[Top 11] Best Soundbar under 10000 in India

Planning of purchasing Best Soundbar under 10000 rs in India ? Then here you can find best soundbar brands under budget range of 10000 Rs that fits for your TV in this article. Check out the top soundbar Brands like JBL soundbar, Boat Aavante bluetooth soundbar, Philips Soundbar etc at your budget of 10000.

Getting a Best Soundbar for TV is always a difficult task. 10000 is a sufficient budget for purchasing a soundbar for the first time. Within the 10000 price range, anyone can get some amazing options for the Best Soundbar in India.

Best Soundbar under 10000 in india

Soundbars are designed as a substitute for conventional speakers which are very slim yet full stockade intended to be placed directly above or below a video display. If someone is crazy about music, then they must have the best soundbar for music. With these soundbars you not only can enjoy your TV programs, but also you can get the best entertainment on holidays, or during parties. 

List of 11 Best Soundbars Under 10000 in India

  • Blaupunkt SBWL02 130W Bluetooth Soundbar
  • JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar
  • BoAt Aavante Bar Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar
  • Philips HTL 1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker
  • Panasonic HT-20 2.1 Channel Soundbar
  • XIAOMI Mi-MDZ-27-DI (8 Speaker Driver) Bluetooth Soundbar  
  • Philips MMS2160B/94 2.1 Channel Soundbar
  • Philips MMS3160B/94 3.1 Channel Soundbar
  • CloudWalker BÜRST E3000 100W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth 5.0 Soundbar 
  • Samsung N300 (with Built-in Woofer) Bluetooth Soundbar
  • boAt Aavante 1200 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

What is Best Soundbar under 10000 Rs for your TV

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best quality highly rated soundbar systems under 10000 in India.  First, let’s look at some of the factors which produce the best out of a soundbar. 

Wattage: The audio power coming out of the amplifier is measured in watts. Higher wattage means a more powerful sound. If the area where the soundbar is placed is bigger, then it needs higher watts for a better sound experience.

Soundbar Channels: Most of the standalone soundbars have 2.0, 3.0, or 5.0 channels and rarely 7 channels. A 2.0 channels mean the soundbar has 2 speakers, left and right, 3.0 means 3 speakers, one more at the center. If it includes a subwoofer, it becomes 2.1 Ch, 3.1 Ch, and so on. A subwoofer produces low-frequency sound creating a fuller sound effect throughout the room.

Connectivity options: It’s always better to have more than one connectivity option. The basic soundbars usually include Bluetooth, USB cables. A few include optical cables, which are more convenient. The more expensive ones have HDMI ports and Wifi connections.

Blaupunkt SBWL02 130W – Best Soundbar under 10000

The quality concerning their audio equipment and other products is unmatched and pales in comparison with many of the other brands. They produce many revolutionary products for the audiophiles with a handful of best quality elegant products.

Best soundbar under 10000

The Company SBWL-02 Dolby Bluetooth Speaker packs in a lot of power and excellent specifications. Users can experience the sheer power of this 130W monster that’s raring to come out of your closet when you turn the volume up. The design and build of the soundbar are just unbelievable. The soundbar has an air vent that allows a free-flow of sound waves.

This soundbar enables one to enjoy the music with minimum distractions. The wireless soundbar can produce great bass and the clear treble which gives wonderful sound to all the concerns.  This soundbar is that it is compatible with many devices such as Android phones, OnePlus mobiles, iPhone, Smart TV, laptop, desktop, Macbook, etc.

The soundbar comes with multiple sound modes that include movies, music, and news. Another advantageous factor owing to its powerful sound is its quality and wooden material. An LED display that shines brightly and gives an authentically great feeling is also present. 

The support of a fully accessible remote control helps to get access to all the functions of the soundbar with this remote.  Overall, this soundbar is one of the best soundbars under 10000 in India.


  • 1 channel Dolby Digital Speakers with Subwoofers 
  • 130W Output with Super Bass & Treble
  • Surround Sound, 360 degrees sound experience
  • Adaptive Sound Mode
  • Connectivity: HDMI ARC, Digital Optical, USB, Bluetooth and AUX-In, SBWL-02

JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar

JBL is one of the best brands in the world of audio peripherals. The new JBL Surround Sound soundbar from its Wireless Sound range is one of the most competitively priced 30W systems out there. It offers the right mix of price, performance, and features to offer you a great entertainment experience.

soundbar below 10k

You get solid connectivity options including an HDMI (HDCP) port, multiple audio inputs, one analog slot as well as Bluetooth connectivity. One of the best things about the soundbar is that there is no need for a separate remote. Can use any universal remote used in TVs and it will work with soundbars making it one of the most hassle-free experiences out there.

With a built-in dual bass port, the user will get a true surround sound experience with rich bass. The power consumption on the soundbar is very low and if you have a small room and do not need an overly expensive surround sound system, this is definitely the product to go for.

JBL offers one year of support and warranty with the product, making it one of the most compelling soundbars at an affordable price point. JBL has been generous with the features and there are no compromises when it comes to built quality, sound, and connectivity options.


  • 30 watts Output
  • Easy to set up and install
  • JBL Surround Sound
  • Connectivity: HDMI, Aux, and Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, USB, Optical

BoAt Aavante Bar Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

If you are looking for a soundbar to pair with your TV or CP for a solid surround sound experience, boAT has you covered with its AAVANTE soundbar that offers 120 watts of surround-sound goodness. The system also comes with a 60-watt dedicated subwoofer to cater to people who love listening to bass-heavy music.

BoAt Aavante Bar Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Even though it has a high volume output, there is no noticeable distortion. The down-firing subwoofer ensures to get natural tones from the sound instead of a booming effect most subwoofers are really bad for. With a 2.1 channel, users will get a truly cinematic experience right at home.

The build quality of the system is top-notch and there are solid connectivity options including USB, Optical, wireless, and AUX. You can also take advantage of the 3D stereo sound when using multiple audio sources. The product weighs around 6.4 kg.

With one year of warranty and support on offer along with a highly competitive price tag, boAT has done a fantastic job with this 2.1 soundbar. It pairs the right features and offers a solid audio experience without breaking the bank.


  • Dedicated Subwoofer
  • Solid connectivity options
  • Audio Output of 120 W
  • It comes with Lithium Polymer battery
  • Premium finish and sleek design 
  • The Soundbar uses cutting edge equaliser technology

Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

The Philips’ HTL1193B/94 Soundbar is a  product that combines movies, music, and radio in one single box. Users can enjoy the power of the subwoofers in the comforts of their home, and it allows them to do so much more.

Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

The HTL1193B/94 gives a virtual surround sound experience with rich and immersive quality. It is designed using a highly advanced spatial algorithm that replicates the sonar’s characteristics. It can be used in any stereo thereby generating sounds that are larger than life.

 Users can even enjoy movies courtesy of Dolby Digital which is a highly rated audio standard among many industry experts. It gives a completely realistic way of watching your favourite movies and TV shows with assurance.  Users can stream their music through any of the devices, be it your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mp3 players, laptops, etc. via a simple connection to this product. It can be just connected with an audio jack and enjoy the music.

It even has access to FM radios with multiple music options. You would be able to auto-scan all your favourite radio stations, store them up and access and play avoiding repeat manual tunings.


  • It weighs around 6.22 kg 
  • Made up of lithium-ion battery for stability
  • Virtual Surround Sound and Night Mode
  • Total wattage of about 40 watts
  • Wall-mounted accessories available

Panasonic HT-20 2.1 Channel Soundbar

 Panasonic is yet another company that has carved a niche in the audio entertainment products. HT-20 2.1 Channel Speaker System has a specific privilege about its impending qualities and product value. Let us take a sneak peek into the many advantages or in essence, what exactly does it offer.

The HT-20 2.1 gives the best surround sound system with peculiar audio quality, something that is on par with the other soundbars in the list.  It provides the user with a stereo mini input that lets them enjoy favorite songs with the conventional RCA Connector input. This concludes the fact that it has streamlined and easy connectivity. It has a total RMS power of about 60 watts.

Users can load up all the songs into your personal USB drive and accordingly attach it to the Soundbar. This ensures that users would be able to play the favorite playlists on the go and with zero interruptions.

The wooden cabinets provided by the HT-20 are handcrafted with the best quality materials. This ensures to get a textured bass effect and a perfect amalgamation of voice clarity as well. It is completely well-matched with personal TV, DVD players, etc. Users can just connect it via Bluetooth and get the party started.


  • The total weight of this system is about 11.2 kg
  • RMS output is 60W
  • Remote control and touch control panel available

XIAOMI Mi-MDZ-27-DI (8 Speaker Driver) Bluetooth Soundbar

If anyone is looking for a compact soundbar that can pair with a laptop or TV, the Mi Bluetooth soundbar is one of the best in the computing market. It is extremely affordable and ideal for anyone who has space restrictions at home.

XIAOMI Mi-MDZ-27-DI (8 Speaker Driver) Bluetooth Soundbar

The soundbar features a quick-setup process that automatically detects an available device and pairs with it in seconds. The design is very minimalistic and fits into any home environment. While it does not have a battery for wireless usage, it saves on the battery space and makes it one of the smallest and powerful soundbars in the Indian market.

Despite the tiny form factor, you have an Enhanced Bass feature that lets you get the most out of your favourite content that you play via the device. With multiple connectivity options including line-in, Bluetooth, and S/PDIF, you can use a range of devices to connect to the soundbar.

Overall, this is a fantastic entry point soundbar for anyone looking for a solid music system but does not want to spend a ton of money on audio peripherals. The minimalistic design and form factor makes it convenient for daily usage and you can carry it around for using it with your laptop or tablet as well.


  • S/PDIF Support
  • Compact design
  • Sound to noise ratio of 72dB
  • The audio output is 28W

Philips MMS2160B/94 2.1 Channel Soundbar

 The Philips MMS2160B/94 is one of the outstanding soundbar systems available in India under 10000. One thing is for certain, is that it packs up a whole lot of gear inside it and it sure as hell gives you everything that you possibly need. So, let’s find out what it contains.

Philips MMS2160B/94 2.1 Channel Soundbar

The MMS2160B/94 comes with an RMS output power of 60-Watt  in its speaker system. The total audio power from the amplifier can be measured using this. Owing to its higher wattage, the sound quality is just great. The product also comes in with a USB direct feature that can be plugged in directly. It can be used for later. The USB direct lets you see the files which can then be played along afterward.

Philips MM2160B/94 is powered with a rich bass sound that feels for the audiophiliac as natural and superlatively extraordinary. It also comes in with a separate loudspeaker box system that you can configure and set up for your use.

The product provides smooth and continuous connectivity with all of your devices providing you with minimum problems. It gets connected with your TV, smartphones, iPad, via Bluetooth and thus gives you a combined experience of music, movies and entertainment, all in one shot.


  • The product weighs around 6.5 kg
  • 5.25” subwoofers along with the 3inch Speaker drivers.
  • Multiple Bluetooth connectivities available
  • The optimum Bluetooth range of about 10 meters
  • Remote control available

Philips MMS3160B/94 3.1 Channel Soundbar

The Philips MMS3160B/94 3.1 is known as the Active Speakers on the Philips website. Most of the people have positive reviews overall, which is what makes it a great buy.

Philips MMS3160B/94 3.1 Channel Soundbar

The primary function of this product would always be its excessive power in terms of its speakers. These soundbars have 5.25″subwoofer driver towers and a total RMS power rating of about 60 watts. 

It also has an application called the USB direct, to access and play the audio files from the USB port. You can plugin, transfer what you need and accordingly play it up in this system. The Philips MMS3160B/94 gives you the premium quality sound and excellent bass experience. 


  • 60 watts Output
  • USB direct feature
  • Rich bass and stereo sound
  • Connectivity: Aux, and Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack

CloudWalker BÜRST E3000 100W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth 5.0 Soundbar 

If you are looking for not just an entertainment soundbar but also something that adds colour to house parties, the CloudWalker I2000 50W is one of the best you can get. This soundbar comes with some of the best connectivity options you can expect at this price point.

soundbars under 10k

The manufacturer kept both music and movie enthusiasts in mind in terms of audio optimisation. You can turn on the Party Light mode with 11 different LEDs that automatically syncs with your music and gets you in the mood to enjoy your content. Despite all the flashy features, the soundbar is very power efficient.

It comes with a 100W powerful sound output to amplify the sound. a 60W external subwoofer is also present in it which gives deep and good bass. The latest Bluetooth connection technology is incorporated in this soundbar to provide seamless connectivity with a 10m range connectivity. 

Plug & Play with multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, AUX, Line IN, and Optical ports to connect to TV, mobile, MP3, DVD or Blu-ray player, and other compatible devices. There are multiple present equalisers to choose from and you can swap between them seamlessly based on the content you are watching. You can connect TVs, MP3 players and most other Bluetooth enabled devices to stream wirelessly.

Overall, it is a fantastic product and if you are looking for a fancy Bluetooth SoundBar this is definitely one of the best products to opt for if you have a budget of around 10000 INR.


  • Wired and Wireless connectivity available
  • LED lighting
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  • Built-In Subwoofer
  • 50W output

Samsung N300 (with Built-in Woofer) Bluetooth Soundbar

Samsung N300 soundbar

The Samsung N300 is one of the best compact soundbars in the market right now. It comes with a reasonable 20W audio output, which is impressive considering the form factor and size. You have access to wireless streaming using the device via Bluetooth. 

Hear powerful, outstanding sound from a compact Soundbar is possible in this. It comes with a consolidated USB 2.0 port, so all you have to do is plug in a memory device with your music files and hit the play button.

The bass on the soundbar is very impressive and does not distort even at higher volume levels. The Soundbar is equipped with two built-in woofers and a sound duct. You can connect the device wirelessly using your TV, making it very convenient to use. Theatrical experience with sound quality is available with the built-in woofer right at home.

The Samsung N300 is very easy to set up and use. It takes seconds to pair with a device and we had no trouble getting to work with any Bluetooth enabled device for music streaming. It is a fantastic package and we recommend it if you are looking for a compact soundbar. The soundbar can be controlled with the Samsung Audio Remote App on your smartphone or tablet running on Android. 

Control key Soundbar functions can be directed with a Samsung TV remote through TV UI. The soundbar comes with a 1-year warranty and it offers some of the best features you can expect out of premium soundbars. All of this comes together in an affordable package making it a solid product to buy.


  • Compact Design
  • Wireless TV mode
  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • 20 W Output

boAt Aavante 1200 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

The Boat Aavante 1200 Soundbar is a powerhouse in its own right and offers a slew of advantages and specifications for those who are the perfect bass and audio.

boAt Aavante 1200 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

The Boat Aavante 1200 crafted by Boat comes with a 2.1 channel surround sound feature that would blow your mind away. This product packs a subwoofer of about 40 watts that creates to give you a power-packed sound and bass that would plug into nirvana. 

The high definition sound resonates at every twist and turns with maximum accuracy and precision. The Boat Aavante 1200 is designed for your pleasure, as per your comfort level and it is fabricated with you in mind.


  • 80 watts Output
  • 2.1 channel surround sound is awesome
  • The 40-watt subwoofer is a complete powerhouse
  • Subwoofer, Remote Control
  • Connectivity: Wireless, USB, AUX, Bluetooth

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Are soundbars worth the money for 10000?

Soundbars are definitely worth it. They’ll give you a better sound than is possible with your TV. In some cases, they offer great constancy for movies and music. A handful of great options for every budget is available.

How do I choose a soundbar?

Choose a soundbar with 3 or more channels – at a minimum. Go with an active soundbar. Consider where you want to place your soundbar

Can I put the soundbar behind the TV?

You can do this, but it is not ideal. Putting a soundbar behind the TV will interfere with reducing the sound quality by obstructing the sound waves. Soundbars are designed to be positioned just under your TV, and there shouldn’t be anything directly in front of the soundbar.

What is the best height for a soundbar?

Ideally, the height should be 7.5-12ft tall and should be made from plaster, wallboard, hardwood, or any other flat, rigid material. Make sure to place your soundbar below and in front of the T.V. If your configuration uses upward-firing hardware elements, clear the sound’s path from the drivers to the ceiling


A soundbar will be a worthy companion for your television. Also, it will be a convenient device to attach to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Hence, it is necessary to have the best soundbar for TV or the best soundbar for music. Though finding the best soundbar is a bit difficult due to various brands. Hopefully, the provided list of the best soundbars under 10K in India will help you to choose the best soundbar to improve your entertainment world.

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