Best Wifi Modem for BSNL Broadband in India 2020

WIFI Modems have become an indispensable device in every household in India.  It is almost impossible to imagine a life without an internet connection. The modem serves as a bridge between your local network and the Internet. The commonly used Network in India is BSNL Broadband and here we have figured out Best Wifi Routers for BSNL Broadband connection in India for you.

Best wifi Modem for Bsnl Broadband

Attachment of a modem to a network is based on the type of connection you have. The modem can be plugged into any type of setup you have like cable, telephone, satellite, or fiber and provides you a standard Ethernet cable output which can be plugged into any computer or router to access an Internet connection.

BSNL is one of the largest internet service providers in India. Usually, the BSNL internet connection includes a package of modem too. But this modem may not be able to provide you the best network speed. Therefore we are going to introduce to you, the best Wifi Modems available in India for BSNL Broadband connection.

Everyone needs high internet speed whether playing games, streaming Netflix, or need wireless connectivity for your office or schoolwork. So finding out the best Wifi modem available in the market is the most important thing while planning to take a BSNL broadband connection. You should consider the factors below before buying a Best Wifi Modem for BSNL Broadband.

  • Wifi connectivity Range
  • Connectivity options
  • Number of LAN ports
  • Other Features like WPS, USB port, Guest Network
  • Modem-router combo
  • USB
  • Connectivity speed

11 Best Wifi Modems for BSNL Broadband in India

D-Link DSL-2730U ADSL2+ 4-Port Router

The Dlink DSL-2730U WIRELESS N 150 ADSL2+ 4-PORT Ethernet Router is a versatile high-performance router for home and the small office. This router connects a group of users to the Internet, allowing multiple computers in your home or office to share an integrated high-speed ADSL2/2+ connection. 

These wifi modems come with four in-built Ethernet ports, firewall protection, and QoS for safe and uninterrupted transfer of photos, files, music, video, and e-mail via the Internet. It has a rectangular design with a glossy black exterior that demands a prominent place in your living room or workspace. 

There are four LAN ports for connectivity at the backside. The D-Link Dsl-2730u Wireless N150 is supported with 802.11n and gives a maximum network speed of up to 150 Mbps.

The performance of this Wifi modem is exceptionally well in larger spaces. It features a powerful wireless antenna that has a transmitting power of 20 dBm. There is no decrease in the connectivity at all making it an ideal choice for any purpose that demands high-speed data connection. This includes HD media streaming, online gaming, or video calls. 

This is an adaptable device that can also work as a modem for BSNL broadband connectivity. D-link has equipped a set of add-ons to secure your network connection while looking to improve the security features of their routers. Apart from a built-in firewall that protects the network from intrusions, it features DoS attack prevention, parental controls, DHCP, static routing, and compatibility with most encryption features. 


  • Power On/ Off button
  • WPS Push Button
  • Wireless router with modem
  • Data Transfer Speed: 150 Mbps
  • Security features are NAT, SPI Firewall and 64/128 bit WEP encryption
  • Item Weight 136 g

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Netgear D500 ADSL2+ Modem Router

Home, office, or commercial space can be equipped with compact-sized Netgear D500 Router to enjoy fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. This Netgear D500 N150 WiFi DSL Built-in ADSL2+ Modem Router weighs 531 grams making it portable. 

The Netgear D500 Router offers a fast download speed of up to N150 Mbps so you can conveniently play games or watch movies online. It comes fitted with an antenna that ensures you get uninterrupted services that enhance your overall internet experience. 

Moreover, it has an inbuilt ADSL2+ Modem to extend its Wi-Fi range thus making it ideal for mid-sized workstations. The Netgear D500 Router comes equipped with IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi technology and WPA/WPA2 to ensure complete security while browsing the internet. 

Also, the inbuilt features like Wi-Fi protected Access and Denial of Service Attack prevention make the connection secure from malware and viruses. It is compatible with a number of devices like laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, and more. Now, you can surf, chat, e-mail, or play music on any device without any disruptions.

It is a plug-and-play device that does not require any CDs to get started. This Netgear D500 Modem Router is easy-to-install so you can create a superfast and reliable connection to the internet in a couple of minutes. 

With its shared storage access, you can also share your memories with your loved ones. Also, it includes various other features like Ethernet WAN that lets you easily upgrade to cable or fiber. With this router, you can create a home network for applications such as online gaming, with a fast reliable connection to the Internet and a secure wireless connection.


  • Option to connect Cable Broadband
  • Power button
  • Item Weight 531 g
  • Built-in ADSL2+ Modem
  • N150 WiFi speed 
  • Works with DSL Internet service providers

TENDA D303 Wireless Modem Router

This wireless router is a one-stop solution if you are looking for an uninterrupted and fast internet connection in your home or office. The D-303 is an all-in-one device that comprises a wireless-N 300 Mbps router, ADSL2+ modem, 3G router, switch, and USB storage sharing.

This BSNL wireless modem has three WAN ports for a steady broadband connection. Plug in an activated 3G USB modem (dongle) and this router promptly connects to mobile broadband, ensuring that you stay connected at all times.

Moreover, the router automatically reconnects to ADSL/ Cable broadband connection when the connection restores to reduce billing costs of your 3G data. You can fasten this modem to the set-top box and get lag-free IPTV service over your home phone line.

This device has a transfer rate of about 300 Mbps. You can download TV shows, stream videos, play online games, and browse the Web continuously without interruption on your smartphones or laptop from anywhere within its signal radius.

You can also use the USB port to connect a printer or Hard drive to the network so that you can print wirelessly from any device or access the files stored in Hard drive from any device.


  • USB port
  • WPS button
  • 3G dongle backup
  • Option to connect Cable Broadband
  • Item Weight 581 g

TP-LINK TD-W8961N Modem Router

This BSNL wireless router comes with multiple connectivity options. The TP-LINK Wireless Modem Router offers uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity in your home or office as well as perform in different ways to enhance your internet connectivity options. 

For ADSL2+ cable subscribers, the Modem Router operates as an ADSL2+ Modem to give blazing-fast wired connectivity service. It can also function as a NAT router to allow you to share a single IP address with all of your devices in your private network. 

This is accomplished for enhanced security reasons and to work with a single IP address for better convenience in local networks. When this BSNL broadband connectivity modem router is turned into a 4-ports Ethernet Switch, this allows you to add more devices in a wired computer network at your place.

Enabled with Wi-Fi 802.11n technology, 4 -megabit LAN ports, and transfer speed of 300 Mbps, the TP-LINK Wireless Modem Router allows you to seamlessly carry out your bandwidth-intensive hefty tasks. These include HD video-sharing, online gaming, video-conferences, and more that are experienced with stutter-free performance with this Wireless Modem Router.

You can opt for web protocol TV streaming or online gaming with this TP-LINK Modem Router. Its QoS Engine supports improved IPTV telecasting and online gaming services by prioritizing your internet traffic. 

Moreover, the IGMP Multicast and the IGMP Snooping features of the Modem Router facilitate you with enhanced multimedia applications experience.

TP-LINK Wireless Modem Router has made installation procedures easier with its merging of User Interface and Setup Wizard or the CD-directed Setup Wizard. Moreover, you just have to press its WPS button to add devices without the need to disclose your Wi-Fi password. 


  • WPS button
  • Wifi On/ Off button
  • Guest Network Feature
  • Item Weight 209 g
  • Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps

D-Link DSL-2750U Modem Router

The DSL-2750U Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Router is a versatile, high-performance router for home and the small office. This BSNL wifi modem is integrated with ADSL2/2+, supporting download speeds up to 24 Mbps, firewall protection, Quality of Service (QoS), 802.11n wireless LAN.

With 4 Ethernet switch ports, the Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Router provides all the functions that a home or small office needs to establish a secure and high-speed link to the Internet. The DSL-2750U provides 4 times faster wireless speeds which are greater than 802.11g1. 

You can increase wireless performance by linking it to computers which features wireless N interfaces. Thus you can stay connected from anywhere at home and in the office. It can also be connected with 802.11g and 802.11b wireless networks which helps for significantly enhanced reception.

The DSL-2750U’s security features avert unauthorized entry to the home and office network from wireless devices or from the Internet. SPI monitors the contents of incoming packets before they are allowed in.

Hacker logging features in this BSNL broadband Wifi modem helps to secure your network against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. For Quality of Service, the router is equipped with priority queues to authorize a group of home or office users to experience the profit of a placid network connection without traffic congestion. 

It also assists WPA/WPA2 and WEP for adaptable user access security and data encryption methods, while a built-in WPS button gives an easy way to set-up a secure wireless connection.

The Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Router is backward compatible with existing 802.11b and 802.11g wireless equipment, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of wireless devices, making your older devices still relevant. 

In addition, it includes four Ethernet ports for connecting Ethernet-enabled PCs, print servers, and other devices, making the DSL-2750U the logical choice for users wanting a versatile and fast Wi-Fi router.


  • 4 LAN ports
  • Power Button
  • WPS button
  • Integrated ADSL2/2+
  • 802.11n wireless LAN
  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Supports download speeds up to 24 Mbps

TENDA TE-D151 Modem Router

The D151 is the best one-stop result for your search for a BSNL broadband Wifi modem, which performs as a wired and wireless modem and router. Combine the function of ADSL2+ Modem, Wireless Router, four-Port Switch in one device, and add to it with a range of features, including WPS, IPTV, easy setup, and TR069.

Amenable with 802.11n standard, it provides wireless speed up to 150Mbps. D151 enables high-speed internet connection which also authorizes to transfer files, music, photos, and printers with multiple computers.

Featuring 1x5dBi external antenna, the D151 comes up with an enhanced signal to make sure wireless coverage all-around your home. With MIMO technology, it makes use of signal reflections to decrease dead spots, enabling the best wireless performance, transmission rates, stability, and coverage.

Lightning brings a strong currency surge which can cause great damage to electronic devices like modem routers. Created with up to 6000 voltage lightning protection, the D151 can constructively withstand such destruction of your devices. Thus it is perfect for working in areas that are prone to heavy thunderstorms frequently.


  • Option to connect Cable Broadband
  • WPS button
  • Power Button
  • Wireless Rate 150Mbps
  • Wireless SecurityWireless : MAC Filtering, Support 64/128 bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPS

D-Link DSL-2877AL Modem Router

D-Link DSL 2877AL dual-band router supports 802.11ac standard that lets you use your BSNL broadband connection on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. The router is backward compatible with 802.11 b/g standards. 

There are three 5 dBi antennas that provide good coverage if you are living in a medium-size double bedroom apartment. There is an option for connecting the 3G or 4G dongle to the router in case of connection loss with your ISP. This allows you to have better coverage and stability than using a mobile hotspot. 

This wifi modem comes with the latest Wireless AC technology, with up to 300Mbps on 11n and up to 433Mbps on 11ac.

Working combined with DMG-112A, Auto-Zoning technology helps the devices to communicate with each other, intensifying one’s home Wi-Fi network, by enabling automatic and smooth transitions across different networking devices on the same Wi-Fi network which gives fuss-free experience to the user.

You get four LAN ports that support up to 100 Mbps speeds. There is also a USB 2.0 port for sharing print and other documents over the network. 

The in-built firewall prevents your network from external attacks. The routers setup wizard is simple to follow for easy installation. D-link offers you 3 years of warranty on the router. 


  • Dual-band router- 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • USB Port
  • Power button
  • wireless speeds of up to 750 Mbps
  • Item Weight 875 g
  • Support for 3G/4G dongle
  • Dual-band support
  • Modem feature built-in

Sanscord RD150 Modem

Sanscord RD150 Wireless Router is a preferred choice if you are a BSNL Broadband user and looking for the cheapest yet reliable WIFI modem router. The router works on 2.4 GHz frequency and also the single antenna will cowl a vicinity of around 800- 900 sq ft. which is much enough for a medium-sized home.

Sanscord RD150 comes with 4 LAN ports, one of which can be employed as a WAN port for linking your router to Cable broadband ISPs. Thus it makes your router future proof.

This modem can give you a maximum Internet speed of 150 Mbps, which is sufficient for High Definition video streaming like Netflix or Hotstar or online gaming.


  • 4 LAN ports
  • Option to connect Cable Broadband
  • 150Mbps speed
  • Friendly GUI for Web-Based Configuration
  • Works with BSNL and DSL Connections of Other Companies 

Digisol DG-BG4300NU Broadband Router

Digisol Wireless Broadband Router is a superior ADSL router for connections like BSNL broadband having a downstream speed of up to 24Mbps and upstream speed up to 1Mbps. 

This WIFI modem comes with one RJ11 telephone Port for ADSL connection, four RJ45 Ethernet interfaces for linking to notebook/desktop computer or other network devices, One USB 2.0 port for attaching 3G data cards and mass storage. 

It has a Web-based graphic user interface (GUI), which allows users to easily configure the settings and connect to ISP.  Thorough information like flow statistics, connection status are provided by this modem. 

Various wireless clients are enabled to access the LAN resources and Internet wirelessly with a built-in Access Point. The router also supports the configuration of 3 additional Guest wireless networks with user isolation. 

The router can bridge wirelessly to another access point to extend the wireless network by a few meters. It supports robust security using WPA2 which enhances the security of the wireless networks to protect sensitive data from hackers. 

DG-BG4300NU also supports 64/128 bit WEP encryption which offers the first level of security choice to home users to provide confidentiality of the wireless network. The wireless broadband router supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), which simplifies wireless client setup procedures (using the push button). 

This enables the user to secure their wireless network quickly and easily. This modem router provides Quality of Service on the basis of application, IP address, and the physical port-related users. Highest, high, normal, and low are the four different levels based on priority which is dependent on the kind of traffic. 

The wireless broadband router provides redundancy by switching Internet connection between ADSL Port and 3G to provide redundancy in case the Primary WAN link fails. This ensures uninterrupted Internet services to users.


  • Option to connect Cable Broadband
  • 4G/3G Dongle Backup
  • USB port
  • WPS Push Button
  • UPTO 300Mbps Wireless Speed
  • IPv6 Ready

TP-Link TD-W8901N Modem Router

TD-W8901N 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router is an All-in-One device, which is designed to provide end-users with a one-stop solution to acquiring and sharing high-speed Internet access over a wired/wireless network. 

With the Easy Setup Assistant bundled in the CD, SPI and NAT firewall, QoS engine and other advanced features, you can easily set up a protected wireless network and experience the great feeling of Internet surfing, file transferring, VoIP, audio and video streaming.

Port VLAN holds particular LAN ports and PVCs for various services like IPTV. The TD-W8901N’s built-in QoS engine enables different QoS policies that prioritize Internet traffic to make use of smooth IPTV streaming and lag-free online gaming. 

Thus users can enjoy the pros of a smooth network connection without thinking about traffic congestion. Combined with IGMP multicast and IGMP snooping features the TD-W8901N makes an ideal solution for multimedia applications.

Aided with the latest ADSL standards, the TD-W8901N provides high-speed connectivity up to 24Mbps downstream and 3.5Mbps upstream and longer reach from users’ local Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

Working with IEEE 802.11n standards, TD-W8901N can enable a wireless network and provide the best wireless performance, transmission rates, stability, and coverage for BSNL broadband connection.


  • Wall-mountable design
  • Wifi On/Off button
  • WPS push button
  • Wireless N speed up to 150Mbps
  • Item Weight 122 g

Tenda D1201 Ac1200 Modem Router

Tenda D1201 AC1200 ADSL2+ is a dual-band Modem router with support for the latest 802.11ac wireless standard. This technology allows the router to operate on 5 GHz bands as well as standard 2.4 GHz.

If you live in an apartment with many networks near you, the 5GHz frequency will reduce interference to give you a stable and fast connection. The two omnidirectional antennas with 7 dBi power offer sufficient coverage for two-bedroom apartments. 

You get 4 LAN ports that support speed up to 1000 Mbps for ultra-fast wired connections. You can also use this router for cable broadband as one of the LAN ports has WAN functionality.

There is a USB port at the back for you to share media and for printing over the network. Tenda offers 3 years warranty on the router. 


  • Can be used for ADSL and cable broadband. 
  • USB port for print media sharing. 
  • Dual-band support for faster speeds. 
  • 6,000V lightning protection 
  • 24Mbps download rate
  • 6.5km transfer distance

Best Wifi Modem for BSNL Broadband Buying Guide

Speed: BSNL had many levels of broadband plans with respect to speed. Depending on the plan you choose to use over time, it is advised that you buy a modem that can provide you with the data speeds you need. 

Coverage: You must check whether the wifi modem would provide your connectivity through your working area. If you have multiple rooms, you must check the specifications of the modem if that would cover the number of rooms you need to have wireless connectivity.

Modem With Router Combo: If you don’t have a modem, and you are buying for a new connection, go for a modem plus router combo as it saves you time and money during installation as you don’t have to buy a separate router. 

USB Port: USB ports on the routers are helpful if you have a printer that you can share with everyone on the network. If the router has USB 3.0, you can set up a media server for sharing photos and videos with your family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert my BSNL modem into WIFI?

If it doesn’t have Wi-Fi, then take the Ethernet output of the ADSL modem and connect it to any Wi-Fi router’s WAN port (Ethernet). Alternatively, you can buy a cheap Wireless router with ADSL WAN port and connect the telephone cable directly to the router and get Internet access. Then the ADSL modem is not required.

Does BSNL broadband require modem?

A Modem is used to convert the Analogue signal of the telephone line to a digital signal for broadband access. Therefore a Modem is an essential factor to access BSNL Broadband services. There are Wifi Routers that have inbuilt Modem capabilities (ADSL2+) with such devices you do not need an external modem.


WiFi routers in India will surely enhance the wireless internet range provided by BSNL in your home or office and we are sure that you would love to use one of the best routers from the list we’ve reviewed above.

If you are looking for a basic modem plus router combo for a medium-sized apartment with a basic BSNL plan, D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless Router is the best choice. And if you want the best features, then you should grab the TENDA D303 Wireless N300 Router. For an average user, TENDA D303 Wireless N300 Router is the best option to buy.

After confirming your needs and getting a basic idea about modems and routers, you can select one from the above-mentioned lists. Don’t spoil your money by investing in un-useful things. We value your needs and the money you invest. That’s why we made this list with the utmost care.