Best DJ Speakers in India

If you are going to set up a speaker system that can complement the venue or club sound system, then the best idea is to start thinking about purchasing some new DJ speakers in the Indian market.

Although speakers are simply a manifestation of the sound you create in the mixer, software, and so on, speaker quality is a key to make sure that the sound signal that is produced out of the speakers is exactly what you can hear coming through your Headphones on your mixer.

Dj Speakers in india

The most important equipment for a DJ is the best speakers. Best DJ speakers typically aren’t the most expensive part of your DJ setup, but if you only purchase the best DJ equipment, you might find your budget being stretched a little bit. The Best DJ Speakers in India under 10000 Price are created in many different shapes and sizes. 

There are specific things to look for in the Best DJ speaker, which we will be elaborating in the article. DJ speakers available in the Indian market are built using the latest technological advancements in the sound industry.

List of 5 Best DJ Speakers in India

JBL EON610 10-inch Powered DJ Speaker

The JBL EON610 could be an in style active DJ speaker system for a decent reason. The 610 is part of the Eon 600 series, which consists of three self-powered speakers. You can choose from the 10,” 12” or 15” woofer formats, all of which have Bluetooth technology. The EON 600 series is well known for its noiseless, perfect performance.

Dj Speakers under 30000

With it, you have a wireless remote control with an Android or iOS app. The amplifiers for the 600 series can deliver a continuous 350 watts and 150 watts to the LF and HF drivers, respectively. Overall, these speakers can produce 1000W of peak power and an acoustic output rating of 126dB SPL. They are paired with a 2414H-1 one-inch compression driver as the HF transducer.

The 610 functions well as both a FOH speaker and a stage monitor. This unit has a 10-inch LF driver and a 1-inch HF driver, which are bi-amplified at 700W for the LF and 300W for the HF. Further, the frequency range is 52Hz-20kHz, with a max peak of 124dB. The technology included in the inner part of this DJ speaker is proprietary JBL Waveguide Technology. 

The thru output can be used to connect to an alternate speaker or system. The control panel is user-friendly, even for the novice user. The woofer comes housed inside a bass-reflex cabinet. That means that your bass pumps the floor when you need it to. It also features a 1000W Class D, peak amp, and five-way, definable parametric EQ controls.

The JBL 610 is conveniently portable and stackable, which serves to protect its durable design even more during moving, storing, and stacking.


  • Self powered 10 -inch
  • Req. Range: 52 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Class d amplifier
  • Power rating:1000w peak 
  • Item Weight 14.5 Kg

Ahuja Portable PA System BSX-602DP

Ahuja Portable PA System BSX-602DP is a 50 WATTS PA Active Speaker featuring an in-built rechargeable 7.2Ah battery. It has a simple, designed with an awesome circuit for recharging the battery from AC mains. 

Dj Speakers under 10000

Low Battery can be identified with the LED indication which is provided, along with a circuit to block over discharge of the battery. The versatile nature of this DJ speaker is due to the built-in battery, allowing it to be taken and operated at any place you are. It is not only the best for DJ parties, but also for outdoor meetings, educational classes, presentations, exhibitions, field publicity, etc. 

It is also dropped under the category of 50W Portable Public Address System. This speaker system uses Class D technology. Class D technology ensures longer battery backup with lower current consumption. 12V DC output is available for connecting a wireless microphone system. These are 203mm dual-core full range speakers.

Beautiful and stylish looking molded cabinet is provided for this DJ speaker. Built-in MP3 player with USB, SD/MMC card reader, Bluetooth facility & remote control is also equipped with this speaker system.


  • Power Output 50W RMS
  • Digital Player MP3
  • Built-in 7Ah Rechargeable Battery
  • Frequency Response is 50-18,000Hz 
  • Item Weight – 11.1 Kg

JBL EON612 Live Sound Powered Speakers

This DJ speaker from JBL is a powered portable PA speaker in the EON600 series. It has been created to deliver the best in class leading functions in different types of applications including use as a main PA, a stage monitor, and rear and side fills.

DJ Speakers under 20000 in india

The lightweight enclosure is highly useful and permits the speaker to be simply carry able and set up wherever sound reinforcement is needed. Also, four handles are provided in this JBL DJ speakers for its easy portability. Indexed feet wrought into the enclosures yield convenient storage and transport, secure stacking for stage monitor and ancient stand-up configurations, and distinctive acoustic configurations.

Bluetooth connectivity is available for easy connections over Bluetooth supported devices.  Bluetooth connectivity over DSP Parameters presets, and master volume helps the users to control up to 4 speakers at one time with iOS and Android devices.

The EON612’s amazing capabilities to function are due to a breakthrough approach to waveguide design. The special channel is meant into the structure that guides the frequencies through the total vary of the system.

The stable response throughout its 110-degree coverage pattern is the ultimate result of this. The quality and consistency between the on-axis and off-axis response deliver uniform coverage and high intelligibility throughout the coverage area, which means EON612’s smooth, transparent sound is the same for the entire audience.


  • Purposeful product design
  • JBL Waveguide Technology
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Self powered 12″ two-way bass-reflex
  • Item Weight 15 Kg
  • Audio Wattage is 1000 Watts

Ahuja Speaker Outdoor/Indoor Srx 50Dx

Ahuja Speaker Outdoor/Indoor Srx 50Dx is a compact general-purpose speaker column using two Full Range Dual Cone 8″ speakers, reproducing a clean undistorted sound for both speech and music. 

DJ Systems under 5000

The system is housed in a hard Closed Box Enclosure made of 12mm medium density fibreboard and has a durable black shock resistant paint finish. SRX-50DX has a nominal impedance of 16W, SRX-50XT operates on a 100V line with three power taps selectable through a rotary switch.

Have an exciting music experience with the Ahuja 50 watt wired speaker. Enjoy your parties and functions with your favorite courtesy of the speaker. The speaker features a 50-watt output for a large sound projection and a nominal impedance of 16 W.

The speaker system comes with a two meter speaker cable for a clean and clear sound for both speech and music. Moreover, the speaker operates on 100 V lines with three power taps through a rotary switch.


  • Input power is 50 watts
  • used for both Indoor and Outdoor purposes
  • The nominal impedance is 16 W
  • Item Weight 12.2 Kg

JBL JRX215 Live Sound Passive Speakers

A powerful PA Speaker packed with features, the JBL JRX215 2-Way DJ Loudspeaker is an affordable solution for venues and touring rigs that need a dependable speaker that sounds great and keeps on pounding. 

These DJ speakers are designed exclusively for live performance applications. The JRX 200 Series ensures the performance and build quality JBL is known for with an awesome sound experience. Built tough, the JRX215 is ready to perform in a variety of applications.

The 15-inch low-frequency driver with a 64 mm diameter edge wound ribbon voice coil that gives additional cross-sectional wire space within the voice coil gap than spherical wire styles, for larger potency and power handling. 

The JBL 2414H-C 25 mm (1 in) polymer diaphragm compression driver improves high-frequency performance as well as system reliability. Other Features include advanced network topology crossover design shapes frequency response and delivers ‘coherent summation’ in the crossover region. 

High-voltage capacitors and inductors with massive cores and massive gauge wire sanction the crossover network to hold high power without saturating. Progressive Transition high-frequency waveguide gives high coverage control, minimises distortion, and even frequency response.

The rugged, acoustically superior enclosure is constructed from 19 mm MDF using advanced adhesives and mechanical fastener technology for extreme durability and improved low-frequency performance. SonicGuard shields the high-frequency driver from surplus power without altering the performance.


  • 15-inch Low-Frequency Driver
  • 1-inch Polymer Diaphragm Compression Driver
  • Advanced Network Topology Crossover Design
  • Progressive Transition High-Frequency Waveguide
  • Rugged, Acoustically Superior .75 inch MDF Enclosure
  • SonicGuard Protection from excess power
  • Non-Resonant, All-Steel Handles
  • Item Weight 27.4 Kg

What makes DJ Speakers different?

When it comes to regular DJ use, often the easiest option is a single block powered speaker, especially if you have very little or no technical experience.

If you intend to play at venues this, of course, should be bumped up to a pair that can be run in stereo, having a pair better fills a room, and running them in stereo means that left and right panning in the original audio recording shines through.

DJ speakers have extensive frequency responses and larger cabinets though they aren’t necessarily different to a P.A for band use. There are 3 main types that we have discussed fully today and they essentially provide a mixed driver combination that can handle a huge workload, wide frequencies, and give a high enough output for a large audience.

You must never use studio monitors or powered Bookshelf Speakers for DJing. On a quick side note if you are bedroom DJing or practicing at home it is best to find a near-field monitoring set of speakers.

Buyers Guide For Choosing DJ Speakers

If you are looking for the best types of speakers that can bring out the sound very well when you are DJing, then you should make sure that you take into consideration the following when you want to purchase or select the speaker to use with the gears. 

The Cone Size: The size of the cone of your speaker will determine a lot about the capability of your speaker. The size of the cone affects the speaker’s quality, and this also varies with the size of the speaker. However, you should avoid the purchase of speakers that are big but have small cones as this will cause the natural deterioration of the speaker. 

The Feature of the Speaker: Speakers come with various features that make them unique in their different ways. The characteristics of the speaker speak about what you should expect from the speaker, and a good speaker should have enough Watt rating.

The Speaker’s Power: The higher the power of a speaker, the higher the capability of such a speaker so you should adequately choose your speaker. A speaker of high power rating should be able to serve the purpose of DJing, so you should purchase a speaker of high power as a DJ. 

Budget: Your budget will determine the type of speaker that you will be able to purchase as there are different speakers of different sizes and models so the speaker you will be dependent on these features and the price for which it is available in the market. Proper budgeting should be made to purchase the best type of speaker that will suit the purpose of purchase and what you want to use it for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts should DJ speakers be?

As a rough rule of thumb, if it is an indoor gig, you should aim to have as a minimum of around five watts per person. If you are playing outside then you will probably be required to have twice the number of that and have 10 watts per person.

What do I need for a DJ sound system?

While the choice of equipment combinations differ among DJs, an essential setup for every DJ usually includes monitor speakers, a mixer, turntables, headphones, vinyl records, or a laptop computer and DJ software.

How many speakers do DJs need?

Basically you will require a pair of good quality headphones for pre-cueing. While mixing, you need to hear both the main sound and the upcoming one in real-time. Therefore, two DJ monitors, speakers are required for you to place at your right and left side each.


In today’s day and age, it may not be as difficult to find high-quality DJ speakers that fit a wide array of applications. However, you need to keep in mind that the final experience is dependent on other elements as well. As such, you need to pay attention to the racks, positioning on the scene, and other elements that play a role in the experience.

For DJs, these speakers combine portability, power, flexibility, and ease-of-use into one convenient package that is ideal for practicing or performance. It is advisable that as a new DJ, you do not need to have all the money to set up before you can start.

The total number of speakers available on the market is quite high, and it is fascinating that among all, JBL and Ahuja speakers will be ranked first in Indian markets. These speakers are found to meet the demands of the DJ with its high power rating and the overall capability of this speaker. 

All of the above-listed speakers produced a clean sound which makes them distinct from other speakers of low quality. Also, the intended period of time of which you plan on using the speaker you plan on purchasing will also determine the type of speaker that you should buy so that you can have an excellent experience. For someone who only needs a speaker to project sounds for a while to determine if his or her DJ skills can be marketed may need to get a small DJ speaker.