Best Wifi Adapter for PC in India

If you don’t have an active internet connection and you are looking forward to buy Best Wi-Fi adapter for PC in India, Then here we curated and listed 10 Best wifi Adapters for your desktop available in India.

The wireless adapters connectors can transform basically any gadget into a Wi-Fi enabled gadget that can easily connect to the internet. While many recent devices have built in Wi-Fi, some devices, such as PC’s and set top boxes, only have built-in support for wired Ethernet network connections. The best wireless adapters make it easier to connect Wi-Fi through USB Wifi Dongles or by putting into the PCI slot of a motherboard or computer.

best wifi adapter for pc in india

Boosting your Wi-Fi speed is tied in with having the correct beneficiary set up. At the point when you have the correct tools for the activity you’ll have the option to game, stream, and download quicker than ever before. The main issue is realising where to look. Obviously, it’s a big assignment to search for the Best Wi-Fi adapter for a desktop in India

Luckily, we do have a few top USB Wi-Fi adapters for PCs in India, which are increasingly peerless, affordable and dependable. By considering all those things, choosing a best adapter for Wi-Fi for personal usage or business usage to access things is definitely a hard task. Here, we just have tracked down some of the best Wi-Fi adapters for PC in India and you can choose whichever one is suitable to your needs according to your requirements.

Let’s go and dig for the Top Wi-Fi adapters for PC & checkout your favourite & best Wi-Fi adapter price below.

List of 10 Best Wi-Fi Adapters for PC in India

  • TP-Link TL-WN725N USB adapter
  • D-Link Wireless USB adapter
  • Tenda Mini Wireless Adapter
  • Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi Adapter
  • Panda 300Mbps USB Wireless Adapter
  • Wayona Wyn 12 Mini USB Wi-Fi Adapter
  • GT Gloptook mini Wi-Fi adapter
  • CLASSYTEK Mini Wireless USB Dongle Adapter
  • QUANTUM black USB Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter:
  • Terabyte Mini Wireless USB Adapter:

Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi Adapter

The Next in our list is from Netgear. When it comes to connectivity through online, the first thing we think about is the speed of the internet. If you are considering the speed of the internet, this could be one of the best options for Best Wifi adapters for pc or Desktop available in India which is running on 802.11ac standard so you can connect with the maximum speed of 1200 Mbps on your PC.

It has the dual band reliable connection which reduces the disturbances & improves the connectivity for more devices which are connected to Wi-Fi. Netgear AC1200 has a high gain antenna which improves the Wi-Fi range up to 50 meters away.

It boosts the speed of connectivity & reliability and improves the range of connections through the feature of beam forming+ and it is easy to install and as like other competitors it also has the WPS feature for the secure connections. So, you can buy this device if you are looking for a high speed internet connection.

Panda 300Mbps USB Wireless Adapter

The next device from our list is from Panda. We do have two options available (PAU05 and IGU05) of this Panda 300Mbps Adapter. Panda PAU05 is for the retail market and Panda IGU05 is a modern reviewed connector for installed applications. Panda IGU05 Adapter satisfies industry guidelines and must be bought legitimately from Panda Wireless and its authorised sellers.

The Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter redesigns the Wi-Fi interface on your PC to the latest 802.11n standard. Your PC can discuss remotely with any brand 802.11g or 802.11n remote switch at home, restaurants, and so forth.

It has backward compatibility with 802.11g and 2.4GHz for remote networks and it allows low consumption of the power to increase the battery life of the portable device & supports variable security features such as WEP, WPA and WPA2 to prevent the unauthorised users to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Coming to the compatibility, this device is multi compatible & you can connect this to any device with operating system & it comes with installation CD & you can install it to your Pc easily.

Wayona Wyn 12 Mini USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Wayona is the next one in our best Wi-Fi adapters list. The Wayona WYN 12 remote connector is a smooth and reduced Wi-Fi connector that lets you interface your desktop or PC to a remote system. This pocket USB connector lets you effectively associate your desktop or notepad to a remote system through a USB port. Smooth and lightweight, it advantageously fits in a packed workspace.

It is compatible with two modes: WPA/WPA2. This wireless USB connector guarantees that you move documents and information over a safe connection. It rapidly builds up a protected association with a remote switch or Access point with no need of complex encryption codes. Stream Videos and Transfer Data without any interruption. 

This Wayona remote connector is consistent with 802.11b/g/n remote guidelines and gives up to multiple times quicker remote rates and right around multiple times better remote gathering. This wireless USB adapter provides up to 150Mbps internet speed.

It is capable of accepting and transmitting information at fast speed, it lets you stream boundless recordings or move documents over a remote association in minutes. You can likewise interface your advanced mobile phone with Wi-Fi ability and offer or view online substance easily. In addition, it likewise associates your PSP, WII and NDS to the web permitting you to enjoy web based gaming.

GT Gloptook mini Wi-Fi adapter

The next one is from Gloptook. This Wi-Fi receiver by Gloptook is a littler than typical flexible USB 2. 0 structure. This Wi-Fi connector enables the customer to interface a PC to a far off framework and value a fast web connection. Since this connector offers an amazing pace of up to 300 Mbps, it is an ideal decision for people who love to ride the web and play web based games.

With its limited small scale design, you can interface it to a work region or notepad PC and leave it there. It goes with effective security that shields the relationship from any unwanted ambushes. The contraption associates in a flash to a PC system. You can just plug it and play. To make the Wi-Fi USB Adapter work, you need to have gadget drivers.

It uses the MIMO innovation technology that makes far off transmission rates rise to 300 Mbps. It gives a basic and smart secure course of action. The beneficiary works ideally with WPS to ensure wireless security. It supports 64/128-piece WEP, WPA/WPA2 encryptions. Also, it works with win2k, XP, Vista, Win7, Linux working structure. It goes with a LED marker and a transmit force of 20dbs. The adapter functions well with Windows 10.

It comes with No Warranty. That’s a little bit of a disappointment. The receiver has a frequency range between 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz. This product is cheaper than other products in the similar segment.

CLASSYTEK Mini Wireless USB Dongle Adapter

Next in our device list is from classytek which is inbuilt with a high gain antenna. It is a very good option for the one who is crazy about online gaming as it is providing high speed internet connection without any interruption to disturb your gaming time or while enjoying the seamless music.

Just like the other competitors it also allows you to connect to the pc and notepad and comes to the design it is small in size and supports windows & vista and Linux, MAC with 600 MBPS speed.

As well as this is ideal for internet surfing which also complies with IEEE 802.11n (Draft 2.0), IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b standards and it comes with a CD which is with all the instructions. And installation is easy. This device is a portable device which you can easily carry wherever you go.

TP-Link TL-WN725N USB adapter

TP link wireless USB adapter & the model number is TL-WN725N which is allowing us to connect a pc or notepad computer to a remote network at the speed of 150Mbps. This small adapter is intended to be as helpful as possible and once attached to our computer’s USB port, can be left there, whether you are in journey or at your home. It likewise engineers modern wireless encryption and easy establishment.

It is outfitted with cutting edge network highlights and ground breaking signal quality, the TP-Link TL-WN725N Wireless Nano USB adapter provides seamless Internet availability in a hurry. The main thing is this USB connectivity technology protects you from the bunch of wires & cables and allows you to enjoy seamless connectivity. This gadget’s sleek miniature design makes it reasonable size for all PCs and offers better convenience.

The solid body of this small connector is fit for withstanding substantial utilisation. In addition, this connector is durable in nature. It accompanies viable security that shields the association from any undesirable assaults. This gadget gives unrivalled availability speed with the goal that you have consistent access to the Internet while the easy establishment makes it simple to set up and use.

Moreover, this device has the highest best reviews that I have ever seen among all other competitor devices. Hopefully you will be liking this product too and dig more about this product and buy this now.

D-Link Wireless USB Adapter

The next device in our list is wireless N Nano USB Adapter conveys ground-breaking execution and secure network to your PC or notepad. Just attach the connector into an accessible USB port and interface with a remote system to get a secure, fast internet association & can connect up to 300 Mbps.

This is universally compatible. While the Wireless N Nano USB receiver provides fast N300 high speed to the home network, it’s additionally backward compatible with all of your present wireless products at our home without any updates or connectors needed & makes no confusion with the group of connected wires.

It has the advanced security features that it supports the advanced & latest wireless protection features to help and to prevent the access of unauthorised devices, Support for WPA™ and WPA2™ standards ensure that you will have the option to utilise the ideal encryption accessible

The other feature in this device is WPS which can easily establish the connection with a single click & it also offers simple security features with the unique firefly design which is an ideal choice for a secure connection.

The smart antenna technology allows you to receive & transmit the multiple files of data from any corner of your place and this also features a green coloured LED that shows the status of connectivity. Definitely it could be a one of the best options for the one who is looking for the Best Wi-Fi adapters for PCs.

Tenda Mini Wireless Adapter

Tenda’s 300Mbps small Wireless 11N USB Adapter which is intended to connect your pc to a remote network and enjoy high speed wireless connection. The fingertip design in this device makes the receiver comfortable and easy to carry around while traveling.

It has the U3 mode and supports the soft mode. In this mode, U3 functions as an AP to switch easily the wired connection into a wireless connection, making the connectivity quicker and easier. It is compatible with the operating systems such as computers, notebooks and available wireless devices at your home.

It comes with the feature of advanced MIMO technology which delivers 3G & 4G connectivity speed without having any difficulties in connections while working from home or while chilling out with the family. So, buy and enjoy the seamless connectivity to watch your favourite movies with fast internet connection.

Quantum black USB Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter

The last before one is from Quantum. The Quantum QHM150 USB Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter comes with 2.4 GHz. It offers an awesome broadband range close to an improved transmission and gathering control.

Despite the fact that the connector plays out the best with wireless N devices, furthermore, QHM150 offers good similarity with IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g frameworks. It functions admirably with USB 2.0 and old 1.1 benchmarks. It is a phenomenal Wi-Fi gadget. The gadget offers unique speed. Windows normally recognise it and serve it as a Wi-Fi adapter.

This device can connect to any device without the need of any driver establishments and it can connect the work zone with a USB port to the Internet. So now you can incorporate far off the Internet without opening the PC. It is sensible for email, examining the Internet and report sharing.

The connector accompanies a one year guarantee. It offers a 150 Mbps internet speed rate. The connector has widespread similarity, and is compatible with Windows10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, or Mac.

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Terabyte Mini Wireless USB Adapter

The last one in our list is from Terabyte. The terabyte Mini 2.4 GHz Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter offers a high information pace of about only 150 Mbps. It accompanies 802.11b/n/g guidelines. The product has a 3 Years warranty.

You get a faster and reliable connection, so it is ideal for email, Internet surfing, and file sharing. It comes with a security feature that shields the relationship from any unwanted connections. 

As it is able to get and transmit the data at high speed, it will let you watch and enjoy unlimited movies or shift the files over a wireless network in minutes. You can also connect this device to your mobile phones. It is miniature in design. So, it can easily connect to your pc & laptops and it can associate with Windows, XP, and vista, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. 

Buying guide to buy Wi-Fi adapters for PC in India

With such a large number of PCs already in built Wi-Fi support, you may have a doubt that why do you need a USB Wi-Fi connector. In all actuality, if your PC as of now gives great strong Wi-Fi, then you don’t need to add a USB connector, yet for users of old PC’s with poor Wi-Fi connection or PCs that ordinarily do exclude Wi-Fi support by any means, a USB Wi-Fi connector can assist with overcoming these issues.

Now, before buying the best wireless adapter we have to consider some important things. Let’s go and check what those are.

Range: Most USB Wi-Fi connectors work sensibly well when you’re near your router, yet in case you’re sitting right alongside your router in any case, you could likely simply connect an Ethernet link and show signs of improvement execution, so the purpose of a USB Wi-Fi connector is to give you the opportunity to move around your home. This implies you’re going to need to ensure that it offers the sort of range you need. The maximum range should be above 10 meters & up to 50 meters.

Even though you have a better router which can provide you good connection for your home, however, the USB Wi-Fi receiver still has to do its job, and not all the adapters are created equally in this regard. As a result, adapters that are so far away from your PC’s USB port either by protruding out, offering external antennas, or using an extension cable wire will generally ensures better range, all other things being equal, since the unique thing that they offer better antennas and don’t have to contend with interference from your computer or doesn’t need to connect with the wires. 

Single or dual band Wi-Fi: A single band Wi-Fi connector works on just a single recurrence typically 2.4GHz—which offers fundamental similarity with pretty much every Wi-Fi organization on the planet, yet additionally implies that you’ll be stuck utilizing precisely the same frequencies that most different gadgets are utilizing. On the other hand, a double band Wi-Fi connector can make associations on the higher-recurrence 5GHz band and give you faster speeds and less concurrent devices competing for data transfer capacity.

Choosing a single-band or dual-band USB Wi-Fi adapter is completely depends on what your home router supports, although if you’re buying an adapter for your laptop that you want to carry wherever you go with you will want to go with a dual-band adapter for higher compatibility.

Compatibility: Most of the modern USB Wi-Fi adapters are easily plugin and connect for Windows users, if you are using a Linux system or a Mac you may have very limited options, and one more thing that you have to check the specs before purchasing a USB Wi-Fi adapter to make sure that it is not only compatible with your windows operating system, but also the specific version which is using in your operating system.

The other most important is that if it is from a not a popular brand, as you may have to install custom drivers on Windows, and the seller may not provide those drivers for other operating systems.

In case if you’re looking for a USB Wi-Fi adapter for a gaming purpose, your choices will be more limited. Don’t try to expect a standard USB Wi-Fi connector for gaming purposes except if it explicitly records similarity with those gadgets.

Speed: You just have to decide the speed of the USB Wi-Fi adapter on what purpose you are buying the adapter. Though all of the advanced and latest dual-band connectors should be more than expected speed for Netflix streaming, providing support for Wi-Fi better on the 5GHz band.

If you are working from far away from your router, you will have to make sure that your selected connector should offer enough performance at longer ranges and if you are buying for online gaming purposes then you should choose the adapter with more speed than for working to experience the lag free performance.

Design and Size: Of course there are various styles of USB Wi-Fi adapters available in the market, but it’s not an easy task to find a suitable one that reaches your needs. You will have to make sure that not even the physical appearance, there are some important things also you should consider.

The adapter should be lightweight to carry and portable and should be durable and always has to choose the wireless one as if you want to carry you must choose the wireless one.


Which Wi-Fi connector is best for gaming 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

If faster speeds are most essential to you, 5GHz is typically a correct decision than 2.4 GHz. if the remote range you want is normal then 2.4 GHz is usually an excellent option than 5 GHz one.

Are USB Wi-Fi adapters better than PCI ?

Wireless connector for PC, Both USB and PCI shall work well for your systems, however PCI is better for higher speed of connection and the connection is stable, reliable signal quality. If you are using a desktop only and at the same time you are an online PC gamer then a PCI wireless connector would be the better option.

Should I have a Wi-Fi adapter for my PC?

To connect your portable or desktop PC to your wireless network, the PC should have a wireless network connector. Most pc’s and tablets and some laptops come with an already connected wireless network connector


You seem like there are a lot to consider while buying a USB Wi-Fi adapter, it’s very important to think that it all heats up your mind but one thing you should remember is that you must buy better wireless network connectivity for your devices such as laptops or computers.

While you’ll still quite often show signs of improvement execution by connecting to your switch directly, a USB Wi-Fi connector can give you greater adaptability to move around your home and spare you from running Ethernet links, and can be an incredible method to outfit a more established PC with the most recent Wi-Fi principles for when you’re out and about.

All things considered, in case you’re basically hoping to prepare a fixed PC or game reassure with web get to, you might need to consider a Power line connector rather, which can stretch out a wired system association with different pieces of your home utilising the electrical wiring in your dividers