user interface. Bayspower 27000W PMPO features Bluetooth connectivity option and supports USB pen drives, Card Reader, AUX.

You can listen to your favorite programs with a built-in FM Radio and the remote control will enhance the overall experience. This Tower speaker provides an 80 watts RMS output. The cutting-edge sound technology gives you dynamic depths to your listening experience.

This speaker is good enough to fill a small room below 200sq ft. th cabinet of this speaker is made from 8mm MDF strong wood. TV, DVD Player, Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phones are all supported by this device. 

After using this system for 8-10 hours (Runtime) or 2-3 Days, the bass is normally improved. If you want to experience better bass output, then you have to place it on the ground with a minimum 1-meter distance from yourself.


  • Cabinet: 8mm MDF strong wood
  • Strength: 27000PMPO
  • Speaker: 2 × 3inches
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Built-In Fm Radio
  • Control Method: Remote
  • Item Weight: 5.5 Kilograms

OBAGE MT-600 Bluetooth Tower Speakers

Bluetooth Tower Speakers

The MT-600 is a Single Tower Speaker System that will give you only actual bass effects that the music has. For room size less than 150 sq. ft. these tower speakers work well with enough loudness. 

If you are a person who loves to hear soothing and melodious sounds with maximum clarity MT-600 is the perfect sound system for you.  Deep Natural bass and accurate voice clarity are what you will obtain from this amazing Tower speaker.

But your room has to be sound absorbents so that there will be zero generation of echo. And can enjoy the soothing bass effect of MT-600. You have to keep this speaker somewhat above the ground level to enjoy natural and clear vocals.

Bass Reflex and Side Firing are the bass technology used here. If you want to make the drivers more sound-producing one then make them run for 8-10 hours prior to making an opinion on it.

There is no noise production even with the wireless Bluetooth connectivity. This wireless connection is clean and hassle-free. The Bass, mids, and treble are all at an adequate rate and are important for the forward sound production. There is no distortion in the music you play with these machines.


  • Frequency Range: 50Hz – 15kHz
  • Subwoofer: 1 x 6.5 Inch
  • Speaker: 2 x 3-inch full range
  • Output Power: 35W RMS optimum
  • Burn-in Period: 8-10 hours
  • Bass Technology: Bass Reflex, Side Firing
  • Interface Support: Bluetooth/USB/FM/Aux
  • Item Weight: 9 kg 60 g

Zinitax Hi-Fi Dj Multimedia Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Zinitax Hi-Fi Dj Multimedia Bluetooth Tower Speaker

For those who want to listen to quality music, these Zinitax Hi-Fi Dj Multimedia Bluetooth Tower Speakers are the best option to buy under 5000 price range. This tower speaker comes equipped with a stylish elegant design.

Pure wood is used for making the exterior body of this tower speaker. You will be able to change songs/change mode and more with a powerful remote equipped with it. Aux, Bluetooth, USB FM are the connectivity options through which you can play and listen to music. TV, DVD Player, Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phones all are supported by this speaker system. 

This speaker system comes with a 45 W output power and a 2.1 stereo system. MP3 playback is possible from USB and microSD cards. The Frequency response of this product is rated between 40 Hz ~ 18 KHz. With Bluetooth v.4.1 Class II

There are five predefined EQ modes for USB and SD modes. An FM Frequency range of 87 MHz ~ 108 MHz is available with this Tower speaker. A2DP, AVRCP is the Bluetooth protocol supported by this speaker.

The MicroSD card decoder comes with a capacity of up to 64 GB and the USB memory decoder with a capacity of up to 64 GB. 


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Aux, USB, and FM
  • 25000 watts PMPO
  • Bluetooth: v.4.1
  • DJ sound: 500 w
  • Supports up to 64 GB of external memories
  • RMS Power Range – Amplifiers: 27000 Watts
  • Output Channels: 2

Zoook Gladiator 55W Floor Standing Speakers

Floor Standing Speakers under 5000

The Zoook Gladiator 55W Bluetooth v5.1 tower speakers come with a sleek, trendy, classy, and designed for the ultimate music experience. It includes a 5.25-inch woofer and two 4 Satellites to deliver heavy bass to produce ultra-crisp and super smooth music. 

This tower speaker takes your music listening experience to the next level. It allows you to connect any device directly using Bluetooth which can stream music seamlessly. 

These tower speakers by Zoook can easily pair and play your tracks. It is manufactured for the Ultimate Music Experience and produces a natural and powerful sound.

You can place it in a living room for a great movie experience and this device is compatible with  TV, DVD, and mobile devices. It also provides connectivity with AUX, USB, line-in, and Bluetooth. 

Users can play their favorite music directly from their mobile device and also features a built-in radio function that enables you to listen to all Indian radio stations. It also supports wired karaoke which allows you to connect a Mic. 

Zoook Gladiator comes with Volume and Bass controls placed on the front panel and for your comfort, there is remote control access.

Zoook Gladiator comes with an RCA to Aux cable allowing you to easily connect the speaker with your PC to amplify your gaming experience. It has the most advanced Bluetooth v5.1 technology for continuous music experience. You can connect your mobile phones, laptop, or smart TV for a seamless movie experience or music.


  • Bluetooth:  Yes
  • Configuration:  Stereo
  • Power Source:   AC 220V- 240V/50Hz
  • Power Output (RMS)  :  55 W
  • Subwoofer:  1
  • Built-in Fm Radio:  Yes
  • USB Ports:  1 
  • Bluetooth:  5.1
  • Bluetooth Range:  10 m
  • Item Weight:  6 kg 500 g

Capicon Rockstar Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Capicon Rockstar Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Capicon Rockstar Tower Speaker has an experience with the perfect sound. This speaker has a beautiful matt finish floor with 2 × 3inch speakers and 2× 5.25-inch high watt subwoofers that deliver excellent bass and produce a crisp and clear sound. 

The Sleek, modern design provides a visual treat. It is upgraded to any studio, Image Control Waveguide for detailed imaging and a broad and room-friendly spot.

It is a dual Bluetooth Tower Speaker that comes with a 2 × 5.25-inch woofer that boosts low-end frequencies. This speaker system has a newly developed 5G woofer for deep and stable bass. 

This Tower speaker features a foamed mica-cellular diaphragm. It will deliver powerful bass and give clear vocals and dialog. 

This Tower speaker has both Wired or wireless connection and easily pairs with your device. This home audio speaker via Bluetooth for a comfortable wired or wireless connection. Capicon Rockstar is a Lightweight and rugged polypropylene enclosure. It is a completely redesigned professional designed for heavy use.


  • Special Features: Subwoofer, Remote Control, Radio, SD Card
  • Connectivity: USB Port, SD Micro Port, Mic Port, Aux Port
  • Speaker Connectivity: Wireless
  • Batteries Required: No

Bencley Bluetooth Tower Speakers

Capicon Rockstar Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Bencley Bluetooth Tower Speakers is also a single box speaker that comes in grey color with two speakers located on the front panel. This speaker weighs 5.5 kgs and this assures it to study quite well. This can be a suitable option for a short spaced room. It has a bigger display that makes it easy to interface.

This speaker comes with an impedance level of 8 ohms. This would require less power from the amplifier and you can connect 2 mini speakers to this. This speaker comes with a 6.5-inch subwoofer that can fulfill your bass and sound requirements. The cabinet is constructed with wood that produces clear-cut sound and supports a wired mic.

This speaker has both wires or wirelessly. It has an  AUX port and Bluetooth connectivity and connects to TV, DVD Player, Laptop, Computer, Mobile Phones. This speaker delivers a grand theatre feel at home by using this mega Bluetooth Tower Speaker System. 

It has a 5.25-inch woofer that boosts low-end frequencies. The 5.25-inch woofer delivers a deep clear bass to enjoy the feel of music at every volume. You can change songs, volume, and more using the remote. It has 25000 watts PMPO provides full DJ sound.

This Slim, floor-standing design provides a conserved space for exploring your listening experience.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Connectivity: FM, USB, Bluetooth, AUX
  • Driver type: subwoofer
  • Maximum output power: 110 watts
  • Material: wood
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Item Weight:  6 kg

Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 Bluetooth Speaker

Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 Bluetooth Speaker

Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 Bluetooth Speaker has a 2.1 configuration. It can save the low-frequency effects that are generated by the subwoofer. This is equipped with a backlit display that is placed on top of the device.  This device will display the radio channel you are listening to. It has a dome-shaped tweeter that produces crystal clear sound.

This speaker comes with a digital sound processor that delivers high quality and power. It has  120W power and a digital audio processor that ensures high sound quality. This also has an FM feature to listen to your local radio. Using this RDS system, you can track the station on the LCD display. The 4.1 Bluetooth technology ensures the sound covered up to 10m wirelessly.

There are multiple options to connect this device like Bluetooth and USB connections. This USB port is also used to charge the speaker. It features RCA in/out that allows you to connect with different devices and customize your music. It has a High Fidelity Sound, S/PDIF digital optical input, and digital audio processor ( of 24 bits/96 kHz to deliver Hi-Fi sound. 

The sound quality and power in a 120 W tower with a digital sound processor. It features an optical input, FM RDS radio, Bluetooth 4.1, USB, and microSD reader. High-Level Sound, which is a 2.1 sound tower and 120 W power.


  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, RCA input, USB and micro card SD
  • Driver type: subwoofer, tweeter
  • Maximum output power: 120 watt
  • Material: wood
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Item Weight: 8 kg 900 g

You Might be Interested in:

Features to look into a Tower Speakers under 5000

Drivers: The drivers are capable of converting the audio signals into sound. You should select a speaker with more number of drivers. Then only you will get a robust and richer sound that will emanate from it.

The drivers are categorized as tweeters, mid-range, and woofers. Most of the low priced tower speakers are equipped with cone tweeters. Choose the maximum number of drivers you will get under 5K.

Wattage: The power handling capability of a speaker is known as its wattage. In order to produce optimal performance, the selected speaker should have a regular and sufficient supply.

Sensitivity: The loudness produced by a set of speakers when supplied with a certain amount of power is what sensitivity means in the case of a speaker. Most of the Tower speakers under the 5K category come with a sensitivity of around 88dB.

Frequencies: hertz is the measuring unit of frequency and it gives us an idea about the low and high sounds produced by the speakers. Most of the Tower speakers under this category come equipped with a 20Hz – 20kHz frequency range.

Woofers: For creating bass frequencies, you will require good woofers. Most of these listed products have at least one woofer.


These all are about our review of the best Tower speakers under the budget price of 5K rupees. We have listed the best 7 products under this category. There are not many known brands under this category. 

You have to be very careful before purchasing a Tower speaker under this price range as there are many products available in the market. All of these may not be that perfect. So if you want the most ideal products under this category, then go with any of these listed products.

All of them are good enough to entertain you with their sound and bass quality. It will completely change the home decor and will offer a theatrical sound experience at your home itself.

Hope everyone was satisfied with our products and reviews.