[Top 8] Best Gaming Mouse under 3000 in India

Are you one of them who are looking to buy Best Gaming Mouse under 3000? Then we will take you to the list of Best Performing Gaming Mouse below 3000.

Best Gaming Mouse under 3000

Ask a competitive gamer about the importance of a mouse in his gaming. Perhaps, he is the only one who knows well about the role a mouse plays in gaming. When we are on the core part of gaming, even a small movement from the mouse can lead you to a loss. 

So, the distance between your victory or defeat may be determined by a fraction of a second in the gaming period. Gaming peripherals need to be that much efficient in order to get a good gaming experience. We know that gaming is an expensive sport or entertainment. Therefore, gaming peripherals are expensive too.

We may get a general-purpose mouse under 500 rupees, but for gaming that may not do the job. So, we have to be careful while purchasing. In this article, we are specifically dealing with the gaming mouse under 3000 rupees.

We have the best list of gaming mouse priced under 3000 rupees. The precision clicks of a mouse are very important for those who play a lot of FPS and competitive games. A gaming mouse is specially designed with multiple programmable buttons, ergonomic design, high polling rate, and a precision sensor.

List of 8 Best Gaming Mouse under 3000

  • Logitech G 402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse
  • Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma Mouse
  • Acer Predator Cestus 310 Gaming Mouse
  • MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse
  • HP G360 Gaming Mouse
  • Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Mouse
  • AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse
  • Lenovo Ideapad M100 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G 402 Hyperion Fury – Best Gaming Mouse Below 3000

Gaming Mouse under 3000

Logitech is always known for its quality and feature-rich computer peripherals in India. G 402 Hyperion Fury is actually an entry-level gaming mouse from Logitech that is priced under 3K rupees. 

From the overall build quality to its performance, the mouse shows the quality of its manufacturer. All the gamer accents and design flair required for a gaming mouse is possessed by this product. This mouse offers a premium feel and design and is made of plastic material which makes it a lightweight product.

It also features a matte finish to the exteriors and the rubber grips offer perfect gripping, even for those with sweaty hands. Its super-low friction feet let you play for longer sessions, without any wrist fatigue.

This mouse features a light-up LED logo and indicators near the thumb grip. But customizable RGB lighting is absent in this mouse. 

The High-speed fusion engine inside this mouse makes it one of the best products in this price category. It is paired with an optical sensor with Logitech’s Delta zero technology in order to obtain an ultra fast-tracking speed of more than 500 IPS. This will make you enjoy the game completely. 

This mouse is powered by a 32-bit ARM processor. You will get 8 programmable buttons with onboard memory from this excellent product. According to your gaming style, you will be able to customize these buttons using the Logitech gaming software. These buttons have the capability to last for over 20 million clicks.

The G 402 has a DPI of up to 4000, but this much is not required for gamers as even pro-gamers use a DPI range between 400-800. The four DPI settings available are from 4000 to 250 DPI by default and using the Logitech gaming software you can set a fifth DPI setting. You can switch between different DPI ranges using the DPI button on the mouse.


  • 500 IPS Tracking Speed
  • Low Friction Feet
  • Over 20 million clicks
  • Wired/Wireless: Wired
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • 4000 DPI
  • No: of Buttons: 8
  • Best suited for FPS gaming
  • Robust build quality
  • Two years limited warranty

Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse below 3k

For manufacturing gaming-related peripherals, Cosmic Byte is a very popular Indian company, and their Equinox Gamma is an affordable entry-level wired gaming mouse that costs just around 3K rupees. This gaming mouse is optimized for right-handed users.

Equinox Gamma comes with 12 programmable buttons to customize the mouse according to your gaming style. Reinforced plastic material is used for making the body of the Equinox Gamma and has a matte anti-skid UV coating layer. This will give you a proper grip on the mouse while playing for longer hours. 

OMRON micro switches come as the buttons in this mouse that have good quality and tactile feedback. These buttons are rated to last for over 10 million clicks. This mouse weighs around 147.5 Grams.

One of the attractive features of this mouse is its weight tuning system that offers three additional 3.5g weights that can be inserted into the mouse for optimal usage. An advanced Spectra RGB lighting system is available with this mouse that can be used for changing the light pattern using the software or through mouse shortcuts.

A 1.75m braided cable with a gold plated USB connector at one end is used for connecting this mouse with a PC or Laptop while gaming. This feature-packed device uses the high-end PixArt PMW3389 mouse sensor which is combined with an original PixArt optical lens supporting a resolution of up to 16000 DPI and a tracking speed of 400 IPS.

Having a High DPI range is nice, but it may not win you games all the time. The DPI of the mouse features six different levels using the Equinox Gamma Software.

Its level indicators show you which DPI you currently are on and the dual DPI switch lets you change the DPI. A rapid-fire button is available in this mouse that can annihilate your opponents with a single click in shooting games.


  • 12 programmable buttons
  • 16000 DPI resolution
  • Anti-skid UV Coating
  • Wired/Wireless: Wired
  • DPI: 12000
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • No: of Buttons: 12

Acer Predator Cestus 310 Gaming Mouse

Best mouse for gaming under 3000

The Taiwanese computer hardware and accessories manufacturer produces a gaming mouse named Cestus 310 that belongs to the Acer Predators gaming series peripherals and is priced below 3K rupees. The manufacturers have shown a minimal approach to the designing part of this mouse. 

Even though this mouse didn’t possess a sharp edgy design which is seen throughout the gaming mouses, the performance is amazing. This gaming mouse is built with a plastic chassis and is quite okay in terms of build quality.

This entry-level gaming mouse comes with the left and right-click buttons, the scroll button, the DPI button, and the two side buttons. This means there’s a total of 6 buttons in this mouse. For those users with large hands, this mouse provides an excellent palm grip.

Acer has included a 4 colored LED lighting system that can enhance the gaming flair of this mouse. These LED lights are an indicator for identifying the DPI level. This product weighs around 120 g and has a relatively long cable with a USB connector at the tip.

Acer Predator Cestus 310 performs greatly in any of the functions and this particular one is a basic gaming mouse that does not have any features to make it a modern one. Don’t expect a refined gaming experience from this mouse.

Four different DPI levels are available with this product with the maximum being 4200 DPI. its DPI switch can be used for cycling between different values of DPI. The buttons are clicky and have a life of 10 million which makes it quite durable for long-term usage.

This is actually a value for money product, that offers a function for the price within which it comes.


  • High-quality PixArt 3519 Sensor
  • Four different LED lighting modes
  • Zero-latency wired connectivity
  • Minimal design
  • Ergonomic form factor
  • Clicky and responsive buttons
  • Wired/Wireless: Wired
  • DPI: 4200
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • No: of Buttons: 6

MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse

MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse

MSI DS100 Gaming Mouse features a professional-grade laser sensor that offers lightning-fast 6,600 fps image processing capability for superior control and precise mouse movement.

Its ergonomic design and high-tech non-slip coating give you wrist comfort while hours of gaming. The pain or ease of repetitive motion or strain can also be reduced by this product. 

The connector in this mouse is made up of 18K gold plated and uses military-grade close-woven wiring. The durability and lifetime of the keys have been increased by a larger amount, and there is no signal corruption. This will be helpful for improving the latencies leading to faster controls.

Its dedicated software can record macro keys and a variety of hotkeys in order to perform in-game tasks at lightning speed. 


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Advanced Coating
  • 7 Programmable Buttons for Multi-Function Setting
  • USB Interface with laser tracking
  • 3,500/1,600/800/400 DPI
  • 6 backlight colors

HP G360 Gaming Mouse

HP G360 Gaming Mouse

For high-quality electronics products, people always love to choose HP over other manufacturers in the country. The G360 is an entry-level gaming mouse from HP that is priced below 3K rupees budget.

A full-fledged gaming design is given to this mouse by HP with all the characteristics which you would expect from a gaming mouse. Like much another gaming mouse, this one too possesses gaming accents on the chassis and the LED illumination effects.

Plastic is the base material used for the overall construction of the device. It features a matte finish coating on top in order to give a better holding position and to minimize the risk of palm slippage during intensive gaming sessions.

The textured side grips have a fingerprint type design that let you hold the mouse comfortably without your fingers slipping. The HP G360 comes equipped with six programmable buttons in total that can be tuned according to your specific needs.

A rubber texture has been given to the scroll wheel to make it easier to scroll and get a grip even with sweaty/wet hands.

A  LED functionality has been added to this mouse by HP that improves the overall appearance of the mouse, giving it the gaming vibe. On the sides, logo, and scroll wheel you can find this LED illumination. This wired mouse comes with a gold plated USB connector that will provide a good connection with minimal signal loss.

Coming to the performance side, this is a decently performing product that is suitable for casual gaming and competitive gaming. A  maximum DPI of 6200 is offered by this mouse along with six different preset DPI sensitivity settings to choose from. According to the DPI level, the LED lighting color on the mouse also changes. 

The DPI button on the mouse can be used to change between the selected DPI on the fly. You will not experience any sort of delay while playing games. Omron switches are used in this product and have a life span of 10 million clicks. 


  • 3-High-quality Omron switches
  • Six programmable buttons
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • Gold Plated USB connector
  • Matte coating for added grip
  • Rubberized scroll wheel
  • Wired/Wireless: Wired
  • DPI: 6200

Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Mouse

Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Mouse

Dragonwar  ELE-G9 Thor is a gaming mouse from Dragon war. The Dragonwar mouse features the Redgear branding on it and picking up the mouse in your hands is quite huge.  ELE-G9 Thor is a large mouse and is built using plastic material. It has a rubberized coating around it for better grip.

The build quality of this gaming mouse does not feel cheap in any way. All types of grips are supported on this mouse such as claw grip, palm grip, and tip grip.

The ELE-G9 Thor features fancy LED lighting to look elegant. The mouse does not have  RGB lighting but you can select a set of seven different colors using the customization software. The rugged 1.8m braided cables with gold plated USB connector offers durability even with rough usage over time.

The ELE- G9 Thor gaming mouse is suitable for beginners and amateur gamers. 

This mouse features a Blue sensor, which would likely indicate that they are using Microsoft’s Track Technology for optical sensors. This technology provides the best tracking and accuracy compared to a standard optical sensor.

This gaming mouse has four levels of DPI to choose from with 3200 DPI. It has been the highest option and also features a polling rate of 1000Hz.

The Polling rate and DPI of the mouse can be set using the Dragonwar mouse software. You can simply change the DPI quietly and this mouse features a DPI button that allows you to cycle between the DPI levels.

This gaming mouse is equipped with 8 buttons that are completely programmable with the companion software. These buttons provide tactile feedback and are soft to touch.

The programmable buttons can be assigned specific actions to suit your gaming style. Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor gaming mouse comes with extra Durable switches and builds quality to increase the durability of the mouse. 


  • Lightweight Gaming mouse for quick moves
  • On the Fly Dpi Change 800/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200
  • Extra Durable switches and build quality
  • Designed for All types of Grips and All types of Games.
  • Driver Customization
  • 7 Control Buttons

AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

The AmazonBasics wireless gaming mouse is one of the products from this lineup priced under Rs.3,000.  The AmazonBasics wireless mouse is quite a stunner in looks.

This wireless gaming mouse comes with a stylish design and a curved back which makes it comfortable to hold for long periods at a time. This mouse has an extended thumb rest which has an ergonomic textured grip.

The mouse is completely from plastic material with a matte finish coating that provides a steady grip. In the bottom section of this wireless mouse, there is a manual on/off switch along with a slot for the USB receiver and a battery compartment. The USB receiver is plugged into the host device for a wireless connection between the device and the mouse.

The AmazonBasics mouse offers convenient 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. You connect effortlessly to an existing computer using a small USB adapter. The mouse runs on two AA batteries, and it includes an on/off switch and a battery LED light which helps further extend its long battery life.

The AmazonBasics wireless gaming mouse enables a fast-scrolling wheel for quickly navigating through items like documents, web sites, and large spreadsheets. The mouse’s scroll wheel can be clicked for added functionality. 

The wireless mouse offers forward and back thumb buttons for easily switching between web pages. The AmazonBasics wireless mouse comes with a laser sensor 1600 DPI.

This laser sensor works on any surface and provides superb precision and smooth cursor movement. This mouse is good for casual gaming and also provides reasonable silent clicks.


  • Smooth, precise, and affordable mouse
  • 2.4 GHz wireless capability
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience
  • For laptops, desktops, and netbook PCs

Lenovo Ideapad M100 Gaming Mouse

Lenovo Ideapad M100 Gaming Mouse

The Lenovo IdeaPad M100 comes with an ambidextrous design with a  right-hand orientation. This entry-level gaming mouse is made up of plastic construction which is of good quality.

It is along with a unique coating on its surface that enhances the handgrip. Lenovo has an angular design on the sides of the mouse. It features dual-zone LED lighting which has a breathing effect.

 Lenovo Ideapad M100 is quite lightweight and the cable of the mouse is 1.8m long. It is not a braided cable and can not be used roughly. It has Micro-switches for left, right buttons with a 10 million clicks lifecycle. The Ergonomic design with enhanced grip and control with 2 side buttons. 

The performance of the IdeaPad M100 is good for an entry-level gaming mouse.

Lenovo has equipped with a laser sensor which is a better sensor that increases accuracy. This laser sensor has a DPI of up to 3200 DPI with a polling rate of 1000Hz. You can easily switch the DPI levels on the mouse easily with the help of dual DPI switches which allows you to change the DPI on the fly. 

The Ideapad M100 gaming mouse has 7 buttons. They are clicky and the switches are used for prolonged usage. It has battled in style with 2-zone 7-color cycling LED backlights with breathing effects. It has a customized function of your mouse to suit each mission. 


  • Micro-switches for left, right buttons 
  • Up to 3200DPI at 1000Hz
  • 2-zone 7-color cycling LED backlights 
  • Ergonomic design with enhanced grip and control
  • Lightweight (90g) for long-time use 
  • 1.8m PVC USB cable

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Buying Guide for Gaming Mouse under 3000


The number of times, your mouse reports its position to the computer is explained by the Polling rate. Hertz is the standard for measuring the Polling rate. If the mouse comes with a 50Hz, it means the mouse will report about its position 50times in a second. 


Mouse sensitivity is calculated using the standard DPI. It is expressed in terms of the number of Dotsper Linear Inch that a device can identify. For precision tasks, you can change the DPI and adjust the pointer speed.

DPI should be higher in order to get higher mouse sensitivity. Then only you will get faster pointer speed. Some of the mouse available in the market comes with dedicated buttons that can readily adjust the DPI settings according to your likeness.


What makes the gaming mouse and keyboard more exciting are its programmable buttons. Some of the mouse available in the market comes with buttons that can be converted to hotkeys for performing in-game actions. For example, you can find a sniper button on an FPS specific mouse.


If you want more sensitivity and freedom to use under any surface, then laser mouses are the best option to buy. These mouses are more accurate and more cost-effective than optical mouses. 


Claw grip, Palm grip, and tip grip are the different types of mouse grips into which a person falls. Each mouse offers a different type of grips and the different points at which our hand is positioned will determine it.


Lift of Distance will give you an idea about how much above you can hold the optical or laser mouse from the surface and can perform different functions.

So, these are the things you should consider before buying a gaming mouse. As the markets are filled with various mouses from different brands, people may get confused on which one to purchase from. That’s why our article holds a lot of importance in the present day scenario.


This is the final list of the best gaming mouse available in India priced below 3000 rupees. Gaming mouses and all other peripherals for gaming are entirely different from general-purpose usage devices. Therefore, finding the perfect one is also a hard job that requires good research before purchasing.

We have listed the top 8 products in the gaming mouse category and you can select any one of them according to your personal preference. What’s our recommendation is Logitech G 402 Hyperion Fury, Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma which are the top two on our list. These two are the top-rated products on Amazon under this price range.