Best HI-FI Music System in India

The HI-FI systems are a true all-in-one microsystem complete with speakers, a single box of electronics to which speakers must be added, or a pair of speakers housing everything you need. Actually, a good all-in-one hi-fi music system can save you money and space. And the best of them can deliver superb sound quality.

Best Music System for Home in India

We’ve gathered a selection of options, at various price points, each with its own unique appeal. We have premium hi-fi systems, compatible with an increasingly wide range of music streaming options from AirPlay to Bluetooth, Spotify to Tidal.

Needless to say, all the systems we list here sound pretty special too. If we love music and we really want it to sound as good as it possibly can. That’s where having a HI-FI system becomes really important. 

With technology taking over our lives, a good music system is something that every household craves for. Thanks to the technological advancements of the past few years, we now have a host of different options for a home music system. Not only do we get to choose from a range of brands, but the specifications also differ. In this article, we will discuss some of the Best Music Systems available in India 2020.

6 Best Hi-Fi Music Systems in India

Bose SoundTouch 20 Music System

The Bose SoundTouch Wireless Music System is really a master when it comes to producing high-quality sound and is one of the best  HI-FI music systems available in India. The music from this spreads to all corners of the room with its powerful bass enabling a heavy tone that balances the treble and mid-range very well.

Music System in India

This unibody speaker has a powerful bass element in the sound. It is housed in a sturdy case that protects the speakers inside when moved around. Its sleek design means that it looks good in any setting in the home. 

And since the system is wirelessly connected, there is the freedom to move around your house or apartment. Ethernet connectivity allows you to connect the device to your home network for greater control of the content. Wired connections tend to have fewer disturbances than wireless connections, so that is a bonus.

The device has Bluetooth connectivity phones, tablets, and laptops are thus easily connected. The one-touch music library and playlist work like a dream and make the system very easy to use. 

A USB port allows portable device connections so that you can plug in your external drive and enjoy music from your collection. While wireless connections give you the freedom to move around. Therefore the sound is rich. The Bose SoundTouch 20 allows you to connect your devices whichever way you please.


  • Compact unibody design
  • Portable music system to take with you anywhere
  • Intuitive menu design
  • Rich sound with great bass
  • Great connectivity
  • OLED display
  • Infrared remote, Aux input, USB port, Ethernet port
  • Item Weight 3.2 Kg

LG OM7560 XBOOM Music Sound System

Experience the mighty sound from a single unit with the LG OM7560 1000W Bluetooth Wireless Music System. It has a fully unified design with an amplifier, CD player, tuner, and speaker built into one unit. 

Music Speakers in India

Bluetooth connectivity is provided for wireless music streaming. Up to three people can connect and create a playlist with the shared jukebox feature.

The OM7560 comes with two USB ports on the front for playback of MP3 and WMA files through a USB storage device. You can also record onto a device plugged into the second USB port. For interfacing with extra audio sources, a stereo RCA port is equipped on the back.

This HI-FI music system comes with max 1000 Watts of power to drive your favourite audio. Build up the energy with the Party Thruster controller. Slide the throttles forward and listen to the party build up until you hit the maximum party level, at which time the system booms and the lights go crazy.

Subdue the vocal frequencies of a song to change any track into a karaoke. You can then change the key of the vocals to better suit the range of the singer to help almost anyone sound like a star.

The Crossfader feature allows you to mix songs seamlessly from one to another from two different audio sources. This system is made with different types of effects, like a feature that allows the light pulse to the beat of the music.

Stream music directly from your smartphone or other supported devices for a seamless listening experience with the wireless technology. Auto DJ blends the end of one song into the beginning of the next for seamless playback.

Music Flow Bluetooth is an app designed to let you take control of the OM7560 and some of LG’s other audio devices. LG Sound Sync manages the OM7560 with a suited LG TV remote.


  • Single Speaker Configuration
  • Up to 1000W of Total Power
  • Bass Reflex Design
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Item Weight 5.03 Kg

Sony MHC-V50D Hi-Fi Music System

Sony MHC-V50D hosts the ultimate house party with this high-power home audio system. Dolby digital sound enhances the audio signals to give you the best clarity. It creates surround sound, clarified vocals with thumping bass effect.

Hifi Music System in India

DSEE sound enhancement creates high-quality sound in every track. Mega Bass button helps to enjoy the thundering low frequencies by hitting a button.

LDAC is the audio technology from Sony that permits you to be entertained with the highest quality wireless audio through Bluetooth. With up to 3 times the data transmitted, LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music.

The compact design with wheels and the built-in handle makes it easier to move. Easy control for music playback and party lights even in the night mode, with the touch key and illuminated control panel.

Audio input, HDMI output, USB support, the DVD player is given as a multiple choice of music listening and for karaoke, you will get 2 MIC input through which you can also connect guitar.

Sony MHC-V50D comes with features like flanger, isolator, sampler, pan for DJ effects, and given light effects can sync with playing tracks. You can also find different gestures & motion for controlling music. You should buy this music system if you want the best quality of sound.


  • plug in guitar and karaoke mode
  • Illuminated LED touch panel
  • Control settings with motion control
  • USB and DVD compatibility
  • Highest quality audio via NFC and Bluetooth technology
  • Item Weight 14 Kg

Panasonic HiFi SC-UA7GW-K

Enliven the atmosphere in your living room with the amazing, stylish, and powerful the Panasonic SC-UA7GW-K Wireless Speaker. It is portable and can be carried across the floor with ease. 

Best hifi music system

The speakers give a powerful audio output of 1700 Watts that makes the sound reverberate all around for an amazing effect. Its stunning cool design makes you envy the object and its comfortable fit allows you to take on the world in style.

This wireless speaker is crafted to give you a real three-dimensional experience that travels the entire span of your room. It features a total of 10 speakers combining four 8 cm mid-range woofers and two 16 cm woofers that are placed behind each other to eliminate vibration and produce distortion-free sound. 

Bass Reflex System gives you robust bass and resonance for a great party. Unique port technology shoves sound further without losing the audio resonance produced from the woofer unit.

The Panasonic SC-UA7GW-K Wireless Speaker sports a hexagonal box Design that needs only a discrete amount of installation space and yet delivers dynamic sound. 

It gives you pure sonic power and features a touch sensor button with glowing white circles on a mirror finished top panel along with stylish Blue center illumination. Its karaoke makes it the best party buddy because now you can sing with your friends and enjoy a personalized time. 

The local preset equalizer lets you maximize your audio enjoyment depending on what you are playing Panasonic Maxx Juke App allows you to transfer songs from your phone to its 4 GB internal memory which gives you the space to store up to 1000 songs.


  • 30mm Powerful clear Sound
  • Stylish Design
  • Light Weight
  • Connectivity: USB | Bluetooth
  • Item Weight 195 g

Artis BT900 Music System

Artis BT900 is an Outdoor Bluetooth Trolley Speaker with Digital LED Display. The speaker has an inbuilt rechargeable battery. These HI-FI systems are widely used for outdoor activities, advertising campaigns, and recreational activities. 

Artis BT900 Music System

Additionally, this speaker also has the extra features of a USB port through which you can play your music by connecting a Pen Drive, an Aux in the slot to connect various other media devices, SD card reader with audio Playback, FM radio & Guitar Jack.

Wireless Bluetooth Trolley Speaker which is sturdily adjustable for easy access. Total Output is 100W RMS for this one of the best HI-FI systems in India. Mega Bass Function, top Control Panel for easy access are key features of this product. 

Connection Type includes Bluetooth, USB, FM Radio, SD card, Aux-In Port, Mic In & Guitar In. This device is compatible with DVD/PC and other sound sources. The trolley comes with a digital LCD display and has an Operating Range of 10 Meters. Controls included are Volume, Mode, and Track Controls.

Full Function Remote is also available. Charging Time is up to 5 hours which will give you a playtime of about 3-5 hours depending on the Volume level.  Battery Capacity is 4500 mAh. 


  • Mega Bass function key
  • Total Output 100W RMS
  • Top Control Panel for easy access
  • Compatible with DVD/PC and other sound sources
  • 10 Meters Operating Range
  • Charging Time: Up to 5 Hours
  • Play Time: 3-5 Hours depending on Volume level

Panasonic HiFi SC-UA30GW-K

Offering an incredibly wide sound field and powerful bass, the UA30 treats you to 180-degree room-filling expansive sound with this best HI-FI system in India. Six Speaker units’ two 13 cm woofer units and 4cm tweeters produce impressive sound pressure you can almost feel.

Panasonic HiFi SC-UA30GW-K

The robust bass and resonance needed to power a great party has been strengthened still further by the Bass Reflex System. 

Two-port push sound forward without losing the audio resonance generated from behind the woofer unit. This further amplifies the bass to produce a powerful air quake experience.

Easy to Carry one Box Design makes it a favorite one for customers. Equipped with handles on both sides, the compact, one-box design enables easy portability, so you’re free to listen to your favorite music just about anywhere -even outdoors in your garage.


  • 2 way 3 speaker system 
  • Airquake bass
  • Super Leader Model
  • Stunning clear dynamic sound
  • Item Weight 8 Kg

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Hi-Fi Music System in India Buying Guide

1. Types

Traditional – Your main body and two speakers setup. Often packed with most input options such as CD, radio and external devices

Flat Panel – Technically all-in-ones too, but a lot thinner. Perfect for subtly placed on a sideboard or bedroom cabinet without taking up too much space. Most are also wall-mountable.

Mega sound –  Based on the traditional design but packing much more of a punch. Sometimes, you need your sound to be so powerful it blows the listeners away. Perfect for those house party hosts or homes where there are no neighbors to disturb.

All-In-One – You may be pushed for space so can’t really have the body of the hi-fi and two separate speakers in your living room. These are just as powerful as their larger counterparts, but the speakers and controls are all in one package

2. Features To Look Out For

CD Player – They aren’t as popular as they once were. Buy a new car, and there is rarely a player inside. Shops dedicated to them are shutting down on the high street. But then what do you do with the hundreds you own? There is no denying that they do produce brilliant sound (arguably better than streaming), and if this is your dilemma then a hi-fi system with a built-in CD slot will solve the issue

Radio – The perfect background music. The majority of hi-fis have an FM/AM radio tuner or a DAB tuner, or perhaps even both. Few can access internet radio yet, though

Connections – USB ports and 3.5mm aux inputs are, again, slowly creeping out of the limelight. But they are still essential for some who want to connect devices which maybe don’t have wifi, or for boosting their sound system with further speakers. You could also charge your phone with the USB connection to save space, or connect headphones or a turntable.

Wifi – Hi-fis which are capable of connecting wirelessly could help you to stream music directly from platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music, or maybe even BBC Sounds to catch up on what you’ve missed. This cuts out the middleman (your phone) and makes access much easier

3. Price: Before looking at HI-FIs, always set a budget. While those at the higher end of the scale look, sound, and generally are jazzier, simply put, you may not need all of the mods and cons.

For instance, do you need Bluetooth? Do you need a DAB radio? Which connections are you likely to need? Do you even have any CDs for the player in the house? Narrow this down, and then have a look in your price bracket for these extras.

4. Size: Again, something which widely fluctuates. You can get large systems which are best housed on the floor, or sleek, slim models perfect for the bedroom or kitchen workspace.

The larger systems aren’t necessarily the loudest – some of the mini hi-fis can really kick out some sound. But this point relates not just to the space you have in your home, but also the positioning of the speaker. They all react differently depending on the positioning in a room and proximity to each other and to any walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a HI-FI music system for my home?

Choose one that matches both your room and the other speakers in your system. Your center channel should match well with your other speakers. Compact speakers warrant a smaller center channel, while floor-standing speakers need a large center speaker to match their robust output.

Is maintenance needed for the HI-FI music system?

A HI-FI music system has to be regularly turned on. If you let it sit for 1-2 months in humid Indian conditions, it may develop considerable distortion. Running it for long hours does not reduce life. But not using affects it.

What Is Hi-Fi?

Basically put, High-Fidelity sound. It refers to the high-quality reproduction of sound, as opposed to the poorer quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment. So, your hi-fi system will likely be much better than your small portable speaker, but as technology moves on, it is worth noting this may not always be the case


We are confident that within our list of the top six HI-FI music systems is one that would be good for you. Of course, for many people, various systems would work better than others. Try to keep the buying factors in mind listed in our buyer’s guide as you’re looking, and you should be able to pick out the best home stereo system for you.