Best Home Theater System Under 5000 in India

Are you looking for the Best Home Theater System under 5000 in India? If yes, then you are in the correct spot for clearing your queries. The youth always wants to feel the magic of music at home also, so they wish to have the Best 5.1 Home Theater System under 5000 in India 2020.

Home theater systems are lovely equipment for every home. They can relieve you from a stressful work after a busy day, enjoy and bond yourself with your family, or just improve the overall ambiance of your home to attract positive vibes.

A good Home speaker system produces excellent sound and improves your overall entertainment experience. It can be used while watching movies or listening to music or playing a game. 

Not everyone can afford high-end varieties of Home Theater. But we can solve that problem with budget friendly Home Theaters Under 5000. You can find both Bluetooth supported and without Bluetooth connectivity available Home Theaters below 5000 price range.

If you are buying a home theater system you need to consider some important features before buying. There are many home theater systems available under 5000 price range, but in order to pick best, you need to consider important must-have features or specifications.

List of 12 Best Home Theater Systems Under 5000

  • Mitashi HT 106BT Home Theater System
  • Jack Martin 911 Home Theater Speakers
  • Philips Dhoom MMS2580B/94 Home Theater
  • F&D 5.1 Channel 700X Speaker
  • Edifier SPK-EF-XM6BT Home Theater System
  • Flow Flash Home Theater System
  • OBAGE HT-101 Home Theater
  • Krisons Polo Red Home Theater System
  • Intex IT-2616SUF-OS
  • OSCAR OSC-4141
  • Flow Buzz Home Theater System
  • Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600

Mitashi HT 106BT – Best Home Theater under 5000

Best Home Theater System below 5000

This home theater system with Bluetooth feature comes with a powerful 5.1 channel surround sound to fill your space omnidirectional with deep sound output. You can replicate the sound performance in a movie theater at your home through this product as it generates a high-power 7,000 Watts PMPO peak output in its 5.1 channel surround mode.

Created with futuristic technology, the speakers have a total power output of 7000W. As the sound is given via the 5.1 channel speakers from all directions, users can also enjoy a more flexible as well as personalised placement of your speaker system. Additionally, its fully-functional remote controller provides you the comfort of leisurely entertainment and allows you to regulate your music with ease.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend any more moments without music playing because this speaker system includes a built-in USB port to sync with your USB memory sticks or any external hard drives. Its MMC and SD card reader lets you playback your favourite soundtracks, videos, movies, etc. of your tablet and smartphone.

Mitashi HT 106BT also provides users with another wireless connectivity option by simply pairing up your Bluetooth compatible devices and inputting your tunes, soundtracks, and more. And, when the stored videos or music collections are not enough, its digital FM radio support can allow you to enjoy your favourite radio stations in extra crispness and full clarity of the output.


  • The power output is 7000W
  • Compatible with USB, SD, MMC card reader
  • Comes with FM feature
  • Elegant design and good connectivity
  • Item Weight-7.5 kg

Jack Martin 911 Home Theater System

Home Theater under 5k

Jack Martin 9 series 911 4.1 channel multimedia Bluetooth home theatre speaker system comes under the 5000 range Home Theater system available in India. It has a beautiful outfit with amazing grills of the speaker.

It comes with 70 W power output, and a subwoofer speaker unit of 5.25”, and a satellite speaker of 3” x 4”. Its frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 150,000 Hz.

It also comes with an SD card, pen drive, USB, and a built-in FM radio multimedia connectivity feature. Jack Martin 911 can also be attached to a TV with RCA/AUX cable. Additionally, this product includes a remote and one main unit.

Pendrives,iPhone, SD card, android smartphone, Bluetooth 3.0 & above, iOS, Mac, windows are compatible with this device. Maximum Operating Distance of this home theater system is 5 Feet. MP3, WMA audio formats are supported which helps you to play your favourite music.


  • Excellent design and look
  • Loud sound output of 70W
  • Powerful bass
  • Easy to install
  • Item Weight -6 kg

Philips Dhoom MMS2580B/94 Home Theater

Philips Dhoom MMS2580B/94 Home Theater

This home theater system is made by one of the leading names in audiovisual technology, the Philips Company. Now you can enjoy the authentic musical experience with clear sound as well as powerful bass. Philips 2.1 Speaker with 20W sound output, these speakers are perfect for playing music, games, movies, and online videos on both MAC and PC.

Allow the music to find a new level altogether to take you even higher because this product is the foundation of a music and film fan’s dream system. The manufacturer has designed all of this system’s parts to work together, resulting in powerful sound output.

Moreover, the addition of high-quality speakers that are specially designed cones for a maximal sound that guarantees superb sound crispness. The MMS 2580 home theater system offers top quality sound at higher volumes.

Besides, this system features a sleek as well as futuristic design that is sure to improve the appeal of your interiors. With USB and Bluetooth connectivity, it can be linked to mobile devices, TVs, or DVDs. The high-end grade woofer guarantees deep bass. Additionally, this system also features built-in FM radio. AUX-in helps for easy connection to most of the electronics devices.


  • Easy to set up
  • FM playback
  • Excellent power output
  • Compatible with TV, DVD, and mobile devices
  • Item Weight-2.55 kg

F&D 5.1 Channel 700X Speaker

F&D 5.1 Channel 700X Speaker

If you are looking for the best home theater system under 5000 with Bluetooth and FM then F&D 5.1 Channel 700X Speakers are the best choice for you. F&D 700X has built quality which is better than other F&D home theaters.

5.1 channel configuration is enabled for the speaker surround channel. Speakers Maximum Output Power is 80 Watts and the signal to noise ratio (S/N Ratio) of the speaker is 70dB.

This home theater system provides excellent sound quality with decent bass. This Bluetooth audio system with 5 satellite speakers comes with USB, SD card features. It comes with a fully functional remote control that assists you to adjust settings according to your will.

The FM connectivity feature of this F&D speaker lets you tune in to your favourite radio channels. Also, plug and play USB card reader which supports MP3/WMA dual formats decoding. Compatible Devices are TV,PC,DVD,Mobiles,IPOD,Laptop,Computer. 


  • Connectivity: Aux, Bluetooth, SD Card, USB, RCA
  • Configuration Type: 5.1 Channel
  • Frequency Response: 120Hz- 20kHz (Satellite Speaker)
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz- 125Hz (Subwoofer)
  • Item Weight-7 kg
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m

Edifier SPK-EF-XM6BT Home Theater System

Edifier SPK-EF-XM6BT Home Theater System

XM6BT 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System is provided with Bluetooth connection, enabling you to connect to your PC or mobile to play music. The high bass of this multimedia speaker system will vibrate any room or space that it occupies. The black color of the model makes it all the grandeur and aristocratic to have this in the drawing room of your home. 

The speaker has a 6.5 inches powerful woofer, which makes it a much sought after accessory to listen to that great music, play games with real audio support, and watch the favorite action movies.

This Multimedia Speaker system from Edifier comes with the most advanced Bluetooth connectivity feature. You can easily connect your Bluetooth-enabled phone or PC to transfer files and listen to your favorite music.

The Multimedia Speaker System comes with IR Remote Control to select source directly and manage the way you play the music. There are also six buttons present on the body of the speaker for audio source selection, changing the previous/next track, play/pause the music or up/down the volume.

The music lovers will always fall short of the music collection, and so they need more storage to save all their favorite tracks. This can only be possible when you store it in an SD card or a USB Pendrive.

But you need to have your music system to support the data card/Pendrive to listen to the tracks. With Edifier’s XM6BT Multimedia Speaker you need not worry about that. There is a USB/SD Card Slot to plug in and play the music that you want.


  • Easy to set up
  • Bass reflex design with a 5.25” woofer
  • 3” full range speakers
  • Excellent power output
  • Excellent overall sound quality
  • Great design and looks
  • FM playback
  • Item Weight-5.9 kg

Flow Flash Home Theater Speaker

Flow Flash Home Theater Speaker

A 5.1 Multimedia Home Theatre Speaker System with, pure wooden subwoofer, and five speakers combine to deliver a realistic sound stage that directs movie theatre audio right to you. Exclusive and Elegant Looks are part of the System. 

Equipped with Digital Display to display current track being played or FM channel. Elegant knob for adjustment of Bass & Treble. With a powerful wireless remote it helps to play songs, adjusts volume, uses an equalizer, changes FM, changes songs.

This Home Theater is powered with Bluetooth to play songs wirelessly from your mobile, laptop, or any other device supporting Bluetooth. The total output power of 40W RMS makes the music reach everyone sitting nearby with a Crystal clear sound to reach your ear.

On the other hand, when it comes to sound quality, Flow flash is an ideal system to purchase for a small room because it’s sound quality is amazing in that regard. Play FM Radio and also store up to 20 channels without any problem. Connect USB PEN Drive and play your favorite songs, see the track being played on the digital display.

Supports AUX input to connect anything you want, you can connect TV, DVD Player, Laptop, Computer, Mobile anything which supports 3.5mm AUX connection. Overall, this home theater system is by far one of the best 5.1 home theater systems in this price range as it simply provides great value for the price aspect.


  • Value for the price
  • Comes with a 4-inch wooden woofer
  • Excellent amplification
  • Comes with inbuilt FM feature
  • The excellent power output of 40W RMS
  • Powerful bass and prominent treble
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Item Weight-3.78 kg

OBAGE HT-101 Home Theater System

OBAGE HT-101 Home Theater System

HT-101 4.1 Home Theatre Speaker System is a perfect 4.1 speaker system for a comfortable sound. Clear Vocals and a good balance of Bass and Treble make it ideal for a long duration of listening. This is not meant for bothering your neighbors, but it is designed to provide a clear sound.

Deep bass and clarity of output bring customers towards this product. Completely wooden satellites might be conventional but they sound certain what they should sound like. Dazzling metallic grills conserve the speakers of satellites and the sub-woofer.

HT-101 is already advanced in the bass region.  If you are in love with listening to more bass music, listen up to a medium volume (less than 25). It stands true for any woofer based sound system.

Clean connectivity without any problems through Bluetooth connectivity which has no background noise that disturbs the user.

This Bluetooth home theater system comes with an IR Remote Control to select the source directly and manage the way you play the music. It is an ideal home theater system for bass lovers and perfect for long-duration listening.

Area Coverage is up to a maximum of 175 sq.ft. of a closed room. Not a very V-shape but the sound is fun-type and is soothing on ears because of the optimum recession of mids. Smooth and high clarity makes it good for long term use.


  • Chest thumping bass
  • Slight V-shaped sound
  • Melody for your Ears
  • Noiseless Lossless Bluetooth
  • Weight of the product is 10.6kg
  • Frequency range: 50Hz – 15kHz

Krisons Polo Red Home Theater

Krisons Polo Red Home Theater

Krisons Polo Red Home Theater system lets you experience the quality of a theatre system in the comfort of your home. You will not miss out on a single beat with the Krisons Polo Red 5.1 Bluetooth Home Theatre. 

You can feel the music cruising through your body with its 5.1 surround sound speakers. The total of five tall satellite speakers and one 5.25-inch subwoofer will give you the experience of a theatre at home.

The speaker has an inbuilt USB socket for you to just plug in and play your favourite numbers. The AUX-IN socket available in this product helps to make it universally suitable with all devices through a 3.5 mm jack. 

The speakers come with a 2.0 Bluetooth connectivity to give you the convenience of operation and versatile connectivity range. You can just connect it with your phone, laptop, PC, gaming console, and TV that supports Bluetooth.

You can enjoy the apical levels of sound with this ingenious home theatre. There are four buttons to change the track and mode of this system along with three knobs in the front to adjust the volume, bass, and treble levels. 

Its advanced features ensure impeccable performance, magnified by the sync between the treble, midrange, and bass frequencies. This feature produces a rich sound, preserving every minute detail to give you a brilliant experience of listening to music.

This home theatre comes with wireless remote control for convenience of use. You can easily change the channels of the FM or adjust the volume level without having to move from your spot.

Move over space-consuming home theatres, as this sleek alternative is here to stay. The Krisons Polo Red 5.1 Bluetooth Home Theatre comes in a compact size, making it apt for any contemporary household. You can simply place it at any corner of the room as per your convenience. Its delicate design will also accompany the decor of the room.


  • Excellent and versatile connectivity
  • Comes with an inbuilt USB socket
  • Compatible with different types of supportive home devices
  • Comes with a wireless remote control
  • Compact size
  • Comes with FM radio
  • USB compatible
  • Quality subwoofer
  • Item Weight-4 kg

Intex IT-2616SUF-OS Home Theater System

Intex IT-2616SUF-OS Home Theater System

With Powerful Audio Experience enjoy high-quality audio with the Intex IT 2616 Speaker Set. The Intex speaker set comes with 1 subwoofer and 4 speakers to produce high-quality sound for you. 

You can play your favorite movies, videos, audios, and games loudly without any stutters or breaks. Theatre-Like, Quality Output Create theatre-like ambiance at home with 15 W+10×4 W audio. 

You hear life-like sounds, whatever be the content. Connect the Speaker Set with your notebook, desktop, tablet, Smartphone, CD/DVD player, TV, and more to see rejoice to unfold. 

Intex Speakers support an optimum 200 Hz-20 Khz frequency range so that different sound frequencies are fully audible. You can change the tracks easily while playing music with its Remote Controller.

This home theater system operates on a 4.1 principle with sensitivity being limited to 55 decibels and a total power output of 55W. Its speaker and its woofer, have stable feet to be placed on a flat surface.

A bunch of options with Intex brings to you a whole collection of IT 2616 Speaker Sets to select from as per preference. You can select your pick from an array of different Speakers with the varying look and audio quotient.

This Home Theater is FM Supported which helps you to listen to radio channels set between the range 88 Mhz-108 Mhz. Hear what you like: news, songs, jokes, social messages, informative ads, and more as the IT Set plays it all in good sound quality.

And lastly, due to its vast frequency range, this home theater system can generate a very detailed sound. It can be linked to external portable devices such as TVs.


  • Comes with built-in FM radio
  • Comes with LED light
  • Can be connected to several devices
  • Comes with fully functional remote control
  • Comes with AUX input
  • Compatible with FM, SD, and USB
  • 1 channel multimedia speakers
  • Great looks and design
  • Item Weight-3.5 kg

OSCAR OSC-4141 Speakers

OSCAR OSC-4141 Speakers

For each music lover out there, OSCAR OSC-4141 is a must-have home theater system. Thanks to its five small speakers generating high and medium frequencies, its sound is revealed in each played note. Also, a powerful subwoofer on an impressive size provides more volume to the melody of your favorite soundtracks.

For sure, you’ll need to place it either on a special shelf or under your desk. Its subwoofer has large stable feet, so high volume and strong bass can’t move it from its position.

Additionally, the ports for linking external devices as well as the speakers are prudently placed at the rear of the subwoofer TV so there won’t be any occurring problem.

Moreover, it comes with three input ports and output ports. Linking a stereo system to a big screen TV is not an issue at all since an RCA cable comes in the package. Despite such power sound, and the number of speakers it has, OSCAR OSC-414 doesn’t consume a lot of energy.

It can seamlessly operate from any standard socket with a consistent current of 220 V and higher. To protect it from voltage swings, you can use special network filters, engineered for automatic switching off the power when the network fails.

It is powered with Bluetooth to play songs wirelessly from your mobile, laptop, or any other device supporting Bluetooth. It has 4141BT has Digital Display.

SW has 30W output and Bluetooth connectivity, these speakers are perfect for playing music, games, movies, and online videos on mobile phones, MAC, and PC.


  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with FM Radio and AUX
  • 1 channel multimedia speaker
  • 3000W PMPO
  • Comes with fully-functional remote
  • Comes with equalizer
  • Excellent bass output and sound clarity
  • Great design and looks
  • Clear background music
  • Item Weight-4.03 kg

Flow Buzz Home Theater System

Flow Buzz Home Theater System

Bring home a 5.1 sonic monster to give life to your music and movies with this home theater system. Flow buzz home theater system comes with a user manual, connecting wire, remote, AUX cable, 5 speakers, and 1 woofer.

It is a versatile system that can bring out the best from multiple genres of music, you can adjust the bass and treble to your liking.  Also, you can get the same excellent high definition sound quality effect regardless of whether you are using Bluetooth, memory card, USB, FM, or AUX.

This home theater system will be an incredible choice for your home since it holds exceptional high-tech features as well as versatility to offer you constant nice performance. Flow buzz is at the most competitive price and is above any other brand in this price range because of its unrivalled feature as well as overall sound output.

With its power of Bluetooth, you can wirelessly play your favorite soundtrack from your laptop or smartphone. This can also give you an opportunity to put home theater at any location you want at your office or house. 

Additionally, the powerful remote is included in the package that makes it more attractive and convenient. Overall, this home theater system is worth the money.


  • Comes with a fully-functional remote
  • Includes one subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers
  • Superb sound clarity output
  • Compatible with a myriad of devices
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent high-definition sound quality
  • Supports USB, FM, Memory Card, and AUX
  • Adjustable treble and bass
  • Worth the price
  • Great bass
  • Sound output is very high for medium-sized halls
  • Item Weight-4.78 kg

Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600

Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600

It is another best home theater under 5000 that comes from home theater brand Event. It is a 50W 2.1 Bluetooth home theater system. This speaker system comes loaded with enough to get the room rocking. Sound separation and clarity are the highest through the satellite speakers.

Finished in matt black this is one very premium product. Pick it up and you’ll feel solid with the hardwood construction, so looks great and sounds even better.

Thumping power is you’ll feel with this home theater system. Each range is true. Right from the highs to the thumping bass lows. Simple and fast pairing is offered by this product with a Better and stronger connection and Greater range. You get it all with the latest version of Bluetooth tech.

All Satellite can be wall mountable so that it saves space and looks stylish. This speaker system looks as premium as it really is. Constructed with premium material it feels solid. You get better acoustics, minimum vibrations, and superior output. Give them a place of pride in your home.

Nonstop music that’s what you want and you have it. An additional USB port gives you the flexibility to choose your source. Slip one in and let it rock.

The FM function easily searches and stores your faves. Just click a button and scan and tune into what you want.


  • Premium and Solid Wooden Cabinet
  • Wall Mountable 2.1 convertible Satellite
  • USB Port for Endless Music
  • Powerful RMS
  • Control Bass and Treble Through Remote
  • USB Port Supports up to 32GB
  • Item Weight-9.5 kg

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Buying Guide for Home Theater system under 5000

Which type of Home theater?

Here I’m considering only different channel types home theater systems. There are a total of 4 types of home theatre systems. 7.1 channel, 5.1 Channel, 4.1 Channel, and 2.1 Channel.  Obviously, 7.1 is better in terms of sound quality and other audio features! but in this price range of Rs.5000, there is no 7.1 home theaters system in India. 

7.1 types mean 7 satellite speakers with 1 Subwoofer. 5.1channel means 5 satellite speakers with 1 subwoofer. similarly, 4.1 and 2.1 channel home theater, For the best quality and good bass go for the 5.1 channel home theater system.

Audio Output Power: The main and important specs are the audio output power. The audio output power of any audio device or speakers measured in watts. The higher the value is the more powerful it will be in terms of audio loudness. okay now confused between RMS and PMPO? here is the quick explanation,

RMS: The full form of the RMS is the Root mean square. RMS is a voltage power that is constantly put on a speaker without worrying about sound quality and speaker damage. It’s maximum power for a speaker it can handle.

PMPO: It’s almost the same as the RMS and you can be fooled because of higher PMPO numbers easily. The PMPO is the total power an amplifier can produce at all the time without any damage to the speaker. So, always go with higher watts RMS or PMPO output home theater systems.

Connectivity: This is optional and you can select a home theater based on your need. If you want wirelessly media streaming then you can consider a Bluetooth builtin Home theater system. Also look for the USB port, SD card support, an AUX input for wired connection.

Home Theater Systems Under 5000 – FAQ’S

Which is a better soundbar or home theater?

A soundbar is front-firing speakers that blow up only in one direction, while in the case of home theater systems, one can enjoy surround sound experience.

What are the Best Home Theater Brands under 5000 ?

There are many Best Home Theater Brands in india, But few of them are famous and providing quality products. Philips, F&D, Obage, Intex are the Best Brands for Home Theater Systems

Which is the best home Theatre under 5000?

In this guide, we have mentioned some of the best home theaters under 5000. So, you can choose the one as per your requirement. All these home theaters are worth buying.

How do you set up a home theater room?

For a better sound experience, place the subwoofer in the middle of the room and put all the satellite units at each corner of the room. Place the remaining satellite units around the subwoofer for a surround sound experience.

How should a subwoofer be positioned?

The subwoofer should be positioned in the middle of the room as it blows the sound in the front direction while the satellite units in the middle that all give surround sound experience.


Now that sums up our article. After seeing the list of the best Home Theater Speaker Under 5000 in 2020 without beating around the bush, the Philips Dhoom MMS2580B/94 shall take the top spot for certain reasons. 

One major factor why this home theater system listed first is because it is made by one of the most beetling multinational technology companies in the world that no other featured products in this list can rival. Of course, you don’t want to buy a product for some unknown brand right? The thing here is that, the more famous the manufacturer the better. So we have compiled the best home theater system under 5000 with Bluetooth and without it also.

But aside from the brand, Philips Dhoom MMS2580B/94 features an infinite number of pros that no others in the list can provide. There’s a ton so you might want to go back, and review them once again, and you’ll be surprised that it’s most likely the best choice out there.

Nonetheless, it’s already a given that each one of us doesn’t have the same preference. Perhaps you have a brand on your mind because a friend referred its capabilities to you.