[Top 10] Best Home Theater System under 10000 in India

Are you in search of Best Home Theater System under Rs 10000 for good music experience? Then we have collected a list of best 5.1 Home Theater under 10000 from top Home Theater system brands. Under 10000 Rs its quite tough to gather Home Theater systems, but we have done it for you

Surround sound is definitely the best way for anyone to watch movies or television, irrespective of the genre. You will feel like you are right there in the exhilaration. Apart from the apparent benefits, these speakers can be enjoyed for a pretty affordable price.

Best Home Theater system under 10000

Home Theater systems have become increasingly popular over the past years. People normally buy them along with huge flat-screen TVs in a bid to make their houses theater-like. If you are one of those people and are looking for a high quality-price ratio speaker, you have come to the right place.

We may already have video devices that come with built-in speakers but their sound is normal and fails to create extra effects but if you want to make an experience of movie theater then here we are to help you.

Don’t worry about these kinds of things because Home Theaters will help you cover that. We’ll show you our top picks of the best home theater systems so you can choose one for your needs, and ultimately spend the rest of your budget on something more substantial. 

But if you are willing to go for some low then this article about Best Home Theater systems under 10000 in India can give you a clear picture in this range of products.

List of 10 Best Home Theater Systems under 10000

  • Philips SPA8000B/94 Home Theater system
  • Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theater system
  • F&D F5060X Home Theatre
  • Truvison 5.1 Home Theater Speaker
  •  iBall Booster BTH Home Theater System
  •  Philips in-SPA 5190B/94 Home Theater Speaker System
  •  Logitech Z607 Home Theater Speakers
  • F&D F3800X Home Theater
  • iBELL 2448 DLX Home Theater Speaker System
  •  Impex 5.1 FUSION Home Theater Speaker System

Philips SPA8000B/94 – Best Home Theater under 10000

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Best Home Theater under 10000

Have you ever used a Philips product? If not, then you should try at least once in your life. With high-class quality and warranty, the company has made the most significant fan base. The Philips SPA8000B/94 is a five-speaker and one woofer set. It proffers the user a 5.1 surround sound system that has a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Even with such an excellent frequency range, it does not expend much power. An hour of usage will only result in 120 Watts, which is very less as compared to modern days other electronic systems.

Since you are provided with five speakers, you can place them all around your room to get that immersive theater-like feel. However, our guidance would be to put them on corners, and one right below your LED/LCD to get the best potential experience.

The design of this Home Theater is quite amazing as it looks stylish and modern with its all-black finish. It will uplift the aesthetic sense of your house. Philips SPA8000B uses the Audio systems Left/Right channel. Its subwoofer includes the power on and off button that makes it very convenient for the user.

As far as connectivity options go, there are two of them for you to choose from, you can either use the Bluetooth for that seamless wireless experience, or you can go with the traditional USB wire. It works fine with both of them. It is perfect for CD, MP3, TV, PC, and more.

Some of the other features of this device are SD/USB card slots and an inbuilt FM Tuner. The latter allows you to listen to FM Radio on the go without having to connect it to a smartphone or TV. SPA80000B has an overall weight of 12.3 kg so that users do not have to worry about carrying it from one place to another.

The Philips SPA8000B is one of the top 5.1 speakers in India. It is available at a reasonable price and is super stylish. You can purchase it for around 9k Rupees, and it comes with a warranty of one year.


  • It has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You will get USB port & FM
  • 50W of total power consumption
  • 12.3kg weight
  • 120W of total audio output
  • Supported MP3, PC, TV, and CD
  • Woofer with 8 inches of height

Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theater System under 10000

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Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theater System

In-home theater, Sony offers different products under your range. And, Sony DAV-TZ145 Real 5.1 Dolby Digital Home Theatre is one of them. This home theater comes with a variety of features, including video and audio. Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre System has powerful sound technology and effective video features. 

A digital amplifier present in this Home Theater system supplies succinct and detailed sound. This system includes one subwoofer and 5 speakers. To facilitate easy and comfortable navigation, this device has a remote control that allows you to alter the settings. It also has an FM radio feature that provides easy access to your favourite radio stations. The dedicated FM antenna captures signals effectively and offers seamless connectivity. 

The petite size and elegant design of this home theatre help in saving space. This home theater delivers high quality sound with Multiple formats support. The Sony home theatre comes with 360 Watt RMS that produces high quality sound and provides accurate results. 

It comes with a subwoofer with an output of 60 watts which facilitates enhanced bass. The console supports various video formats and enables you to access content in your preferred formats like JPEG, DVD, and MP3. The video upscaling feature boosts the visual quality so that you get to enjoy detailed and sharp visuals while the ‘On Screen Display’ support helps in comfortable navigation and usage. 

The Dolby Digital feature enhances the overall sound quality while the Dolby Pro Logic technology generates loud audio in an equally effective manner. The digital amplifier has an effective processing technology. 

This Sony home theatre is equipped with cutting edge sound technology that allows you to experience theatre-like sound at your home. This system comes with a digital amplifier that uses advanced amplifying technology that helps in enhancing sound output. This amplifier does not change digital signals into analog mode while converting them; thus leading to natural sound without any distortion. 

It also has an effective signal balancing and separating feature that facilitates sound accuracy. The S-Master Amplifier uses power effectively and helps in reducing heat production. Hence, there are no strains on the system even after an extended period of usage. 

This home theatre transforms the inferior quality of old movies into clear and crisp visuals with superior data processing technology. HDMI port and other connectivity options are with Bravia. 

This home theatre is equipped with an HDMI feature that helps you to watch visuals in HD quality and enjoy amplified multimedia. Through the HDMI port, you can connect this home theatre to an external screen and watch content in superior quality with detailing and vivid colors. This system also supports a Bravia television with an exclusive button that is easily attainable on the remote control.


  • It has total 360W audio output
  • You can connect it with Bluetooth
  • It supports USB
  • 8.5kg of overall weight
  • 38W total power consumption
  • 5 speakers i.e. 2 front, 2 surround as well as 1 center
  • It has 1 subwoofer

F&D F5060X Home Theater System

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home theater system under 10k

Are you getting feeling weary and impatient with the wonted screening and sound quality? So, it’s time for you to bring home theater in your home. F&D is the company that offers one of the best and budget-friendly home theaters for its beloved customers. F&D F5060X Home Theatre System is one of them. 

The F&D F5060X is a five-speaker 5.1 home theater set. It comes with a main subwoofer that has custom LED lighting that you can control with its remote. The five satellite speakers can be placed anywhere in the room, as they are lightweight and powerful.

Tweeter and full-range drivers for two front satellites make high quality sounds with the speakers. Minimalistic, Yet Elegant Design given to the satellite with curve design provides a fresh yet classic look. The matte finish gives the speaker a classic and high-end look along with keeping your speaker fingerprint free for a clean look.

Bass driver for a subwoofer enables you to enjoy powerful bass. The latest Bluetooth version equipped in this Home Theater system works at a distance of over 15 meters and offers a better connection.

You will have plenty of connectivity options if you end up finalizing this Home Theater. The company has provided Bluetooth, AUX, USB ports through which you can connect almost all the smart devices to it. Moreover, it comes with a remote with fluorescent buttons which allows you to control the speakers from up to 10 meters—ideal for people who are buying it to party.

Also, you can install an app on Smart Devices and you can Easily Control the Speakers. Special multi-colored LED lighting on the speaker carries you to a colorful and beautiful world when enjoying music.  The speaker takes on an uninterrupted digital PLL FM Technology and can store up to 100 FM radio stations. MP3/WMA dual formats decoding are supported by USB readers.

The F&D F5060X is an excellent portable Home Theater. Even though it does not look the best, it has marvelous sound quality. You can purchase it for around 9500 Rupees, and it comes with a warranty of one year.


  • 4.2 Bluetooth audio streaming
  • It has LED lights, local music, and a USB option
  • MP3 & WMA supported by USB reader
  • Remote control of LED theme with fluorescence function
  • 8 inches subwoofer with 25Hz to 85Hz frequency response
  • 60Hz to 20kHz frequency response of satellite

Truvison 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

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Truvison 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

The company Truvison is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to electronics. Truvison offers a wide variety in home theater at an affordable rate. One of the best portable Bluetooth speakers of Truvison is Truvision 5.1 Bluetooth portable home theater speaker system. 

This 5.1 speaker system includes left, right, and center channels, two rear satellite speakers, and one subwoofer which keeps yourself in the middle of the action. Enjoy the theatrical experience in the comfort of your home. 

The home theater is superior in quality, providing a wide range of features and functions. You can function to install the system as it is a lightweight product. It gives an astonishing look with the combination of Black and Magenta Red. 

80 Watts Peak for Woofer and Satellite for 90 Watts RMS power system with down-firing subwoofer provides big bold sound to any seat in the room, giving you an audio experience you can truly hear and feel. 

The system comprises a subwoofer pump which is also known as loudspeaker which helps to reproduce music in two kinds of frequencies that is bass and sub-baas. You can easily connect the speaker with FM, AUX, USB, etc. to enjoy your favorite playlist of songs. The quality of sound makes it more exciting and fun to enjoy your favorite songs, movies, etc. 

It supports digital music players, computers, and portable listening devices. With the remote, you can control this audio device from anywhere. 

Turbotek technology with thrilling sound by Truvison produces a level of sound that would amaze you with its size. It’s one of its kind sounds that adds impact to all action sequences and brings a rejuvenated power to your music. The incredible sound engine Turbotek drowns you with the power of sound.

The maximum power output you may wish to hear is ensured by the PMPO. The sound system is crafted with the ultimate PMPO to suit your needs. The portable Bluetooth speaker also has a satellite speaker that is placed behind the listening area. The satellite speaker consumes only 90W of power.

The portable speaker consumes only 170 W of power consumption which indirectly saves energy and refreshes your mood at an affordable price as well.

DTS Dolby exclusively designed for the 5.1 channel speaker system is an enthusiastic feature for the audiophiles. DTS Dolby provides higher quality sound with better energetic range, fine detail in audio content, and enhanced signal-to-noise ratio.

If singing has been your passion, then you can now enjoy the Karaoke experience while singing to your favorite melody.


  • You will get subwoofer pump
  • It has FM, Aux, USB, etc.
  • It has Dolby amplifier
  • Better connectivity with smartphones, tablets, computers, television, etc.
  • 90W of the total satellite speaker
  • 170W of power consumption

iBall Booster BTH Home Theater System

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iball home theater system

iBall is a reliable company, and they make some of the best value for money speakers, and this Home Theater set is no different. It has five satellite speakers and a main subwoofer. Together, they will provide you a captivating sound experience.

Ultimate listening experience with the iBall 5.1 booster speakers makes it ideal for people. The connectivity options of this home theater are Bluetooth and USB, something that is expected from a device of this price. Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology for High quality audio transmission is incorporated in it. 

These speakers focus on optimising the quality of audio. Incorporating a high-power output and a low-distortion circuit, the iBall booster 5.1 speakers specialise in minimising the external interference to improve the quality of audio that is being delivered. 

Additionally, the iBall speakers come with a fully functional remote that makes it easier for you to operate the entire system. Ideal for commercial as well as residential premises, the iBall speakers incorporate a 5.1 channel configuration.

The 5.1 speaker system with the wooden chassis,  looks exclusive as well as stylish adding a tint of glamour to the aesthetic appeal of the room. The wooden finish also ensures that the quality of the sound is enhanced giving you the best every listening experience with the powerful iBall booster speakers. 

Furthermore, the system comes with a clear LED display that indicates which track is currently played. This LED display also provides you with details regarding the volume levels and the settings and modes being used.

The 5.1 speakers come with one subwoofer that helps in reducing the unwanted noise to give you unadulterated sound. With a high signal-to-noise ratio, this iBall speaker system works excellently well when it comes to removing the impurities from the sound. 

The combination of satellite speakers with subwoofers ensures that the iBall USB speakers can amplify even the tiniest beat to give you wonderful listening experience. Furthermore, the iBall 5.1 speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent other signals from interfering with the sound output. So you can safely place them next to your TV.

The weight of this entire speaker set is about 8.54 Kg, which is neither too heavy nor too light. It is not thin enough to be toppled by small kids and not dense enough to the point where it is hard to carry around. Iball has hit the perfect sweet spot when it comes to its weight and dimensions.

You can purchase this home theater system for about 8000 Rupees, and it comes with a warranty of one year.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Looks stylish and elegant
  • best 5.1 multimedia speakers in India
  • The excellent frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • High quality-price ratio
  • It comes with a remote
  • 8.54 kg weight

Philips in-SPA 5190B/94 Home Theater Speakers

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Philips in-SPA

Philip 5190B/94 is one of the best and complete products on this list. It has a modest starting price and all the necessary features that a movie enthusiast might want in a Home Theater. The build quality and design of all the speakers and the subwoofer is excellent. They have a sharp design, and they look incredible. You can place them in any corner of your house, and they will not disappoint you.

You can have a 20Hz-20KHz frequency range in SPA 5190B/94 as well as it has five speakers, which makes it a multimedia speaker system. You can get right, left two backsides as well as one center speaker. It has a 2.1 to 5.1 output setting, which gives convenience along with its small weight as it has 9.5 kg overall weight only.

The built-in FM tuner in this Home Theater system lets you listen to your favorite songs or news from your radio station every day by simply tuning into the station that you want to listen to.

The best feature of this home theater is its power consumption. With just a rating of 90 Watts, this is one of the most energy-efficient products on this list. You can use it all day, and it will consume less power than your electric devices.

In terms of connectivity, this home theater has Bluetooth, USB, and AUX as viable options. It also has an SD card slot, but I do not think you will ever use it. However, it is always good to have it as a backup.

Even the deepest bass tones from compact-sized subwoofers can be heard clearly. It captures low frequencies and recreates them in the audible range of the subwoofer- delivering sound with more boom and panache and ensuring you full uncompromised listening experience.


  • It has 20Hz-20KHz frequency range
  • It has the best sound quality
  • It has a multimedia speaker system
  • Output setting from 2.1 to 5.1
  • 9.5 Kg overall weight
  • 90W is the maximum output power of speakers
  • 230 Volts is the total voltage consumption

Logitech Z607 Home Theater System

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Logitech Z607 Home Theater System

The Logitech Z607 is the best budget home theater system under 10000 in India. It is priced at just 6k Rupees, making it ideal for people who are a little low on money. At 160 Watt, this is an energy-efficient speaker set. You can keep them on maximum volume for the entire day, and they still will consume less power than your air conditioner does in an hour.

SD cards, USB drives, or FM radio can be used to directly play the audio content. The 133.35 mm subwoofer driver gives the bass out that you can feel. The included remote and extra-long rear cables help to make it easy to set up and use.

Audio controls help to control the home theater right on the subwoofer or from anywhere in the room with the compact remote within the 10m range. Play, pause, skip songs, adjust volume, change radio stations, and more.

With support for Bluetooth 4.2, you’ll get high-quality wireless audio, a reliable connection that transfers data faster than Bluetooth 4.1, and up to 15m wireless streaming from devices.

You won’t need to rearrange your room to set up and enjoy great audio. Satellite speaker cables come with extra-long 6.2m wire which allows for favourable placement in just about anywhere you want. You can easily mount them to the wall too.

Hear it all with an extra-wide frequency range. Satellite speaker drivers deliver clarity and high-frequency audio detail that feels like you’re at the center of the music, movie soundtrack, or game.

Feel the beat of the music and rumble of movies and games The 5.25” bass driver with 50 Watts Peak Power and 25 Watts RMS pumps out deep, punchy bass, with low frequency extended by a ported enclosure.

One of the best features of this Logitech HT is its low weight. At just 7.12 Kgs, it is one of the lightest items on this list. When needed, you will be able to carry it around with ease.


  • Available at a low price
  • Long Bluetooth range of up to 15 m
  • It comes with a tiny remote
  • It has memory and USB slots
  • Consumes less power
  • One year of warranty
  • Item Weight-7.12 kg

F&D F3800X Home Theater

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F&D F3800X Home Theater

This is one of the perfect budget home theater systems manufactured by the F&D brand. It is a scaled-down version of that product but maintains all its crucial features. This speaker from F&D is equipped with a white LED display that provides a finer view. It delivers an automatic multi-coloured LED that compliments your mood.

It comes with five satellite speakers, one remote, and one subwoofer. They do not have the cleanest of designs as there are plenty of unique cuts and patterns on them. It is up to the personal taste of the buyer whether he/she will like it or not.

With a full-range driver and 5.25 bass driver for the subwoofer, it provides you with a crystal clear sound. With just 80 Watt of power consumption, these are probably the most energy-efficient Home Theater speakers on this list.

Apart from the USB and SD card reader slots, you can also use its inbuilt FM radio system to listen to music. It works seamlessly and offers the user something traditional in this modern world. This speaker from F&D comes with the 4.0 version of Bluetooth which makes data transfer faster and easier.

The remote that comes with F&D F3800X allows you to change tracks, control volume, turn the system on or off, and all the conventional functions of a remote. I do not think you will be using it much, but it is a cute accessory to have. PLL technology in this device provides uninterrupted working of digital FM.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Stand out design
  • Consumes low power
  • The lightweight of about 7 kg 
  • Supports FM radio

iBELL 2448 DLX Home Theater System

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iBELL 2448 DLX Home Theater System

The iBell 2448 DLX Home Theater system is a five satellite and a large subwoofer speaker set. It is available for around 4600 Rupees, which makes it one of the cheapest devices on this list.

The sound quality is crisp and clear, and that should be the only thing that matters to you. Looks-wise, it is definitely not the best one out there, as its colors seem to be washed out, but the build quality is okay. It will easily last for 3-4 years if you take good care of it.

Along with the Bluetooth connectivity, you will also be able to make most out of its USB and SD card reading slot. There is one of each of them, and you will find them on the front side of the subwoofer, which is good as you will not have to turn it every time you wish to plug in a Pendrive.

The remote that comes with this Home Theater seems to be made from cheap quality of rubber and plastic. It does not feel to be very solid or reliable, so I would recommend you to handle it with care. One of the good things about this device is its warranty. Ibell has provided 18 months of warranty, which is significantly higher than any of the other products on this list.


  • Total RMS 95 W
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • Full Function Remote Control
  • FM Stereo Radio
  • Item Weight-8.1 kg

Impex 5.1 FUSION Home Theater

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Impex 5.1 FUSION Home Theater

Impex brings to your home/office an efficient speaker system that is compatible with several digital devices. The glossy and stylish finish of the speakers will complement your living area and you can control the music you love through the fully functional remote control provided from the comfort of your couch.

The Impex 5.1 is a five-speaker Home Theater set that you can purchase for around 7000 Rupees. It is neither too expensive nor too cheap as it has a perfect price, giving you the best of features at the lowest costs.

The build quality of the speakers and the subwoofer is excellent. The sound quality of the speakers is fantastic, as it feels as if you are sitting in an actual cinema. All you need to do is calibrate the speakers correctly, and place them in the right positions for it to work.

Power consumption of 140 Watt is expected from speakers of these sizes, so it is not too much. However, you can bring them down if you do not keep the volume too high.

Along with the wired (AUX) and wireless (Bluetooth) options, Impex has also provided one SD card slot and one USB slot. They are located on their subwoofer. The remote of this Home Theater is made from hardened plastic. It does not feel cheap in hand and allows you to control the HT with ease.

Impex has also installed an FM Tuner inside this device, which will allow you to listen to live music on the go. You can operate using its remote.


  • High quality-price ratio
  • Elegant and clean design
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Rich and clear sound quality
  • Output power is 140 W RMS
  • LED Display
  • Item Weight-8.96 kg

Also Check

Components to see before buying the Best Home Theater under 10000

An excellent & best home theater system under 10000 should have the below mentioned top five components, such as:

Display device: It is an LCD or LED screen wherein you can see the ongoing event or music.

The receiver: It is the essential component which helps to connect your video input, screen as well as speakers.

The speakers: The best home theater under 10000 is incomplete if you don’t have a home theater. If your home theater doesn’t have a speaker, then you will miss half of the fun.

The home theater room: To enjoy the entire operation of home theater, you need a room and its placement. Where is the window, the installation of the device, etc.?

The surge protector: Do you what will be your worst enemy when it comes to enjoying at fullest. Its electricity surge. So, always check or have surge protectors so, nothing can interrupt you and your enjoyment. 

So guys, if you do not want to feel half in enjoying then, never compromise these fantastic components. Apart from these, you can get additional features also under pocket-friendly budget, which can be read below. 

Home Theater under 10000 – FAQ’S

What should you look at in a right home theater?

A right home theater would have speakers & its different surroundings. It should have an AV receiver and player Blu Ray or DVD. A good home theater also has a projector or LCD.

How much should I spend to get a decent Home Theater?

A budget of 10k is ideal for getting a Home Theater that would last for years to come. However, if you are looking to spend less, I would suggest you not to look at devices below 5k Rupees. They will have build or any other issue with them, and you might end up wasting your money.

Can we get services after buying the product?

People usually think buying a well-branded product is sufficient, but it is just half of the work done. There is the most critical factor involved in it, which is more important. 


We hope that by now, you must have found the best home theater under 10000 Rs for yourself. Just make your mind get best under your budget, check your reviews as well as other essential factors before buying so that you can have the authentic cinematic experience. 

Choosing a product on a specific budget is not bad, or a stupid choice, in fact, doing this kind of thing is sage. We know that there are more critical things in our everyday living that must be prioritized and invested with our little earnings.

If you choose the best one, then you can tell that it is merely your ideal home theater system because it offers more advantages and features that other systems don’t have.