[Top 11] Best Tower Speakers under 10000 in India

Are you planning to purchases Best Tower Speakers under 10,000 Rs ?

In the world of 4K movies and HD sound, the modern television watching experience is incomplete without a competent speaker. House parties are incomplete without a potent speaker that delivers the loud sound and mind-boggling bass. Check out the Best Tower speakers in India under 10000 Rs budget.

The internal speakers of the TV aren’t powerful enough to be heard properly and also often tend to compromise on the quality. Not only the films, songs too sound simply horrible on them. The tower speakers can solve these problems.

Best Tower speakers under 10000

Tower speakers are a great invention. As the name suggests, these are speakers that stand up straight like a tower. The big advantage of using these speakers is that it saves a lot of space. Tower speakers are slim, so they utilise very little space. You can easily fit them in a small corner or area of a small room.

Another reason to like tower speakers below 10000 budget is both the design and quality of output. Instead of the typical speaker system, which is huge and heavy, a tower speaker has a slender appearance. It looks great when fitted next to a TV or computer screen. These speakers also look great when connected with a subwoofer or another tower speaker.

Everybody has their own type of preferences. Some people prefer floor standing combinational home theatre systems and others like a powerful pair of speakers. We’ve set out options for both the kids.

All folks may have doubts regarding which is the best Floor standings speakers below 10000 price range or what are the factors to be checked before buying a Tower speaker system in India. This article will help you to solve these issues.

List of 11 Best Tower Speakers under 10000 Rs

  • Philips SPA9080B Tower Speakers
  • Philips SPT-6660 Tower Speakers
  • Mitashi TWR 860 Floor Standing Speakers
  • Intex IT-9500 SUF Plus Tower Speaker
  • Flow Boombox Floor Standing Speakers
  • Philips MMS8085B Speakers
  • Philips MMS2160B Speakers
  • Flow Mini Boombox Tower Speakers
  • Philips SPA9075B/94 Floor Standing Speakers
  • Zebronics ZEB-BT7500RUCF Tower Speaker
  • Electrosac ES-6633 Beat Fire Speakers

Philips SPA9080BTower Speakers under 10000

Tower Speakers Under 10000

Best budget Tower speakers under the 10000 Rs price range list can not be completed without Philips SPA9080B. These Tower speakers look stylish & elegant with a top-quality build. The tower height is about 2.5 feet which have 2.0 channel configuration with stereo sound output. 

The cabinet is made of wooden material and the sound quality is crisp. These floor standing speakers are equipped with 8″ of the subwoofer, 4 inches of the mid-range speaker, and 2.25 inch of the tweeter for best sound quality and clarity. You will get a total of 80Watt of Sound output which is loud enough for a mid-size room. 

Bass is thumping and deep. Deep BASS technology produces complex and deep tones that capture the feel of many different kinds of songs, including both low and high frequencies. For connectivity, you will get a USB & AUX port and for wireless music play, you will get Bluetooth support. It also comes with a wireless mic that supports the karaoke function and a remote controller. 

This music system has physical buttons on the front side for controlling music and there is a Mic Volume, ECHO, Bass, or treble controller given on the rear side. For those who are in love with listening to radio channels, this speaker is the best option as FM radio comes built right into it.  You should definitely check this out if you are looking for the best tower speakers under 10000 rupees.


  • Total 80W powerful sound output
  • Rich sound experience with powerful bass
  • Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • USB Direct for easy MP3 music playback
  • Mic Connectivity
  • Item Weight 23 Kg

Philips SPT-6660Tower Speakers by Editors Choice

Tower Speakers below 10000

The Philips SPT 6660 Tower Speaker is sure to take your listening experience to the next level. Get ready to deliver your best karaoke mixed with some playback as Philips SPT-6660 comes with dual mic inputs that let you record simultaneously with your partner.

These are old-school style tower speakers. They have a rectangular design and they’re somewhat heavy, at 22.6 kg. This is another product from Philips that stands tall for its quality as the company is heavily invested in making audio products that offer much more value for money than most of the brands in the market.

These tower speakers from the company will offer a best in class experience and can fill your room quite efficiently. Apart from this, the speakers do a great job of controlling echo so that all the vocals and music is crystal clear.

This design may be bulky and heavy, but it’s beneficial in other ways. It’s more grounded and firm, which is useful for a speaker. It’s also likely to produce heavier sounds.

It has a wattage of 80 watts and an audio wattage of 8000 watts. These speakers have a loud and booming sound quality, which makes them great for using on large occasions and parties. Just plug them in and enjoy the music. These features make it one of the Best Floor Standing Speakers in India.


  • Speakers Maximum Output Power is 8000 Watts
  • Connector Type – USB, AUX
  • Item Weight 22.6 Kg
  • Elegant & compact design
  • FM tuner 
  • Mic-in and Aux-in

Mitashi TWR 860 Floor Standing Speakers

Best Tower Speakers Below 10000

If you are in search of a tower speaker which not only sounds the best but also looks the best, then Mitashi has got a great product for you. With Mitashi’s 5000 Watts PMPO you can experience incredibly clear audio and a heightened luxury experience.

These floor standing speakers under 10k comes with Feather Touch buttons enriching user experience and longevity of the product. These speakers sport an elegant wooden like the finish on the sides to make them stand out in your room. There is a glass portion on the front that houses the display along with the speaker’s controls.

They are also equipped with built-In FM Tuner which allows you to love listening to songs or news directly from the radio station. This speaker system is supplemented with easy plug-n- play USB & SD card reader offering accessibility to more music for quality clear audio.

By connecting it wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity to the multimedia system you can enjoy seamlessly favourite songs and films from external sources like smartphones. Within a minimum distance range, the remote control helps you to change tracks, adjust volume, and control the system.

You can connect any other audio system to this portable speaker for a crystal clear sound quality. The extended bass frequency levels from the subwoofer deliver extraordinary music making you feel like a punk. You will get a Karaoke Wireless MIC with this tower speaker below ten thousand price range which helps you to host parties and all.


  • 2.0 channel tower speaker system
  • 5000 watts PMPO
  • Bluetooth connectivity             
  • AUX connectivity
  • USB input, SD/MMC card
  • Feather-touch front function buttons
  • Karaoke function
  • Item Weight 17 Kg

Intex IT-9500 SUF Plus Tower Speakers

Intex IT-9500 SUF Plus

Intex has given these tower speakers a stylish and elegant design look with all the metal portions on the front. The design of these speakers is different from the one mentioned above. Get addicted to high definition sound clarity with the Intex IT-9500 SUFB Tower Speaker. 

The features equipped in this speaker system are more or less standard on all the tower speakers in the segment. This product comes with a 240Hz –20KHz frequency response. A remote and mic come included with the speakers and the speaker is capable of controlling the mic volume along with the echo.

There is a list of connectivity options the speakers support out of the box and you can use them with your DVD player, PC, or TV. The features provided are found to be normal for a tower speaker under a budget range of 10k.


  • 2.0 Ch Computer Multimedia Speaker 
  • AUX Audio Input Compatible With DVD/PC/TV
  • Cordless MIC Functionality Available in all Modes
  • LED Display
  • Digital FM playability 
  • Fully Functioned Remote Control 
  • Analog Controls: Mic Volume, Echo knob
  • Item Weight 11.4 Kg   

Flow Boombox Floor Standing Speakers

Flow Boombox

Flow presents to you Flow Tower Floor Standing Bluetooth Speaker with 5.25inch Wooden Woofer for superior voice and 4 Speaker. For the people who are on a tight budget can certainly choose this tower speaker below 10000.

This is a single tower speaker and not a 2.0 channel one but is capable enough to take on a much larger system.  This speaker can easily be the center of your party and could fill a large space with those songs.

It is a workaholic machine as it does the multi-purpose tasks like working as a home theatre, radio, Mobile Player, Bluetooth Speaker, Party System, or even system to play Bhajan. The sound can be controlled as per your need and would be loved by everyone who is along with you. This tower speaker occupies less space but does not minimise the quality, volume, or beat the sound.

It can be placed and connected with TV, computer, laptop, mobile, DVD Player, or any device supporting aux connectivity. It has Bluetooth, FM, USB, AUX, Powerful remote. You can play songs wirelessly via Bluetooth. It is simple to use and everyone in your family can enjoy it. 


  • Made up of Pure Wood
  • Bluetooth, FM, USB, AUX, MIC options available
  • Elegant Looks
  • Occupy Less Space
  • Superior HD Sound Quality
  • Item Weight 6.48 Kg

Philips MMS8085B Speakers

Philips MMS8085B Tower Speakers

Philips is one of the best brands producing top quality and assured products. It is also a trusted brand by the people in India, and also outside India. If you’re in search of a floor standing speaker on the basis of brand name, then go with a Philips tower speaker.

These speakers are ideal for listening to music, movies, and online videos on mobiles, TV, or PC with 80W sound output. It is provided with a 3-way acoustic style and a 1-inch dome tweeter, that allows you to create a virtual home theater system.

Thanks to the entire file interchangeableness, you’ll simply relish the convenience and fun of accessing additional digital music via the integral USB Direct.

It permits Bluetooth and NFC property, that allows you to simply connect your device likewise as streaming music. Your devices can be paired with these speakers. It has an LED display that shows you your track and input source and looks great for the design.

It has a 4-inch woofer and an 8-inch subwoofer, which are made from wood. The materials are high-quality, and give the sound a powerful and natural quality.  It uses 1 lithium-ion battery, which is a high-quality and leak-proof battery. It has a good battery life and is safe and efficient for use.

These speakers provide good sound quality with a rich bass experience from a loudspeaker box system. It can be your top order choice for purchasing the best tower speaker below 10000.


  • Mp3 playback by USB direct
  • Rich bass
  • 80 W sound output 
  • Bluetooth connectivity provided
  • Item Weight 8.9 Kg

Philips MMS2160B Speakers

Philips MMS2160B Floor Standing Speakers

This Philips tower speaker gives smart sound quality with a rich bass experience from a loudspeaker box system. They include two tower speakers and one woofer. The woofer is 30 watts and the tower speakers are 15 watts each.

It comes with remote control, which is convenient because it lets you adjust the settings from anywhere in the room. The only small downside is that the remote doesn’t come with a battery. These speakers are compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. This is the simplest and easiest connectivity for speakers and lets you connect it with any device that has Bluetooth.

With these speakers, you can do various things like listening to music, play video games, and watch videos, movies, or TV shows.


  • 60W RMS total output power
  • USB and Sd card slots provided
  • Rich bass
  • Bluetooth range: 10M or 30FT
  • Item Weight 6.5 Kg
  • Connector Type : USB, Bluetooth

Flow Mini Boombox Tower Speakers

Flow Mini Boombox Tower Speaker

Manufactured with superior HD Sound Technology from Flow, this boombox under the tower speaker category is made up of pure wood to give you rich quality sound. It sounds great, looks great, and occupies less space. You also get a remote so you can wirelessly control this device. This floor standing speaker system has been designed for those who love to hear quality music.

It comes with a unique stylish elegant design. These are one of the budget friendly tower speakers in the market below the price range of 10K. They’re affordable for nearly everyone, which makes them attractive compared to the higher-priced ones.

They have a different, heavier shape than the normal tower speaker. It’s not as slim and it weighs more. It has many specifications and sites for connectivity, including USB, FM, AUX, and Bluetooth. You also get a mic and wireless remote.

This speaker is made from pure wool, which gives it’s sound a unique quality. The sound quality is greatly improved by this material. It has a height of 1.2 foot and it weighs 5.64 kg. It offers free shipping. See the product page for more details.


  • Item Weight 4.64 Kg
  • Connector Type – wireless, USB, AUX, Bluetooth
  • Superior HD Sound Quality
  • Made up of Pure Wood

Philips SPA9075B/94 Floor Standing Speakers

philips tower speakers

Philips tower speakers come in a sleek and elegant all-black design. The speaker is tall and can easily adjust at the sides of your TV in the cabinet. The 75W version has a backfiring woofer while the 80W version comes with bottom-firing woofers.

Connect your Philips speakers directly from your phone or laptop through Bluetooth. You get multiple connectivity options like USB and Aux so that you don’t have to worry if you broke down one of the cables. The small display on the front lets you know the current connection. 

Philips Tower speakers come with a remote control to easily skip tracks, control volume, and fast forward scenes in movies. You additionally get a wireless Karaoke mic with the 80W version which makes it worth the additional cost.

These speakers deliver a thumping bass that would please EDM lovers and light up any party. The volume isn’t particularly loud but it’s good enough to fill up a medium-sized room. 

The inbuilt FM tuner lets you enjoy your favourite music or news from your radio station each day. Simply tune into the station that you want to listen to. Importantly, the sound doesn’t distort at all even at high volume making one of the best tower speakers under 10000.


  • Power Output- 75W
  • Wireless music via Bluetooth
  • Wireless mic 
  • FM Radio
  • Remote Control
  • Multiple Input options
  • 6.5-inch subwoofer for extra bass
  • Item Weight 12 Kg

Zebronics ZEB-BT7500RUCF Tower Speakers

Zebronics ZEB-BT7500RUCF

BT7500RUCF is a 2.0 tower speaker that comes in a contemporary design with a wooden enclosure for good sound reproduction and has a high glossy panel giving it a rich texture. Relish panoramic sound expertise with this powerful vary of floor standing Speaker

Share your favourite jokes, host a house party, or just sing you can do a lot more with BT7500RUCF 2.0 tower speakers as it comes with a dual wireless mic. 

The tower speaker comes with a total output of 60W RMS and has a super monster bass mode that gives the kick of bass to any audio. Whether you are enjoying a movie or listening to your favourite music, the sound produced seems to be lifelike. Connectivity options: BT, USB, 3.5 MM AUX, FM Radio, SD Card.


  • 2.0 channel Tower speaker
  • Wireless BT/USB/SD/FM/AUX
  • LED display
  • 2 x 20.32cm Subwoofer
  • 3-way speaker
  • Remote controL
  • Two wireless mic
  • FM frequency scan range: 87.5MHz – 108MHz
  • Output Power (RMS): 60 watts 

Electrosac ES-6633 Beat Fire Speakers

Electrosac ES-6633 Beat Fire

Electrosac dual-woofer dual floor standing speaker system is a pack of deep bass with beats listeners who love clarity.  Upper bass, lower bass is boosted for the feel of a real bass in this tower speaker.

The subwoofer is equipped with adjustable volume control. Bass & Heavy sound is the signature property of this floor standing speaker below 10k. You can feel the bass perfectly even at low volumes. 

A handful of connectivity options provided with this speaker system are USB, AUX, FM, ECO-Mic, Bluetooth. Supported Devices: TV, DVD, iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Tablet, Pen drive, Wireless Microphone.

Experience virtual surround sound without additional wires or speakers which will save your penny. This is a package of powerful bass and a range of connectives stuffed in an elegant wooden cabinet. Considering the look and work of Electrosac ES-6633 tower speakers, this is a wonderful machine.


  • Item Weight 5 Kg
  • Compatible Devices are iPhone, Android Mobile, DVD, TV, iPod
  • powerful bass 
  • Additional Features Surrounding, auto EQ, Dolby TrueHD
  • Maximum Operating Distance – 8 Feet

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Buyers Guide For Choosing The Best Floor Standing Speakers

Check On The Drivers: Floor standing speakers have different types of drivers that transfer sound through vibration to allow for a huge array of sound. Generally, there are 4 driver types each having a specific frequency range. There are the tweeter drivers that are small and emit high-frequency sounds ranging from 2,000 to 30,000Hz.

There are midrange drivers with sound frequencies ranging between 500 to 2,000Hz. There is the woofer driver with low-frequency sounds ranging between 40 to 1000HZ and the subwoofer drivers which magnify bass sound and range between 20 and 200Hz.

The Cabinet Construction: Cabinet construction is a key factor for taking into consideration while choosing the best floor standing speaker. The cabinet’s construction should be anti-resonant in that it is sturdy and won’t distort sound by vibrating from the sound being emitted by the drivers.

Careful consideration should also be given to how the material of the cabinet and the finish will fit into the room’s aesthetics. The cabinet’s footing matters as well. Padded feet speakers are good if your room has hard floors.

The Speaker’s Size: You should always choose those type of floor standing speaker which fits well into your house. The bigger the speaker is, the louder the sound it will produce. Bigger sized rooms need bigger sized speakers and smaller rooms require smaller ones.

Check On Speaker Specifications: It is important to check on a tower speaker’s specifications and to find out what each specification means to you. Check on specs like frequency response, impedance, sensitivity, power output, etc. 

Check On The Wire Terminal Configuration: The type of wire terminal found in the floor standing speaker is important to consider. There are two types of terminals namely the building post terminals and the spring clips. Spring clips which are commonly found in low-end models work with pin and bare wire type connections while building post terminals are more sturdy and versatile allowing for different wire connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tower speakers good?

In general, tower speakers are considered better.  Floor standing speakers are designed to produce more impactful sound.

Do floor standing speakers need a subwoofer?

If what you want is a pair of quality floor-standing speakers, you don’t need to get a subwoofer. If what you want includes a strong low-frequency / sub-20Hz response, you need to get a subwoofer.

Can you put floor standing speakers on stands?

As long as the stands are solid and the speakers are not in danger of tipping over, you should be fine. If your speakers are really wide, there are stands designed for center channel speakers that are wider, and you can just get two of them.


If you are going to purchase a tower speaker always try to invest in a good speaker because once you buy a speaker it should easily last for at least 10 years. Always do proper research before buying speaking because it’s not an easy task to make a decision.

With this article, you have the opportunity to read everything you could probably ever want to know about the best floor standing speakers under 10000. Not only are they affordable but also they meet the ultimate quality and features required for a best floor standing speaker.

No matter which model you choose, the most important thing is that it’s right for you. We hope this guide has helped you find exactly that.