[Top 11] Best Acoustic Guitar under 10000 in India

In this article, we are researching Best Acoustic guitars priced under 10000 rupees. In order to present the talent of a guitarist, he or she must possess a good quality sound-producing guitar. When you are spending a decent amount like 10K, what you must get is a durable and easily tunable guitar.

The advantages that you will get by picking up an excellent acoustic guitar are, it will mold you to become a good guitarist. Also, there is no need for an amplifier if you are playing an acoustic guitar. 

You will be able to use different tunes than electric guitars. Another advantage for a beginner is that you can easily study sliding as higher action on acoustics makes it easier to slide.

Let’s take a look at the list that we have curated for our readers, from which you will get an idea about the manufacturers of Acoustic guitars in India.

List of 11 Best Acoustic Guitars under 10000

  • Yamaha F310  Acoustic Guitar
  • Grail D500C Solid Top Acoustic guitar
  • Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar
  • Epiphone EAPREBCH1 PRO-1 Acoustic Guitar
  • Fender Acoustic Guitar SA-150C
  • Ibanez MD39C-NT Acoustic Guitar
  • Givson Crown Standard CRST-N Acoustic Guitar
  • Hertz HZA 4000 Semi-Acoustic Guitar
  • Henrix PRO Acoustic Guitar
  • Zabel Acoustic Guitar 
  • Jixing JXNG-BLK-SC1 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F310  Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar under 10000

Yamaha F310 is an outstanding quality acoustic guitar. It comes with a gunboat style body that produces a loud acoustic pitch and provides convenient playability.

It comes with a Traditional Western Body that has Locally Sourced Tonewood material in the Back, Side, and Neck. This is to minimize waste and support sustainable procurement. The various species of tonewoods are used based on availability.

Top Material made up of Spruce and Fingerboard, Bridge are with Rosewood. This leads to high durability and stability. It is hand-finished and precision manufactured to exact ISO standards and offers good quality. So the design and sound as all Yamaha acoustics. 

The Yamaha F310 comes with a spruce top, back and sides. The  Nato neck and a rosewood fretboard, Hand Orientation at  Right. It has good handling comfort and intermediate scale length will be appreciated by younger players.

It is a hand-Finished Guitar with Hex Wrench Guitar Accessories. It lightly shortened scale-length for ease of playing.  The Strings are a bit off from the guitar Fretboard. Overall Yamaha F310  is a perfect option for any guitarist of any level which is a great-sounding guitar device under 10,000 Rs.


  • The body is a mix of high-quality wood
  • High durability of materials
  • A best practicing instrument for professionals.
  • Balanced sound
  • Great value for money.

Grail D500C Solid Top Acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar in india under 10000

Grail Guitars is all about delivering excellent sound, top of the line build quality, and a comfortable playing experience.

D500C is a Solid Top Acoustic guitar from Grail, that has been tailored to precise measures in order to express your emotions and creative ideas through this musical instrument. The combinations of tonewood ensure quality and a variety of different sounds to choose from.

This is a solid and sturdy guitar that features a 41-inch Dreadnought Cutaway. It is designed with a Solid Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. This acoustic guitar comes with a glossy finish and unique inlays. 

Another highlighting feature of this Acoustic guitar under 10000 rupees is the premium die-cast tuners and a rosewood fretboard. Thus it is clear that this guitar is made to give a premium feel to the buyers. 

This guitar is able to deliver high projection with rhythmic notes with the combination of spruce and mahogany tonewoods. Also, the spruce woods makes it a faster and more clear relay of sound. The classic body designs are usually seen in most of the guitars from Grail.

The guitar is capable of popping out the trebles while maintaining a balanced and lively sound with the Sapele. It also gives an extra kick in the high end of the range. The mid-range is maintained by Mahogany. 


  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Body
  • 41″ Dreadnought Cutaway
  • Excellent Tone And Harmonics
  • Premium Build And Look
  • Glossy lacquer finish
  • Quality Die Cast Machine Head

Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitar below 10000

Yamaha FS100C is the perfect example of the finest craftsmanship and comes with a smaller folk style body. It is the finest craftsmanship and a smaller folk style body. It is an ideal guitar with the same focus on design, sound, and quality.  FS100C is an ideal Acoustic Guitar for beginners.

Yamaha FS100C comes with a sleek cutaway design of 40 inches. The layout makes playing under the 14th fret simpler. It perfectly fits the fingerpicking style. This guitar has a top Laminated Spruce and the back and sides are from tonewood.

The fretboard is made from Rosewood. It has a Melodious sound output with a perfectly fingerpicking style. The Thinner sides and back allow a greater volume. The FS100C gives the same focus on design, quality, and sound with an affordable package. 

Yamaha FS100C Natural Folk Guitar woods with the finest craftsmanship. It has a smaller folk style body that focused tone make this a great choice for fingerpicking or recording.  The Mahogany neck, rosewood bridge create an awesome rich sound and are impressive. 

FS100C  delivers precise and smooth sound sweet. It’s a perfect choice for playing because of the focused tones that it creates. It is an awesome guitar in an affordable package for guitarists.


  • Wonderfully designed product.
  • Attractive with great sound.
  • Top Spruce back/sides
  • Mahogany neck
  • Nato fretboard
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Snorkeling frets 20
  • Open chrome tuners
  • Good for a beginner.

Epiphone EAPREBCH1 PRO-1 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone EAPREBCH1 PRO-1 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone EAPREBCH1 PRO-1 is a dreadnought-style acoustic guitar priced under 10K rupees. This is one of the most famous profiles of acoustic guitars that can produce incredible volume and tonal range. For both songwriters and rockers, this guitar proves to be a great companion. 

It features a Custom PRO-Prietary Bracing top Back and Mahogany comes at the sides. The Rosewood Fretboard has a Scratchless pickguard with PRO-Ease Lubricant Rosewood Bridge. The Sloped Dovewing comes with an Epiphone metal badge.

The Solid Spruce top offers superior sound with an elegant 5-layer Ivory and Black binding. This guitar suits any level of player. The company has rethought the guitar from top to bottom to make it play right away. 

The advantage of buying this guitar is that it is easy-to-play, easy-to-own, and delivers a full, vibrant sound. When you use this guitar, you will identify the comfort it offers when you hold this instrument. Therefore the fear of fatigue is completely removed. 

The fretting notes and chords in PRO-1 feel easy. The frets used are taller and wider. The distance from the saddle to the nut is what means by its Scale length. If you want loose strings, then the scale length should be shorter. Epiphone EAPREBCH1 PRO-1 Acoustic Guitar satisfies this.

Epiphone’s Dual-Action truss rod is helpful to adjust the neck in both directions. This will make set-up easier and more precise with stability.


  • Solid Spruce and Custom PRO-Prietary Bracing
  • Custom PRO-Prietary Bracing top Back
  • Scratchless pickguard Rosewood Fretboard
  • Sloped Dovewing
  • Dual-Action Truss Rod
  • 20 JumboPRO Fret
  • 18:1 ratio Epiphone “Deluxe” tuners
  • Reverse belly bridge

Fender Acoustic Guitar SA-135C

Fender Acoustic Guitar SA-135C

Fender SA 135C  Acoustic Guitar has a Dreadnought body type. The top material is made up of Laminated Hardwood.

The build quality of Fender SA 135C  looks good and It comes with a truss rod for the guitar adjustments. The concert body top is laminated hardwood back and sides are Laminated using mahogany. It has a glossy body finish.

Fender has a Scalloped x rosette with a Fingerboard made of Stained hardwood. Bridges are from a Stained maple pickguard and  Black hardware finish. It is a Lightweight and Beautiful Looking Guitar with Amazing Sound Quality. It will easily carry and you will have no complaints regarding its resonance and sound quality.

It’s a six-string guitar that is perfectly designed to create an impressive sound. The Laminated mahogany and hardwood back and sides produce a warm sound. Easy access to the higher frets is offered by the cutaway design of this guitar. The Squier series combines accessible playability.

It creates warm and clear tones with a variety of playing styles. This comfortable body design gives easy playability. The natural acoustic guitar has a stunning rosette, and the fretboard makes the long-lasting guitar. This Acoustic guitar gives a variety of harmonics and nuances.


  • Lightweight & Beautiful Looking Guitar
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Very Comfortable To Play
  • Well Designed & Crafted Fretboard
  • Dreadnought Squier Guitar Body
  • Laminated hardwood back and sides
  • Stained maple pickguard bridge

Ibanez MD39C-NT Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez MD39C-NT Acoustic Guitar

If you are in search of amazing craftsmanship and functionality-rich acoustic guitar, then Ibanez MD39C-NT Acoustic Guitar is an ideal option to buy. Ibanez MD39C-NT is a worth money product loaded with a lot of features. 

It offers excellent build quality and the sound quality is incredible. This is a beautiful acoustic guitar that is made of a sturdy spruce top and Rosewood fretboard. Thus durability is ensured by this guitar. 

The fingerboard is made up of Rosewood and the string is made up of stainless steel. It is a six-string guitar that provides top-quality sound and durability.

It is designed to be perfect and this allows you to create an impressive sound. There are 20 frets and it is 39-inch in size. It is claimed to be the most suitable acoustic guitar for beginners. 

The truss rod featured in this product is gentle on the finger, and the 39 inches size is comfortable for regular use. Proper and regular interval maintenance is required to save the natural and sunburst finishing. 

Ibanez MD39C-NT Acoustic Guitar features a water-resistant body and is completely made suitable for outdoor purposes. The robustness of the product is ensured by the glossy finishing of the external body. Extra protection to the guitar is ensured by the hard-shell case. 

For getting the features of a professional guitar, buy this acoustic guitar from Ibanez. For excellent sound quality, durability, and functionality buy this guitar priced under 10K rupees.


  • Super durable design
  • The outer shell is made of nylon
  • the body is water-resistant
  • Classy high gloss design
  • Comes with six strings

Givson Crown Standard CRST-N Guitar

Givson Crown Standard CRST-N Acoustic Guitar

Givson Crown Standard CRST-N Acoustic Guitar is from an emerging brand in the instrumental market. Crown Standard CRST-N is a perfect guitar for all the right-hand folks. This is a 6-string cutaway guitar that features a bag for smooth commutation.

This is one of the budget-friendly acoustic guitars available in the market that features a  40-inch cutaway with genuine wood. A combination of rosewood, toonwood, and pine wood is used for manufacturing this product. 

The glossy finish offers a super stylish look for this beginner level acoustic guitar. You will be able to play comfortably with the chrome keys. The package comes with one robust guitar, a smart sling cover, and five picks.

This is a lightweight product, weighing just around 2 kg. Consider this guitar for buying, if you want a guitar at a pocket-friendly price. 


  • 40″ Cut-A-Way Guitar
  • Rosewood fingerboard and Bridge
  • Toon Wood Body and Neck & Pyne Wood Top
  • Durable chrome key
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Cheap as compared to other brands
  • Long life
  • Glossy finishing

Hertz HZA 4000 Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Hertz HZA 4000 Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Hertz HZA 4000 is a cost-effective choice that you can choose comfortably if you are in search of a semi-acoustic guitar. HZA 4000 is a 6-string guitar and offers excellent build quality. The fingerboard is made up of rosewood and the tuning keys are made with maple.

The company has given a  high gloss finishing to the product and is a classy choice for all beginners and young players. Stainless steel is used for making the strings which will ensure a long life of the semi-acoustic guitar. You don’t need to worry about the maintenance as it is very less.

This is a good musical instrument for outdoor musical concerts and beginners. This is a lightweight guitar that weighs only 2 Kg and has a dimension of 100 x 50 x 50 cm. The sound quality is also excellent and significant for concerts. 


  • 4 Band EQ with Tuner
  • Nice sound quality
  • Great learning guitar
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Hi-gloss finishing
  • Stainless steel strings

Henrix PRO Guitar

Henrix PRO Acoustic Guitar

Henrix PRO Acoustic Guitar features a dual-action truss rod that will help the user to adjust the action of your neck in either direction if warped. It comes with an advanced design and is used by modern luthiers. Thus you can fix a warp in the neck in either direction.

This guitar is easy to be carried anywhere with you and can be used to perform while you move your hands while performing. It is made with an excellent life span as it can withstand harsh climatic changes. Easy tuning is allowed by the diecast tuners and the sound quality delivered is excellent.

The package comes with an additional string set and a string winder. For professional guitarists and musical concerts, this acoustic guitar proves to be a great companion.

Added accessories like a bag, strap, picks, and additional string set are also provided with this acoustic guitar. To clean the guitar you will get a tiny micro fiber cloth. 

This guitar comes with matt black laminated diecast tuners. Effortless & precise tuning is thus ensured by this guitar. 


  • Effortless and précises tuning
  • Strong rosewood fretboard
  • Available in subtle shades
  • Stroll strings
  • One-stop solution for young players

Zabel Acoustic Guitar

Zabel Acoustic Guitar

Zabel is known for producing some of the best quality acoustic guitars in India. Zabel Acoustic Guitar is one of the best products from this brand that comes with a smooth matt finish body. Spruce wood is used for making the body of the guitar and the Fret Board is made of maple wood. This offers a longer lifespan to the guitar. 

Its cutaway design and the truss rod delivers high sound quality, making it ideal for all music aficionados. A foldable guitar stand is also provided with the guitar. The package also includes a pack of strings, straps, pick, capo and tuner.

The Cutaway design not only gives a shape line but also helps the music player to broaden their playing range to reach higher notes on the fretboard. Tuning pegs are made of high-quality metal with smooth plastic keys. In order to set up the perfect tuning, you will get smooth plastic keys. 

The overall build quality and sound production of this product are excellent.  It is the most likely choice if you are planning to buy an acoustic guitar. 


  • A richer and fuller sound
  • Easy peg tuning
  • Broaden playing range
  • Finish quality material
  • Great for beginners
  • Truss Rod for better adjustment of Guitar

Jixing JXNG-BLK-SC1 Acoustic Guitar

Jixing JXNG-BLK-SC1 Acoustic Guitar

This is one of the most affordable acoustic guitars designed for beginners or seasoned guitarists who are in search of a good quality guitar to express their feelings through music.

This is one of the popular guitars priced under 10K rupees. The build quality of this instrument is amazing. 

Wood and linden are the materials used to build the instrument. This product weighs around 2 kg and comes with a dimension of 100 x 43 x 17 cm.

It comes with a total of 6 strings and the string is made up of stainless steel. This is a 38 inches Cutaway acoustic guitar which is loved by many customers.


  • Linden Wood used for building body and neck part
  • Six strings and eighteen frets
  • The colors of capo and picks may vary
  • 38 inches in size and has a  Cutaway design
  • String made of Stainless Steel
  • Best for sound quality
  • Best for the Use of Beginners

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These are the top 11 acoustic guitars available in India under 10K rupees. We have compiled information about each of these products and put it in front of our readers to avoid their doubts about acoustic guitars. There are many more products available in the market if you simply search online. But it is only a waste of time.

For finding the best quality acoustic guitar, you should be aware of the basic factors of this guitar. The type of material used, size, shape, number of strings, number of frets all contribute a lot for producing the best quality sound. 

We have done the review of the above-mentioned products based on these factors only. From this review, we came to the conclusion that Yamaha F310  Acoustic Guitar and Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar are the top two overall best products on this list.

You can go for any of these products if you are still confused about which one to purchase even after completely reading the article.

Hope this article leads you in the right direction and the right product.