[Top 13] Best Soundbar under 5000 in India

Some people love to hear melodious sounds but the others may be loving loud sounds. So here we have reviewed Best Soundbars under 5000 that fits to your tv.

If both kinds of people live in the same house, then that will be a real problem. In these kinds of situations, comes the major demand for Soundbars. Luckily there are many Best soundbars in India under 5ooo Rs category are available from trusted companies

Best Soundbars in India under 5000 Rs

The present television market is ruled by LCD & LED TVs. These televisions come with 10-20W, which may be enough for daily use, but not enough for those who need an extra bass and surround sound system to boost the experience of hearing. 

Home theatres are somewhat like soundbars, but at the same time, they differ from soundbars in many ways. One thing is that home theatre system is more expensive than soundbars and most people may not be able to afford a home theatre. The second thing is that home theatres are more space occupying than the soundbars.

List of 13 Best Soundbars under 5000Rs

  • Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Soundbar
  • Philips HTL1032 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar
  • Mi Soundbar 8 Speaker Driver
  • Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 Bluetooth Soundbar Cum 2.1 System
  • F&D IT180X 2.0TV Bluetooth Soundbar
  • Philips HTL1030/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speakers System
  • Portronics POR-891 PureSound Pro III Wireless Soundbar
  • F&D E200 Plus Soundbar Speakers
  • Creative Stage Air Compact Soundbar
  • Mulo Arena 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer
  • Instaplay 4.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer
  • iBell 265SB Soundbar
  • Zoook Soundbar

What is Best Soundbar under 5000 for your Tv

Soundbars are slim and can be placed above or below the television. Soundbars are more lengthy, height is very less. They produce sound waves in a horizontal manner, so as to equally spread the sound everywhere. Slim, to be fitted easily and cheap rate of soundbars made it very popular.Here we are going to list the Best Soundbar under 5000 Rs which are available in India 

Philips IN-MMS4200/ 94 – Best Soundbar under 5000

Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Multimedia Speakers System provides good sound quality with amazing bass. This is a 2.1 channel soundbar available under 5000 Rs with extraordinary features. These soundbars feature a stylish and adaptable design that ensures detailed sound, enhanced bass, and reproduces high and low frequency sounds with exceptional clarity. 

Soundbar under 5000 in India

This soundbar from Philips is powered with a total of 40W, 20W speaker output, and 20W subwoofer output. The total RMS output that it gives owing to a clearer sound is about 45RMS. The connection setup can be done very easily in this soundbar. AUDIO-IN (3.5 mm) port helps to connect the external devices to the soundbar. 

The bass from this soundbar is exceptional. Gamers mostly love these soundbars, as it increases the gaming atmosphere. The long tubular design makes the sound from this speaker crystal clear and increases the bass with spreading the sound every corner. Connection to computers is done via headset output.


  • Powerful subwoofer for high bass effect
  • Soundbar convertible 2.1 speaker
  • Easy to connect with multiple devices
  • Audio-in for easy portable music playback
  • Long tubular design for nice quality bass

Philips HTL1032 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Sound System

The Philips HTL1032 Soundbar speaker is the best way to increase the entertainment experience. It also enhances the TV viewing experience to the next level with the incorporation of Clear sound and rich bass. These soundbars work with TVs, BD/DVD players, gaming consoles, MP3 players.

Philips HTL1032 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Sound System

It is featured with a 2.1 channel wired subwoofer system to deliver immense audio output. All kinds of music files like mp3, WMA, etc are supported in this speaker system.

USB plug-in ports are also present in it so that the user can sort out a good playlist for the free time with the plug and play facility. The USB mass storage support about 16GB. These soundbars have Speaker Frequency Range of 150Hz to 15kHz and Speaker Impedance of 4 ohms. The subwoofers are passive in nature with subwoofer Impedance of 4 ohms.

The soundbar features a built-in FM tuner which allows the user to enjoy all the favorite radio stations at any time. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity is also present in this soundbar which allows wireless streaming of any media.

The soundbar is made for easy installation. It can be placed above or below the TV to offer a perfect sound quality. The slim design speakers are protected with a high-end grill that also contributes to its stylish look.


  • The product weighs around 6.7 kg
  • Bluetooth Supported
  • Overall speaker output power is about 20W RMS and has a subwoofer power output of about 10W RMS
  • Has a smart audio equalizer
  • An external subwoofer adds delight to the action

Mi Soundbar 8 Speaker Driver

Theatre like experience is produced with the Mi Soundbar 8 Speaker Driver. This is a budget soundbar below 5000 rs in India with a great brand value. In this price range, it brings a lot of connectivity options and good performance. Lack of subwoofer is not a big deal as it is covered by other specs. The soundbar has a good build quality and stylish design.

soundbars under 5000

 It has eight drivers which are arranged across the 83cm length of the unit. Mi Soundbar comes with two tweeters, two wide-range drivers, and four passive radiators handling different parts of the sound frequency range. Control switches are at the top of the soundbar. The power button and inputs are at the back.

Mi Soundbar has a fabric mesh in the front which does give it a premium look and feel. 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity helps wireless streaming. Mobile devices can be effortlessly connected via the S/PDIF, Optical, Aux-in, and Bluetooth connection.

No remote is available with this soundbar. White LED is present in it, in order to identify the current mode of the speaker.  Two 20mm dome tweeters, four passive radiators, and two 2.5 inch woofer drivers are present.

The 50Hz to 25000Hz frequency range covers the entire spectrum of sounds. Enhanced base, with passive radiators, helps to bring cinematic experience.  Multiple connectivity options like Aux-in, S/PDIF, optical connections, etc. are also plus points for this soundbar.  Mi Soundbar 8 Speaker Driver has a compact weightless structure making it easy to use.


  • With 1.92kg this soundbar is easily portable.
  • It comes with completely loaded  Lithium-ion batteries for increased stability.
  • 8 sound drivers will improve the movie viewing, gameplay, and music playback.
  • S/PDIF, optical, Aux-in and Line-in connectivity ports 
  • Supports wall mounting and table-top installation

Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 Bluetooth Soundbar Cum 2.1 System

Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 Bluetooth Soundbar Cum 2.1 System comes with solid wood construction. Matt black finish gives it a premium look. Sound separation and clarity are best in these soundbars. Loud performance and powerful audio output make it worthy. 

Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 Bluetooth Soundbar Cum 2.1 System

The powerful RMS power is enough to produce a sound blast. Fast pairing and increased range of Bluetooth connectivity is a key spec. With the best tech and components, it is one of the Best Soundbars below 5000 Rs price range available at the present market. 

 Wall-mountable satellites make it less space occupying and stylish. Vibration is minimum in this. Bass and treble can be controlled through a remote. USB Port Supports up to 32Gb.

Both low bass and high notes can be felt with this wireless audio speaker set. The sound system includes a 13.97 cm (5.25) subwoofer and two 7.62 cm (3) satellite speakers which yield a total of 45 W RMS sound output.


  • The product weighs in around at 9.5 kg
  • It provides the user with the true bass effect
  • Faster connectivity with the devices ensures that there is no lag
  • Premium design
  • Can be turned into FM radio, by making some changes in settings

F&D IT180X 2.0TV Bluetooth Soundbar

F&D IT180X 2.0TV Bluetooth Soundbar has 3D Surrounding Sound to enhance Cinematic Entertainment experience. These are affordable, budget range soundbars with elegant design. These soundbars blend in easily with the existing media in the home. This pairs with most of the TVs. 

F&D IT180X 2.0TV Bluetooth Soundbar

These soundbars give complete support and connectivity with all the devices via Bluetooth. The CSR Bluetooth 4.0 which is approved by the SIG helps in seamless connectivity. The connection works at a distance of about 10meters. Can be simply connected with other devices.

LED Light in the front control panel Indicates the Standby mode, Aux mode, TV mode, Muted mode (flashing). High-quality 3-inch full-range driver and 1-inch silk tweeter are incorporated for high definition sound. The plug and play USB reader supports MP3/WMA dual format decoding.

Other than Bluetooth connectivity, optical, Coaxial, USB, or Auxiliary cable connections are available.


  • The product weighs in around at about 3.2kg
  • Supports multiple inputs for playing music like Bluetooth, Optical, Co-axial, USB, and Auxiliary Cables.
  • 3D Surround Sound for an immersive experience
  • Crystal sound and heart-thumping bass
  • Bluetooth 4.0 version

Philips HTL1030/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speakers System

This is one of the Active Speakers models from Philips giving an amazing sound from TV with the presence of just one cable. It is a simplistic model that gives so much more. The model gives an unparalleled amount of bass that is great in quality, and it is something that the user can feel it reverberating in your ears. The loudspeaker box bundles up all the right stuff for this.

Philips HTL1030/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speakers System

It also ensures that the user is able to transfer your music files with ease and accordingly enjoy it as per the convenience and comfort of the user. This can be done via the USB device and the SD card slots.

It contains a highly powered 5.25-inch subwoofer driver that just gives chills and makes listening to music more exciting than usual. With respect to the design aesthetics, it is simple and a stabilized one. Also, it can be synced up with any television device without any hassles.

The Company also provides up to a year’s worth of warranty on the product which would be provided to the user on the date of sale.The soundbar can also be mounted on the wall easily with no problems at all.


  • The product weighs in at around 4.1 kg 
  • It also comes in with a subwoofer driver of about 5.25 inches, and a speaker driver of about 3 inches.
  • Seamless connectivity with Bluetooth from all of your devices, and an optimum range of about 10 meters or 30 feet.
  • It also provides a total output power of about 30 watts.

Portronics POR-891 PureSound Pro III Wireless Soundbar

This is one of the most reputed brands in the audio electronics equipment available for the consumers. The POR-891 is a unique product for Portronics and they have pulled out all the stops for this one. The POR 89 PureSound PRO III gives a great performance when that factor is to be considered. It comes in with two built-in speakers of 5-watts each with great amplifiers. This gives a fantastic sound effect at optimum frequencies.

Portronics POR-891 PureSound Pro III Wireless Soundbar

With respect to the low to minimum frequency range and the high-frequency range, the output it offers ranges from 180Hz to 18kHz, and a signal to noise ratio of about 75 decibels.

The model also comes in with a Bluetooth version number 4.2 for effective connectivity with all of your devices. Users can just connect and play up all your favourite tracks on the go.

The Soundbar also comes with a long battery life which is about 2500 mAh, packing up a lithium-ion battery in its wake. It can play your favourite music for about 7 hours on the trot. It can be recharged in about 3 hours making it a clear favourite.The product has a fantastic sound quality, mean looks, and comes in with a great price range.


  • The product is easily portable
  • weighs at about 1.15 kg
  • Seamless connectivity owing to Bluetooth 4.2, plus can also connect multiple devices with USB and Aux cables as well.
  • Great Battery life

F&D E200 Plus Soundbar Speakers

The E200 from F&D is a premium quality Soundbar Speaker with an exceptional set of specifications that is value-added.  The E200 Plus is simple yet a powerful product that is crafted with respect to geometrical creativity. The sound that it emits is the one that would make feet tap. It contains a good bass sound as well owing to its front-facing radiator design.

F&D E200 Plus Soundbar Speakers

It also has some LED indicators consisting of blue, red, and green colors that notifies you about the connectivity settings. Plus, it also contains the grille lights which basically gives you a very fashionable feeling, plus it also makes itself very practical.

It also connects with multiple other devices owing to the swift connection of the Bluetooth 4.0. Plus, you can even connect your devices with USB and Aux cables.

It can be connected with multiple devices that include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, playing what you want when you want.It also consists of a built-in rechargeable battery of about 2600 mAh which can be charged accordingly through the USB cable. Users can accordingly charge it, play it, and just enjoy it.


  • This is the lightest one among the entire collection and it only weighs at about 989grams.
  • LED indicators for multiple controls 
  • Great wireless connectivity
  • Great build quality

Creative Stage Air Compact Soundbar

This Creative Stage Air Compact Multimedia Under Monitor USB-Powered Soundbar is one of the best portable soundbars under Rs 5000. The stylish design of Creative Stage Air makes it perfect for any style and setting. Creative Stage Air Compact Soundbar is designed to deliver crystal clear sound which is crisp and powerful.

This is a soundbar that will not only suit your LED, but you can also use it for your pc and place it under your monitor. The speaker is powered by a USB cable that goes directly into the tv. 

Talking about its connectivity, it has both wired as well as wireless connectivity. It comes with an AUX jack for wired and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. It also has hassle-free controls that are located on the side of the soundbar. 

And what makes it even more amazing is the fact that this soundbar is portable and has more than six hours of battery time. Talking about its price, this soundbar is priced around Rs 3000, which is cheapest till now in this list of best soundbars under 5000.


  • weighs at about 912g
  • Deep, Loud and Bold output
  • Up to 6 Hours of Playtime
  • Plug and Play connectivity

Mulo Arena 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer

If anyone wants to make the most of their 5000 Rupees, then this Mulo Arena Soundbar deserves the attention. For such a budget-friendly price (under 5000), don’t just get a Soundbar but also a 2.1 channel home theatre system. This means the Soundbar produces loud and clear audio while the subwoofer adds the extra bass to it.

Best Soundbars under 5000

Installing this Soundbar system is also easy. Users get a variety of wired and wireless options to choose from. 45W R.M.S output provides an expansive soundstage where the high and mid frequencies are delivered through speaker drivers placed within the soundbar to produce full audio quality.

Connectivity of the soundbar is fitted with Bluetooth v4.2, Aux, and USB and comes with an AUX to RCA and an AUX to AUX cable which enables it to work with TVs, computers, and tablets.

Compact and thin design reduces the litter in the room by discarding the need for surround speakers and cables with the elegant soundbar. If the user is planning to connect this speaker to a TV, then a wired connection will give stable results. For streaming music from smartphones or Laptops, switch to Bluetooth mode.

The 4 pre-defined EQ modes – movie, music, news, and 3D, allows to easily switch between different sound configurations depending on users choice. It can either wall mount the Soundbar to save space or set it on a TV cabinet. For set-up and navigation, will get a remote control in addition to the buttons at the side of the Soundbar.

The subwoofer connects through a wire and can be placed anywhere near the Soundbar. Overall, this 2.1 Soundbar system provides the most value for money in this segment.


  • 25W subwoofer has been designed to deliver heart-pumping bass
  • 45W R.M.S output It provides an expansive soundstage
  • The soundbar is equipped with Bluetooth v4.2, Aux and USB
  • Multiple modes available
  • Value for money

Instaplay 4.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer

If loud and booming is what you want in your Sound system, then this Instaplay Soundbar best fits the bill. The Soundbar consists of four stereo speakers within its long body with a subwoofer for that thumping bass.

Instaplay 4.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer

Thus, instead of getting home a 4.1 system with 4 separate surround speakers and a subwoofer, you can get a much more compact version. This not just saves space, and messy wires but also cost far less than a typical 4.1 channel sound system. With a total output of 60W, Frequency: 80hz-20khz, Signal to Noise (DB) 72, it is one of the best soundbars in this price range of 5000 Rs. 

Instaplay soundbar with 60w powerful sound output offers theatrical experience at your home.  Wireless connectivity is provided with Bluetooth v5.0 for wireless connectivity and streaming with a wide range of devices.

 Four built-in drivers (two on each side) provide heart-thumping rich bass and ultimate surround sound environment. Additionally, it is provided with multiple connectivity options that make streaming content easier and convenient. Users can quickly switch between input modes, change tracks, volume, Equaliser modes with the Instaplay remote control.

Four preset special sound equaliser modes are available in this soundbar. Basic settings like power on/off, play/ pause, and volume can also be changed from the tactile buttons provided at the side of the Soundbar.


  • Bluetooth v5.0 for wireless connectivity 
  • Four  built-in drivers add thrill to the action by offering rich bass and ultimate surround sound environment
  • 60w powerful soundbar with 4.0 channel 

iBell 265SB Soundbar

Different multimedia devices can be connected to a Soundbar in different ways. This is why the types of support provided by a Soundbar becomes important when making a buying decision.  Not sure what type of connectivity option you’ll need for what device? No worries.

iBell 265SB Soundbar

This iBell Soundbar gives all the wired and wireless connectivity options out there, in one sleek Soundbar. So, depending on the user’s convenience and the availability of the wires (AUX cable, HDMI, TV ARC, etc.) can successfully connect the Soundbar.

For control, it comes with iBell remote along with the buttons at the side of the Soundbar. An LED display lets the user know the Soundbar’s status, which mode on, and so on.

The Soundbar produces 60 Watts of booming sound, louder than most TVs (sound output of TVs ranges from 10 to 50 Watts). And that’s not all. 


  • RMS output is 60 W
  • Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, HDMI, optical, TV ARC connectivity available
  • Can be controlled with iBell remote control
  • High Efficient Bluetooth

Zoook Soundbar

This Zoook Soundbar is a portable and pocket-friendly home audio solution for your TV or PC. It delivers 24 Watts of powerful performance thanks to its built-in bass which brings out the lower frequencies more clearly.What you get is a short but stylish Soundbar with many connectivity options.

Zoook Soundbar

Depending on what the users find convenient this can be connected with multimedia devices via wired or wireless methods. This Soundbar, however, doesn’t come with a remote control. users get only the basic controls through the buttons for power, Bluetooth, and volume at the Soundbar’s side.

Users can also control the playback, volume, and other settings from the device that has been connected. As the Soundbar is quite compact, it can fit in most backpacks making it a travel-friendly speaker. When fully charged it gives you a playtime of up to 8 hours.

To conclude, if you don’t want to spend your entire 5000 budget, then consider buying this Soundbar. This Zoook Soundbar is a portable and pocket-friendly home audio solution for your TV or PC.


  • Has an RMS output OF 24 W
  • Connectivity options are Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, TV ARC
  • Controlled with  in-unit buttons
  • Hifi sound with DSP and 3d surround effect


The number of channels available in the soundbar 3 or more channel soundbars are better.

The size of the soundbar should be analysed before buying.

Opt for slim ones, so as to reduce the space occupied by the soundbar.

Connectivity of the soundbar with the television or other media.

Maximum go with the active soundbars with built-in amplifiers.

Check the brand value.

Check on the remote and wireless control.

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Frequently Asked Questions related Soundbars

What is the difference between 2.1 and 5.1 soundbar?

2.1 soundbar comes with two speakers, usually a left and right channel and a subwoofer. 5.1 soundbar comes with five speakers, usually, front left, front right, front center, surround left, surround right, and a subwoofer.

Is Soundbar better than speakers?

The reason a soundbar is better than the speakers on TV is that there’s more space for the sound in the soundbar to bounce around than there is in the speakers inside the TV.

How do I choose a soundbar?

First, make a decision on the number of channels required. If you simply want to enhance your TV sound, a soundbar with 2.1 channels (two front channels and a separate subwoofer) could be enough. If you want true surround sound, buy a soundbar with a subwoofer and rear speakers—preferably wireless—for multichannel sound.

Do watts matter in soundbar?

Watts describes the amplifier output. An increase in wattage results in louder sound and better sound quality. But all the time, an increase in wattage doesn’t mean good audio output. Just do a trial check on multiple soundbars and choose the one which is best for you.

Does a soundbar replace TV speakers?

Yes, connect your soundbar to the audio out on the tv, which should be a line-level output, and turn the main volume completely off. 

What size of soundbar should you buy?

It depends on the size of the TV. Do not confuse the screen size because the screen size is measured on a diagonal basis. Hence, you should according to this chart. A 12-inch soundbar should be fit for any size of the TV screen. A 42 to 50-inch TV would need a soundbar in the range of 38-45 inches. Similarly, a 50-inch soundbar is enough for TVs having screen sizes 55 to 60 inches. In case you have a 70-inch TV, your soundbar should be around 60 inches.


We have seen a lot of Soundbars and reviewed the Best Soundbars under 5000. Buying a soundbar can be very tricky, but through this article, we have tried to make it as simple as possible for you to buy a soundbar that best suits your needs. You should definitely buy one of them, they are definitely the best ones available. 

Most of the people buy soundbars because they just don’t have the space necessary for real home theater surround sound.  Soundbars are slim, low-profile space-savers. Buying a soundbar has many benefits like saving your space, saving your money from extra unwanted expenditure, getting good quality audio, etc. Wisely spend your money. Save it for the future. Soundbars help you to do it.

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