[Top 9] Best Home Theatre Systems in India under 50000

Best Home Theatre systems under 50000 Rs price range are particularly designed only for music lovers and movie lovers who love the quality sound with so many extra features. They give a crisp and clear sound, great bass, and a theatre-like experience in the home. 50000 Rs for 5.1 Home theatre systems can be expensive, but its worth it

The cinematic viewing experience in the living room is now being adopted by a lot of people by setting up private home theatre systems in their houses under the budget range 50000 Rs. Having a capable home theatre system is one of the most important steps towards this along with the selection of a high-performance projector.

Home Theatre systems under 50000 in India

A home theatre system is a combination of audio and video electronic components set up in your home to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theatre or making your own place a DJ Party Hub. With this surround sound system, you can hear music, sound effects, and dialogue from all around you, not just from TV.

Getting confused in deciding which is the best home theatre system to buy under 50000? Your money is important and it should be used on the right gadget. There are many brands that have good and affordable home theatres. The choice is completely yours what to buy or not to.

List of 9 Best Home Theatre Systems under 50000

  • Samsung HT J5550K 5.1
  • Yamaha YHT1840 Home Theater
  • Sony HT-RT5 Home Theatre
  • JBL Cine System 500Si Home Theatre System
  • Yamaha YHT2910  Home Theatre System 
  • Yamaha YHT-3072-IN 5.1 Home Theatre System
  • Sony BDV-E3200 Home Theatre System
  • Pioneer HTP-074 5.1 Home Theater
  • LG BH6340H Home Theatre System

Samsung HT J5550K 5.1Best Choice

Samsung HT J5550K 5.1 Home theatre is a good option to buy in India below 50000. The glossy and closely packed design of this Samsung home theatre makes it easy to store by reducing the area occupied. Bring home a more immersive and spectacular 3D experience with this home theatre system.

Best Home theatre System under 50k

The floor-standing speakers will take up less space and provide quality sound at any corner of the house. It will provide the perfect setup for your house.

With Samsung HT J5550k, you can easily connect to the internet with the Samsung Blu-ray disc player. Due to wireless LAN built-in, you can use the internet and access apps without the inconvenience of adding more external devices. Operating Power Consumption of this home theatre system is 49W which saves power consumption.

You enjoy songs or news from your favourite radio station every day with the built-in FM tuner. You can record FM to USB. It automatically shuts off the TV screen when you are not accessing the visual media and only listening to audio.


  • Total Power Output – 1000W
  • Item Weight 7 Kg
  • Operating Power Consumption: 49W
  • Tallboy speakers equipped
  • USB recording

Yamaha YHT 1840 Home theatreRunner Up

Yamaha 1840 home theatre is the initial home theatre by Yamaha. Yamaha is not a very much popular brand for home theatre but due to its amazing Features, it has got a spot here.

The AV receiver makes sure that the action movies with loud, dynamic soundtracks will be heard in impressive realistic surround sound. This allows you to enjoy the high definition video quality of 4K without degradation.

Best 5.1 Home Theatre under 50000

HDR Videos that provide high picture quality are supported by this which works by enabling greater detail for both the dark and bright parts of an image at the same time.

Virtual CINEMA DSP reproduces a virtual 5-channel surround sound filled with realism, with only two front speakers. SCENE button powers on the AV receiver and choose the input source and DSP mode. 

The surround and center models have the conventional design of Yamaha speakers. Dialogue Level Adjustment for proper sound balance with dialogue and vocals is present in this system. ECO mode is available for working at 20% less power consumption. It comes with the Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II sound system. 


  • Total Power Output – 440W
  • Speaker Connectivity – Wired
  • 4K Ultra HD supported
  • Dialogue Level Adjustment
  • Item Weight 16.3 Kg

Sony HT-RT5 Home Theatre

If the price is not the concern then you must go for Sony HT-RT5. It will give you an authentic cinema experience while sitting in your living room. Sony HT-RT5 has Features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC along with wireless rear speakers. All the Features that must have in the best home theatre come with this product.

Best 5.1 Speakers under 50 K

Arranging your home audio system has never been trouble-free. But thanks to wireless, all of the speakers make an automatic wireless connection to each other and no speaker cables are needed.

Just connect the HT-RT5 and feel the entertainment of the total flexibility over speaker placement. You can browse the music list of pen-drive from the faraway place through the Songpal application.

Stream audio directly from the soundbar to your headphones via Bluetooth for convenient wireless listening without disturbing anyone. It is enabled with Google Cast, so you can cast your favoUrite music apps from your personal device to your speakers.

Enjoy the theatrical experience for your movies, TV, and music. With an impressive power output of 550W HT-RT5 is made for the music lovers. You must have a budget of around Rs. 50,000 to enjoy the HT-RT5 home theatre. 


  • Speaker Connectivity – Wireless
  • Total Power Output – 550W
  • Wi-Fi with DLNA
  • Football mode
  • USB audio playback
  • Item Weight 3.8 Kg

JBL Cine System 500Si Home Theatre System

JBL introduces its Cine System 500Si Home Music System with multiple advanced technologies and entertaining utilities. This home theatre model is compounded by 5.1 surround speaker outputs (technically crafted with vTuner technology) with impressive sound quality and effects. 

JBL Cine System 500Si Home Theatre System

The package of this product contains 5 satellite speakers in small size and 1 central subwoofer with 60W of power. This model is suitable for small environments to get entertained. The musical device is featured with HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, and another connectivity facility that helps you to connect it with your other devices. 

The small satellite speaker boxes are powered by 150 Hz-20 kHz (6 dB) and 38 Hz-250 kHz (6 dB) for the subwoofer. It comes with a remote-control device that helps you to handle it from a distance.

The JBL home music system model is equipped with DLNA 1.5 technology that allows streaming your favorite music and videos directly from other compatible devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 

You can enjoy all of your stored data on a big screen and audio platform. It can support MP3 and WMA file formats for simple playing. The wall-mounted speaker looks great in design.


  • High-resolution sound quality
  • 1 surround music system
  • Comes with 5 satellite speaker & 1 subwoofer
  • DLNA 1.5 technology includes
  • VTuner TM technology
  • 3D-ready HDMI inputs
  • One-touch mirroring & listening technology
  • Item Weight 21.4 Kg

Yamaha YHT2910  Home Theatre System

Yamaha Yht-2910 is a high-value home theatre system that is designed with HD Audio compatibility and decoding facility by its advanced CINEMA DSP (17 DSP programs) technology. 

Yamaha YHT2910 Home Theatre System

This 5.1 channel surround sound box is technically designed for immersive listening experience for its users with many upgraded technologies and Features. The YPAO sound optimisation advantage of this Yamaha model can set up the speaker automatically.

It comes with a multi-functional remote-control device that helps you to control the machine from a distance. The package of this sound system contains 5 powerful speakers, a dedicated subwoofer to tune the richness of the bass and an impressive AV receiver to feel the Best Home Theatre experience for its listeners. 

The subwoofer is backed with Yamaha’s latest YST technology to deliver clear and crisp sound in detail. The AV receiver of this home music system ensures all the dynamic and loud soundtrack will be delivered as realistic surround sound around you. 

The body is carefully crafted by 4 HDMI terminals that provide convenient connectivity with multiple HD digital sources. The USB port on the front space makes your job easy to connect this music system with your Mac devices like iPod, iPhone, and iPad that support WMA and MP3 files.

It can run 4K Ultra HD pass-through for high-resolution movies and images. With the ECO mode option, this musical device consumes 20% less electricity to perform successfully than other home theatre devices. The Virtual CINEMA FRONT technology provides virtual surrounding sound effects with its 5 front speakers.


  • Super HD audio compatibility
  • 1 powerful speaker and subwoofer
  • 4 K Ultra HD pass-through facilities
  • Discrete amp configuration for better performance
  • 100 Watts consumption per channel
  • Blu-ray functionality available
  • Advanced YST technology for deep bass
  • Item Weight 20.4 Kg

Yamaha YHT-3072-IN 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers

If you are searching for a 5.1 surround sound home theatre system with an auto speaker setup under 50000 range, then The Yamaha YHT – 3072 can be the perfect one for your room. 

Yamaha YHT-3072-IN 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers

This AV receiver music system is configured with high-quality DACs that can deliver 4K video at 60 frames per second. 

The home theatre supports high dynamic range (HDR) videos including Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision that have all the incredible facilities like smooth tone and rich, bright colors, fine quality contrast, and more to deliver HD quality, natural and realistic video output.

The CINEMA DSP technology of this product supports DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, and many other HD Audio playbacks to provide natural and real-time sound effects for its users. The technology helps to transform the dynamic environment with acoustic reproduction to make it more realistic to you. 

This home theatre is featured with YPAO (Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer) sound optimization that has the ability to precisely adjust various audio parameters to deliver the best quality acoustics sound in your room. You just need to switch-on the YPAO option in the supplied microphone on this set and it will get tuned automatically.

This HTR-3072 model from Yamaha is backed with the bi-amping capability to tune the treble and bass ranges by the independent amplifiers. 

The advanced technology also helps the system to prevent interference between low and high sound. It comes with an ECO mode option that can reduce its power consumption rate by 20%.


  • 1 channel configuration system
  • 4K HD video mode and up-scaling ability
  • YPAO technology includes
  • Wireless mobile streaming facility
  • Dolby Vision and football mode
  • ECO mode to reduce power consumption
  • Equipped with CINEMA DSP technology
  • Item Weight 19.3 Kg

Sony BDV-E3200 Home Theatre

This BDV-E3200 Dolby digital home theatre system from Sony provides incredible audio experience for its users with its multiple Features and Clear Audio plus benefits. 

Sony BDV-E3200 Home Theatre

This machine is designed with 1000 watt RMS output. There is a “Tweeter” that provides a clear vocal sound to make it feel like real. The model is equipped with 3 front speakers, 2 rear surround speakers, and a subwoofer that allow you to enjoy cinematic surround sound while watching movies.

There is an option to pair your smartphone or tablets with this Bluetooth supported home theatre and take all the control from your mobile phone wirelessly.  

ClearAudio+ and Sound Setting technology is infused with this musical device that is specially tuned for Indian movies with more bass and loudness for clear sound. It has an up-scaling ability to make it closer to HD or you can enjoy Blu-ray discs in your home with this system.

With the special ability of 3D movies in full HD 1080p, you can enjoy all the 3D experience with this home theatre system and 3D glasses. 

The device is backed with built-in wi-fi and DLNA that helps you to stream content directly from the internet wirelessly. S-Master digital amplifier is there to reproduce digital audio signals for less distortion sound that suits your room.

With the latest technology DTS-HD master audio, this music system can re-produce the uncompressed soundtracks into high-resolution audio. Let us have a quick look at the key Features of this incredible sound system.


  • 1 powerful cinematic surround sound
  • 1000 watts power output
  • Wireless one-touch Bluetooth
  • ClearAudio+ sound technology
  • HD quality picture with the up-scaling ability
  • Dolby TrueHD audio quality
  • Football mode for a sports event
  • Item Weight 13.8 Kg

Pioneer HTP-074 5.1 Home theatre

The Pioneer HTP-074 Home theatre Package comes with a 5.1-channel AV receiver, 5 speakers, and a subwoofer. You can enjoy audio streaming from compatible devices with the built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology. The HTTP-074 home theatre supports HDCP 2.2, so you can enjoy 4K videos with digital copy protection. 

Pioneer HTP-074 5.1 Home theatre

It comes with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio surround soundtracks which provide true high-definition entertainment from Blu-ray Discs. 

The lossless codecs are bit-for-bit identical to the studio master. The upgraded Sound Retriever reinstated the output of compressed audio like WMA, AAC, and MP3, into the CD sound level. The technology produces new signals to restore the left out details during the compression process.


  • Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Ultra HD Pass-through with HDCP 2.2 
  • 5 compact speakers and a subwoofer
  • Supports Dolby TrueHD/Dolby Pro Logic II 3D ready and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Item Weight 998 g

LG BH6340H Home Theatre System

LG BH6340H 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System is built with Aramid Fiber material which is really resistant to the external stimulus. It is implemented to the unit to reduce sound distortion and deliver clear and precise sound. 

LG BH6340H Home Theatre System

It has Features like smartphone remote app, sound privacy, SIMPLINK, Mute, A/V sync delay (Audio delay), Dimmer, Sleep, Volume on TV, USB direct recording, External HDD playback, TV sound (direct key), Dynamic range control and more.

You can send sound from LG Home theatre System to mobile devices via Wi-Fi. Link your portable storage devices with LG Home theatre System and playback your best-loved movie, music and photos.

With Micro and Mini Audio you can playback files on USB devices and also record CD tracks or FM radio programs on your USB.

Enjoy your favourite music on mobile devices through LG Wireless Home theatre System with audio streaming via Bluetooth.

This home theatre can play Video playback formats likes MPEG2, MPEG4 AVC, SMPTE VC1, Divx, Divx HD, MKV, AVCHD, M4V, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG-1, MP4, MOV, VOB and Audio playback formats like LPCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, MPEG 1/2 L2, MP3, WMA


  • 3D compatibility
  • LG Smart TV: Premium contents, LG apps
  • Bluetooth
  • disc playability support
  • Aramid fiber speakers
  • Private Sound Mode
  • External HDD Playback
  • USB Direct Recording
  • Item Weight 19.1 Kg

FAQ’S – Home Theatre Systems under 50000

What are some of the best brands for Home theatres?

Sony dominates the Home theatre market, but there are plenty of other equally good brands. Some of them are  LG, Yamaha, Philips, Samsung, and much more

Should I pay extra money for the Media/DVD player?

Plenty of companies sell a DVD player along with a Home theatre, but its usability is up to you. If you like to collect CDs of your beloved movies and TV shows only then purchase it, otherwise it will end up picking dust. And, there is no point in wasting money on something that you will never use.

How big a room do I need to get a real Home theatre experience?

A minimum size of 170 sq ft is required for a decent home theatre. 1:4 is the required width:length ratio which is a key aspect. When sound out is huge then large rooms of even 700-800 sq ft results for a very spacious sound movement feel, provided the acoustics are optimum.


Now you can select which home theatre is ideal for you to get the best surround sound experience as we have listed all the details above. But there is mainly one product that has impressed us a lot due to its amazing performance and Features. And that one is Sony HT-RT5 Home Theatre.

These are the 9 best home theatre systems to buy under 50K. We hope that your search for Best Home Theatre Systems in India under 50000 will end here and in a few days, your home will become the perfect home theatre for you.