[Top 9] Best 2.1 Speakers under 5000 Rs in India

People are deeply attached to music and most of them are leading an audiophile life. Music is a universal language and we want to enjoy each bit of it with good quality. If you want to experience punching bass out of your speakers, then investing in a good 2.1 speaker system is the least you can do. 

Best 2.1 Speakers under 5000

A 2.1 Channel speaker system is a combination of two speakers and one subwoofer, or one soundbar and one subwoofer. 2.1 speaker systems deliver the full potentiality of your music, TV shows, movies, and games. You can experience the intensity of deep bass subwoofer sound systems without the bulky setup.

2.1 speakers are available in a wide range of prices in the market. But if you want to buy a good piece of 2.1 speakers, then you have to at least spend near 5000. Within the 5000 price range, you will get a best 2.1 speaker system with great specs. 

Here we are sorting a list of Best 2.1 speaker systems under 5000 in India. You can convert these speakers as Home Theater System, Computer Sound System and etc. 

List of 9 Best 2.1 Speakers under 5000 in India

  • Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers
  • Panasonic HiFi SC-HT22GW-K Speaker System 
  • F&D A521X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers
  • LG – LK72BE Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers
  • Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Speaker System
  • iBall Tarang Classic 2.1 Multimedia Speaker 
  • Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 Speakers System
  • F&D A180X 4200 -watt Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker
  • Germany’s Blaupunkt SP200 2.1 Speaker

Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers increases the excitement of a game or a movie, recreating theatre-like experience right at home. This creates more volume to generate more bass and bring you more enjoyment from your music. The brand Philips is a trusted and reliable brand in India so you can expect nothing less than the best.

Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Wires come attached to the stereo speakers (for connection to the subwoofer) and for plugging the subwoofer to the electric socket. An AUX cable is provided in the box, for connecting the multimedia system to a PC, TV, mobile phone, or tablet. The 60 W sound output exceeds expectations, as you’ll mostly end up playing at low to medium volumes. The scope of the speaker is 3 inches, while the bass woofer has 5.25 inches.

Thanks to the complete file transferability, you can easily enjoy the convenience and fun of accessing more music and photos via the USB and SD card slots, and the cherry on top of these speakers look very stylish. You can also tune in to some FM Radio.

The system comes with a control panel that lets you select the source mode (which device/ source the sound should play from). You can also change the volume and channels from this control panel. For convenience, you get a remote control which lets you do all the above functions and more. (Including bass control and Equaliser mode).


  • Sound output: 60 W
  • Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, AUX, CD player, RCA)
  • Can connect to Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Computer & TV
  • FM Radio, bass control
  • LED display
  • Item Weight-6.58 kg

Panasonic HiFi SC-HT22GW-K Speaker System

Panasonic is one of the world-class companies which has a variety of high-quality electronics products in the market. It is well recognised in terms of marvellous quality products and their remarkable performances.

Panasonic HiFi SC-HT22GW-K Speaker System

The design and performance of this sound system are unique. It has a lot of distinguishing features that outperform it from the rest.

This speaker system surpasses the quality of sound from every possible feature. The Panasonic speakers produce 50 W loud sounds that play flawlessly at all volumes. .The clarity of the music is just amazing and provides a beautiful user experience.

The Design of the speaker system is unique. What makes this design special are the flat fold and inside fold features of the design. It is a type of swivel design which has been fabricated to decorate the exterior of the speakers with an amazing and stylish look.

Usually, the speaker systems are heavier in weight, which creates a lot of problems in handling. But this speaker system has another unique feature, and that is its lightweight. The weight of the item is merely 181 grams. It can be moved and placed quite easily.

This speaker system has dual connectivity options for smart gadgets as well as for devices that can be connected using the cable. The Bluetooth feature enables users to connect any android phones, tablets, or laptops with the system remotely.

There is an additional feature which is the AUX cable port. One can connect the device using AUX cable as well. This dual feature helps users to enjoy a variety of connectivity options.

Adding more to the beauty of connection features, there is a USB port available for devices to connect. The user can connect any android or even any external storage device with the system using the USB cable. It provides ease of connectivity and comfort to the users.

Additionally, the subwoofer comes with an antenna so you can tune in to some Radio whenever you need it. You can easily change the settings through the remote control. 


  • Sound output: 50 W
  • Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, AUX, RCA)
  • Can connect to PC, TV, mobile, tablet, CD player, Laptop
  • FM Radio, LED display,
  • Item Weight-182 g 
  • screws for wall mount

F&D A521X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers

F&D is among the best home appliance makers in the world. One of such products by F&D we are reviewing is the F&D A521X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers. This speaker comes with a highly efficient energy-saving design.

F&D A521X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers

Its USB reader supports MP3/WMA dual formats decoding. The device comes with FM storage up to 100 stations. It allows you to play your desired song and FM station conveniently.

The speaker weighs 5kg and comes with a dimension of 42.09 x 29.6 x 42.9 cm. It has a frequency response of 120 to 20KHz and a separation of more than 35dB. The total power of this device is 52 watts and a voltage of 230 volts. The devices use connectivity features like plug and play USB reader, AUX, Bluetooth 4.0, FM Radio with 100 stations storage. It comes with remote control for proper controlling of the device.

It comes with a beautiful design that fits your decoration. The speaker has a lovely and nice look. It has a grey and black color design and a good shape for convenient use. It comes with a super wooden cabinet that delivers thumping bass which also helps to reduce sound distortion.

This speaker has a nice sound quality which is suitable for a mid-size room. It comes with adequate connection modes and the Bluetooth coverage is alright. The speaker produces crisp and crystal clear sounds. It comes with a simple and elegant look and brings good value for your money.

This speaker is convenient and comfortable to use. It comes with an uninterrupted digital FM working on PLL technology. It is durable and produces high-quality audio sound. 

This device comes with good sound and operation efficiency. It takes in less energy and has a high efficient energy-saving design. It comes with a fully functional remote control for easy use. You can connect this device to multimedia devices like Android tablets, Smartphones, CD/DVD player, TV, and PC to listen to your favorite songs or watch your favorite movies.


  • Sound output: 52 W
  • Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, AUX, RCA)
  • Can connect to PC, TV, mobile, tablet, DVD player, Laptop
  • FM Radio, Classy look, wall mountable
  • Item Weight-5 kg

LG – LK72BE Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers

This LG Boom Blastic offers a jazzy design with a dash of color in its 2.1 speaker system. Unlike the typical monochrome speakers, you get a ring of red or orange in the subwoofer and the 2 satellite speakers.

LG - LK72BE Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers

The speaker doesn’t just look good but also produces a booming sound of up to 40 W. Whether you end up playing music or movies on full volume or medium volume, you will never miss any detail! Coming from a brand like LG there’s nothing to worry about in terms of the speaker system’s durability and quality. Even so, the warranty has you covered for a year.

Along with a remote, you also get a control panel on the subwoofer just below the LED display. The connectivity ports for AUX-in, SD card, and USB drive are also right there beside the LED screen. This makes it easier to operate the system instead of searching for ports and buttons every time you need one. It’s pleasing to see the subwoofer vibrating at high bass and the sound quality won’t disappoint you at all.

You can easily connect your mobiles with Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music using the LG XBOOM LK72BE. With Bass Blast+ you will get deeper bass and clearer vocals.

After 15 min this unit will turn itself off to save electricity in the case were the main unit is not connected to an external device. If you’re looking for 2.1 speakers for your living room TV or Desktop Computer then this LG Boom Blastic is a great option to bring home.


  • Sound output: 40 W
  • Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, USB, SD card)
  • Can connect to PC, TV, mobile, tablet, DVD player, Laptop
  • FM Radio, funky design
  • Item Weight-2.4 kg

Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Speaker System

If you skipped the Philips MMS6080B above because of its price tag, then consider this one from the same brand but at an affordable price. The Philips MMS4040F/94 comes in a pitch-black design with all the features of the more expensive MMS6080B model.

Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Speaker System

For example, you get multiple connectivity options with which you can connect to different devices seamlessly. The only difference between the two models (other than price and design) is the maximum sound output.

The expensive one produces 60 W of impressive sound while this particular 2.1 speaker system has a sound output of 40 W. The 40 W, is by no means weak. In fact, it’s double the audio output of most PCs and TVs. So, this sound system makes a perfect home theatre system owing to its economical price and multiple connectivities.

The remote control is the same for both models with bass and equaliser controls. Without spending your entire 5000 Rupees budget, you can buy a powerful sound system from a premium brand like Philips. This Philips 2.1 speaker system is ideal for 1BHK or 2BHK homes expecting daily use of the speakers.


  • Sound output: 40 W
  • Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, USB, SD card)
  • Can connect to PC, TV, mobile, tablet, DVD player, Laptop
  • Add-ons: FM Radio
  • Item Weight-2 kg

iBall Tarang Classic 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

The iBall Tarang Classic 2.1 multimedia speakers are what you would call a complete entertainment package. With a range of connectivity options that include Bluetooth, a USB port, an SD card reader, an auxiliary port, and an FM radio, these speakers come in a premium wood casing with a real fabric cover to give you an amazing listening experience. 

iBall Tarang Classic 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

The subwoofer is light-weight and sturdy, while the 2 satellite speakers reflect their quality build. These speakers are quite affordably priced, falling in the mid-range of the ‘under 5000’ segment. But the fall in price does not mean you need to give up core features. Like others in this category, you get everything from multi-ports for wired connectivity to wireless options like Bluetooth.

The 40 W output of sound can expertly play anything from music, movies, and TV shows to games and Sports without any sound distortion. The speakers have a sleek design and can easily blend into your shelf or wall.

Just make sure to place them at an angle so the sound converges on the couch or chair you sit on. (To produce a sweet spot for best hearing). The position of the subwoofer doesn’t matter. On the subwoofer, you also get an LED display and a control panel while a remote is provided separately.

All-in-all if you’re looking for a mid-range 2.1 speaker system that has all features of an expensive one, then check out this iBall Tarang Classic.


  • Sound output: 40 W
  • Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, USB, SD card)
  • Can connect to PC, TV, mobile, tablet, DVD player, Laptop 
  • Add-ons: FM Radio
  • Item Weight-3.5 kg

Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 Speakers System

The Creative SBS E2800 speaker system has been manufactured to be your all in one solution for all audio needs. The stylish all-black design of the speaker system makes it gracefully pleasing.

Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 Speakers System

The speaker system comes with various connectivity options and features creating a booming and clear audio output. You can attach the speaker system with your laptop or desktop computers, pair it with your mobile phone or tablet, or with your television set. 

An output of 50 Watts producing capable speakers is present. The audio output is stable without compromising on the quality, in turn giving you an immense audio experience.

You will also get a wireless remote control with the speakers that provide much-needed control. The frequency of the FM radio, volume, track changing, equalizer settings, etc can be adjusted. 

This speaker system offers a theatrical experience and is a well-balanced music system that will add to the atmosphere of your home. With an easy to use a mechanism, the Creative Speaker system delivers high-performance audio quality. There’s a display screen inside the diamond border of the subwoofer which produces bass from below its surface.

The feet of the subwoofer gives it some breathing space and also generates a powerful bass effect. The side or satellite speakers complement the design of the subwoofer. However, there’s no provision to wall mount them.

Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 Speakers Systems are equipped with 3.5mm stereo input, RCA cable, SD card, USB thumb drive, and a built-in FM radio receiver with memory channels to save and help enjoy your treasured channels.

However, there’s no Bluetooth feature which could be considered a drawback. Most features found in other popular models are available in this Creative E2800. You also get a warranty for a year from the manufacturing Company.

If this is your first speaker system and you don’t want to take a risk spending too much, then this one’s an ideal choice. Also, if you want a quality and easy-to-use home theatre system for an affordable price then consider buying this Creative SBS E2800.


  • Sound output: 50 W
  • Connectivity: Wired (AUX, RCA), USB, SD card
  • Can connect to PC, TV, mobile, tablet, DVD player, Laptop
  • FM Radio, cool design, mid-range price
  • Item Weight-4.13 kg

F&D A180X 4200 -watt Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker

F&D A180X 4200 -watt Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker provides the best audio experience to its customers. Cutting edge bass and superior sound quality of these speakers are due to bass drivers equipped with it.

F&D A180X 4200 -watt Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker

This speaker system is an ideal music p[artner for you. With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can play audio wirelessly. In-built FM is also present in this. 

This speaker system has output power- Satellite: 28W, Subwoofer: 14 Watts. Therefore it provides improved audio clarity. The wooden body makes it durable and long-lasting. Sound reflection is also better due to the wooden body which enhances audio clarity.

A fully functional remote control makes using the speaker functions easier. LED digital display is present in the body of this speaker which helps in reading notifications easier. These speakers will easily fit into your home. USB/FM/AUX/Bluetooth are the varied sources that are compatible with this speaker system. Therefore, play music in your convenient way


  • Sound output: 42 W
  • Frequency Response: 35-200 Hz
  • Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, USB)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Can connect to PC, TV, mobile, tablet, DVD player, Laptop
  •  FM Radio included

Germany’s Blaupunkt SP200 2.1 Speaker

Germany’s Blaupunkt SP200 2.1 Speaker set provides refreshing and clear high notes and a cozy mid-range that lets you enjoy the high-quality sound with digital audio playback. 

Germany's Blaupunkt SP200 2.1 Speaker

This speaker set ensures exceptional sound quality by facilitating better resonance damping. This way, you can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes no matter where you are in your home. With the AC input, you can experience rich bass and crisp vocals anywhere in your house by simple connecting options. This way, you can sing along to your favourite tunes while cooking and while carrying out other chores.

All the 3 parts, that is the 2 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer have a minimalistic and stylish design. The size too is comparably smaller than other 2.1 speaker systems. The reason, this one would make a better Computer speaker than a TV speaker, is its sound output. Being a budget speaker system the sound output of this one is only 10 W.

Since most TVs offer a basic sound output that’s similar to 10 W (or more), it would make no sense of buying a low output speaker for a home theatre system. However, this is not the case with Laptops or Desktop Computers.

Also, the 10 W produced by this speaker sounds far louder and clearer than a TV’s 10 W sound. This is because the speaker, though compact, produces quite a powerful bass. You can control it with the mechanical knob at the back of the subwoofer.

In terms of control, you can only change the bass and the volume. There’s no additional remote that you need to keep track of, to change such basic settings. All-in-all, if you’re looking for budget PC or Laptop 2.1 speakers, then consider your search over.


  • Sound output: 10 W
  • Connectivity: Wired (AUX, RCA)
  • Can connect to PC, TV, mobile, tablet, DVD player, Laptop
  • Budget 2.1 speakers WITH small size
  • Item Weight-1.15 kg

Factors you need to keep in mind about buying 2.1 speakers under 5000

Sound Clarity: If your speaker is unable to offer a clear sound standard, would you love to buy? Please choose the best 2.1 speaker under 5000 that has clarity at its best.

Life of the battery: If you are practicing a powerful electricity speaker, you need to check the life of the cell as to how far a single battery can go. 

Connectivity: Link easily with the gadget is what we need. Best 2.1 speakers under 5000 should be able to connect with another gadget as well as it should have all features.

Why should we purchase the 2.1 speakers ?

Without knowing the use of anything, buying it is a bit foolish. It would help if you took care of specific measures before choosing it. SO, here we are giving you some excellent reasons which will help you to decide why you need to get a fabulous and best 2.1 speaker under 5000.

  • Most ideal for party lovers.
  • You can listen to music loudly.
  • It can be useful to give theater-like feeling by attaching with TV.

FAQ’S – 2.1 Speakers

Are 2.1 Speakers good?

2.1 computer speakers sound more dynamic and richer.  2.1 speakers need you to make extra space for the sub. So be prepared to shell out the land.

Are 2.1 Speakers good for TV?

With a 2.1 soundbar, those two or more speakers will give you clear left and right channels of audio. That’s a great building block for your sound system, but it’s pretty standard, and it won’t improve the listening experience in a meaningful way.

What does 2.1 mean in speakers?

2.1 channel speakers mean that you have 2 regular speakers (usually in Stereo) and then a Subwoofer for extra bass.


Confusion is high when we ask someone about speakers as there is a very minor dissimilarity between different types of speakers. Those who have an idea regarding the difference between these can easily pick the right and appropriate speaker for themselves. 

Generally. In stereo left and right speakers are utilized while in 2.1, one subwoofer along with two satellite speakers is used. On the other hand, the surround speaker has more than five speakers with the attached subwoofer.

The purpose of these speakers will also clear the use as 2.1 is ideal for regular purposes. But, if you are willing to make a purchase of the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 and have some fantastic theater-like entertainment in your daily life, choose to surround sound speakers.

This guide is helping in very speaker purchasing. Enjoy the uber standard sound experience by adding the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in your home and life.