[Top 7] Best Gaming Mouse under 1000 in India

In this article, we will help you to find the best gaming mouse available under 1000 rupees. Buying a costly product doesn’t mean that you will get everything. Low budget products like gaming mouse under 1000 also provide you with great Features that are good for a competitive gamer.

The gaming industry is the fast-developing field in the world. With the invention of a lot of AAA games, the user base is thriving among all the age limits. These games are available with a high graphic quality and advanced controls.

In a developing country like India, gaming and gamers are flourishing days by day with huge earnings from gaming itself. But for making you a solid contender in this battlefield, you should have access to the best peripherals available in the market.

Like monitors, keyboards, joystick-like parts Mouse is yet another key peripheral for playing games. But a normal mouse may not give you the up to mark performance while gaming. That’s why Gaming mouses are mostly preferred by gamers as well as normal users due to the multi-purpose ability.

A normal mouse offers lower DPI and no function control buttons. But for gaming, we need a good DPI rate and extra control keys for actions like firing inside the games. Response time is also a key element in gaming. Therefore your mouse should come with a decent response time for making it apt for gaming.

Having the best peripheral will definitely improve your gaming skills. Let’s directly jump to the list of top gaming mice available in India under the 1000 rupees budget.

List of 10 Best Gaming Mouse under 1000

  • Offbeat Killshot
  • Ant Esports GM100
  • Xmate Zorro
  • DragonWar Emera ELE G11
  • Redgear A10
  • SteelSeries 62433 Rival 310
  • Corsair M65 Pro RGB

OFFBEAT KILLSHOT – Best Gaming Mouse below 1000

Gaming Mouse below 1000

The Offbeat Killshot is a wired gaming mouse that has an aggressive price range but packed with special gaming Features that make it worth considering.

The design was built with an aggressive-looking as well as has a set of advantages physically when it comes to gaming. The external body of this gaming mouse is made of solid and durable plastic.

There is a metallic plate underneath the mouse that helps to increase precision and reduces the friction between the mouse and the surface. About 6 programmable buttons to set your preferences right at your fingertips for smooth gaming.

You will be able to calibrate this peripheral with different sensitivity settings ranging from 1600-6400dpi depending upon your comfort zone. It has cooled breathing LED lights that emit seven different colours that create a vibe of gaming right from the first look.

The Offbeat Killshot mouse is specifically designed for plug n play has no sort of driver installation required, it can directly plug in the mouse out of the box.

The Offbeat Killshot is one of the best budget gaming mice under RS 1000, you can lay your hands on now.


  • Product Dimension: 125x70x33mm
  • Type: RGB Wired Gaming Mouse
  • Interface: USB 2.0 / USB 3.0
  • Default DPI: 800/1600/2400/6400
  • Polling Rate: 500Hz
  • DPI Range: 1600-6400
  • Cable Length: 1.5m
  • Item Weight 110 g

Ant Esports GM100 Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse under 1k

The Ant ESposts GM100 is a wired gaming mouse specifically designed for use in FPS games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

As with other gaming mice, the Ant GM100 in this price segment is made from a hard plastic material. The efficient and comfortable design gentle curves along with the chassis matches, thereby providing superb grip.

It finished with a rubber-coated surface, so it won’t slip out easily even if you have sweaty palms. Total of six buttons in total on this mouse. They are extremely tactile and responsive.

The Ant ESports GM100 has a maximum DPI of 4800, which is quite good for a gaming mouse priced under Rs.1000.Depending on the gamer’s preference can adjust the DPI between 1200/2400/3200 and 4800 dpi on the fly.

The Ant ESports GM100 comes with a five colour LED illumination and mouse has a lightning-fast polling rate of 1000Hz. It’s a perfect choice for gamers seeking a budget gaming mouse under RS 1000. So hurry & grab the deal.


  • Type: Wired
  •  DPI: 4800dpi 
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz 
  • No of Buttons:  6 
  • LED Colour Effects 
  • Rubber textured surface
  • Software customisation options
  • Item Weight 220 g

Xmate Zorro Gaming Mouse

Xmate Zorro Gaming Mouse

The Xmate Zorro is a wired funky designed gaming mouse priced under Rs.1000 Indian rupees have a unique cyborg design.

This gaming mouse has hard ABS plastic material which enables hand feel. It is very good performing and feels durable and solid.

It has a rubber roller button on top that is easy to operate and offers excellent grip even for those with sweaty hands gamers.

The Xmate Zorro gaming mouse has a maximum dpi resolution set to 3200dpi that is very satisfying for normal gamers to beat the enemies in the battlefield.

Ergonomic design embedded with skin-friendly material coating above the plastic makes the gaming mouse a very comfortable experience.

This budget gaming mouse comes with 7-step customisable LED and six programmable buttons which gives you to take advantage of your enemy player. So  Xmate Zorro is the best possible wireless gaming mouse under Rs.1000.


  • Type: Wired
  • DPI: 3200dpi 
  • Polling Rate: 500Hz 
  • No of Buttons: 6 
  • LED Colour Effects 
  • Smooth and responsive tracking
  • Direct Plug & Play
  • Widely Compatible
  • 4 Adjustable DPI Level & 6 Buttons
  • Item Weight 150 g

DragonWar Emera ELE G11

DragonWar Emera ELE G11

ELE-G11 from Dragonwar is a budget wired gaming mouse priced under Rs.1000 that offers a pleasant gaming experience for budget-conscious gamers.

Having a pleasant color combination with the quality of the plastics used makes this wired gaming mouse. It has 1.8m long cable, is sufficiently thick, and can withstand minor abuses without any trouble.

This gaming mouse under 1K can be upgraded to a maximum of 3200 DPI. The bottom surface is extremely smooth that reduces the friction between the surfaces so that your moves are never delayed. Thus the gamer will get adequate movements and accuracy from this gaming mouse.

Dragonwar ELE-G11 comes with six programmable buttons for specialized key bindings and 512kb memory to save your configurations onboard which perform nail-biting gaming tasks.

The Dragonwar ELE-G11 is a  complete package budget gaming mouse that won’t disappoint you in terms of build quality and performance.


  • Type: Wired
  • DPI: 3200dpi 
  • Polling Rate: 500Hz 
  • No of Buttons: 6 
  • LED Colour Effects 
  • Gold plated USB connector
  • Item Weight 175 g
  • Mouse cable length of 1.8 meters

Redgear A10 Gaming Mouse

Redgear A10 Gaming Mouse

Redgear is an Indian company that particularly markets gaming accessories for smartphones, desktops, and laptops.

Redgear A-10  gaming mouse that will enhance your gaming skills with precise controls over your in-game actions. They are perfectly Designed in minimal with no bells and whistles attached to it. Ergonomically curved chassis helps gamers to grip the mouse in hand comfortably.

This gaming mouse can go up to 2400dpi with no lags and the precise cursor movements can help to win over your enemies.

It has RGB lighting effects with 3 mechanical keys that are super responsive to the clicks. Included decent 2400 dpi setting along with the ergonomic design makes it a tough choice to beat in its price category under RS 1000.


  • Type: Wired
  •  DPI: 2400dpi 
  • Polling Rate: 500Hz 
  • No of Buttons: 3
  • LED Colour Effects 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Contoured paw grips
  • Durable switches
  • Item Weight 200 g

SteelSeries 62433 Rival 310 Gaming Mice

SteelSeries 62433 Rival 310 Gaming Mice

The SteelSeries 62433 Rival 310 Gaming Mouse is the most popular mouse among the gaming addicts.

The mouse has a comfortable design and excellent build quality with a solid body and Two LED strips run down the middle of the Rival 600. The mouse with the SteelSeries logo on the base of the palm rest. It can be customized to the color and lighting pattern of your choice. 

It has a good sensor, SteelSeries managed to fine-tune it accurately to gamers who are serious about tracking accuracy.

They provide a comfortable grip and are well designed with a total of seven programmable buttons including three thumb buttons on the left, a  textured scroll wheel, and a dots-per-inch (DPI) button which adjusts sensitivity seen below it. 

The mouse which holds a good track record of manufacturing excellent gaming peripherals. The sensor performance is an internal Pixart TrueMove 3 optical sensor that supports up to 12,000 DPI that provides a very fluid gaming experience. 

The side panels of the mouse are magnetized, making it convenient to detach, and beneath them are four slots each for the weights, giving the player the choice to personalize balance.

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is a well-designed gaming mouse which aimed at FPS shooters provides a top-notch gaming experience and customizability.

The high polling rate with fly DPI switching will help you perfect for gaming skills under RS 1000.


  • Type: Wired
  •  DPI: 12000 dpi 
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz 
  • No of Buttons: 8 
  • LED Colour Effects 
  • Weight: 88.3 g
  • Ergonomic design
  • Contoured paw grips
  • Durable switches
  • Item Weight 99.8 g

Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB is a great gaming mouse with the excellent build quality, ergonomics, and its customizable weight.

It has an excellent ergonomic design with a typical gamer look having few aggressive angles. The top panel is made of plastic and soft-touch finish and the sides are textured for better grip. 

 Apart from the left and right-click the button the mouse Features a well laid out six programmable buttons. They are a clickable scroll wheel, DPI adjuster, and three left-side thumb buttons.  Third thump button which serves as a sniper button.

It has a Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software that is known to be highly user-friendly and flexible, even for beginners. It is used to create specific profiles for adjusting DPI levels, and customize the RGB lighting.

The Corsair M65 Pro is a fantastic Features suit for right-handed FPS gaming mouse, with an extremely accurate sensor, well-optimized software, and solid build quality.


  • Type: Wired 
  • DPI: 12000
  • Polling Rate: 10000 Hz
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Handed
  • LED Colour Effects 
  • Weight : 97 – 115 g
  • No of Buttons  –  6 
  • Item Weight 168 g

Gaming Mouse Below 1000 Rs Buying Guide

Before buying a gaming mouse, you should have some basic knowledge about the Features required for them. 

1. Number of buttons

A normal mouse comes equipped with a left, right, and a scroll button. But what makes a gaming mouse different from this normal one is the multiple buttons over and above the basic ones.

Having multiple buttons will help you to have more control in your mouse itself. You will get some quick responses and help to overpower your opponent.

2. Dots per inch (DPI)

The response to the physical movement of the gaming mouse is what the DPI represents. Accuracy and timing are the major factors that a game requires from its gamer.

For increasing this precision and timing DPI is needed at higher rates. This will give you a quicker and more sensitive movement of the cursor. 

Low DPI is required for the movement of the mouse in a larger area, while for a smaller area higher DPI is required.

3. Wired or wireless

A wireless mouse sometimes feels like it is inscrutable to the high speed required for most of the games. But wired mice have a strong reflex towards movement which will be advantageous for the gamer.

You will get more ease and autonomy to move around along with hindering the clutter that the modern-day wireless mouse offered you with the incorporation of advanced specs.

But the major drawback of a wireless gaming mouse under 1K is the battery life, lag between movements that can’t be accepted by a gamer.

4. Gripping style-Claw grip or palm grip

Comfort over your mouse is required for getting quick movements. In the palm grip model mouse, you can have contact or grip over the entire mouse surface. Precisely saying, you will have seven contact points in this type of mouse. High endurance to the palm and hand as the majority of movements come from the palm.

Claw grip mouse may not be that much comfortable as a Palm grip mouse but will offer you accurate movements and good response. This type of mouse requires a high profile and a long body.

5. Laser sensors Vs Optical sensors

CMOS sensors are used by both laser and optical sensors. This CMOS examines the surface in which they are used and the speed at which the mouse moves by taking numerous digital images every second.

The light used for illuminating the surface on which it is used will bring the difference between laser and optical sensor mouse.


This is the end of our review section of the best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees in India. We have included only the best mouse in this list with good DPI and response time.

From the above-mentioned list, Offbeat Killshot and Ant Esports GM100 proves to be the best among the list with the best overall performance. They are built with great strength and wonderful aesthetics. 

Hope you are all able to understand gaming fare and the specific Features