[Top 10] Best Acoustic Guitar under 5000 in India

An acoustic guitar is a musical instrument that is very popular among artists and is the best medium to convey your feelings. Here we have added some Best Acoustic Guitars under 5000 Rs budget range.

Best Acoustic Guitar under 5000

An acoustic guitar features a resonant body that comes with strings. When these strings start to vibrate, the soundboard will project a sound wave and give a melodious sound.

The normal term used for mentioning this instrument is guitar but in order to distinguish it from an electric guitar, we use the term acoustic. In a guitar, the top end serves as a soundboard in order to enhance the vibration sounds of the strings.

An acoustic guitar is a favorite of many people with its splendid mesmerizing sound. Beginner or a  passionate guitarist, both will love this musical instrument that can be carried anywhere with you and play it.

When we are spending a quite decent amount on guitar, we should get a good quality one that is affordable and durable. That’s why we are making a list of the best acoustic guitars available for under 5000 rupees. 

The markets are filled with a wide variety of guitars like Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars that are manufactured by different types of brands. 

Yamaha, Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, Epiphone, Signature, Sonido, and Ashton are the top brands in India that are producing good quality products. 

From these guitars we should be able to find an ideal product for our use. After going through this article, you will be able to find it by yourself.

Advantages of Acoustic Guitar

  • Additional amplification is not a matter for acoustic guitars
  • Using a removable pickup, you can amplify the sound produced
  • The sound delivered is perfect for playing chords
  • Best choice for beginners and can save a lot of money while just starting to learn guitar. 

Let’s take a glance at the list that we have curated for our readers who are searching for a good quality acoustic guitar.

List of 10 Best Acoustic Guitars under 5000

  • Juarez Acoustic Guitar
  • Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit
  • Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar
  • Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar
  • Hovner Standard Acoustic Guitar
  • Breve Acoustic Guitar 
  • Blueberry 38C IN Acoustic Guitar
  • Martin Smith W-101-SB-PK Acoustic Guitar
  • Zabel Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar
  • Jixing JXNG-NAT-C Acoustic Guitar

Juarez Acoustic Guitar

Juârez Acoustic Guitar is an ideal choice for those who love music and a fan of acoustic guitars. This is a 38-inch guitar that offers great quality and impeccable styling. This guitar has a very attractive and elegant look with its brilliant black color. 

The neck material of Juârez Acoustic Guitar is made of Linden Wood. The bridge is a crucial part and is made of plastic, fingerboard, and back material from Linden Wood. Its string is made from nylon, and the side material is made from Linden. 

Linden Wood is also used for making the body of this guitar. This is an ideal combination of an innovative design and looks to produce good quality sound.

Its sturdy top features smooth curves, promoting comfort during playing. For all genres like rock, folk, country, etc the solid wood produces a smooth and rich sound. In order to provide easy holding and handling while using this guitar, it has a Cutaway. 

To minimize hand fatigue, Low action strings help a lot and are easy on the finger. This is the reason why beginners love this product and are useful for building hand strength. For offering more playing time, you will get Extra string. 

Tuning pegs, which is also known as machine heads or tuners, is the vital part that decides a guitar’s quality. The pegs provided with this guitar are smooth and easy to adjust to keep the guitar in tune. 

The Juarez acoustic guitar features 18 frets which will be helpful for beginners to study from the base of a guitar. Highly accurate and pleasing sound is what you will get from this guitar with which you can impress your friends, family, and audience. 

This Acoustic Guitar comes included with a strap, Bag, Strings, and 2 Picks in its package. 


  • The body is made of Linden Wood
  • The fretboard is made of Ebony Wood
  • Neck Material is made of Linden Wood
  • Total 6 number strings
  • Hand Orientation is Right
  • Nylon string
  • Size: 38 inches, Cutaway
  • Total 18 Number of Frets

Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit

best guitar under 5k

For getting good quality musical instruments with the necessary accessories, Intern is the top option to look at. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit is a finely designed guitar that is well-made to produce good quality music.

If you want to start playing immediately, this guitar provides you with all necessities. This is a compact size guitar that can produce an acoustic tone to play music anytime and anywhere.

This is a 38 inches acoustic guitar that has a cutaway design to give easy access to higher frets. It is designed with a spruce top and apathies back. Also, its sides are capable of producing great tone and sound. 

For getting good functionality and sound, the bridge of the guitar is a crucial thing. And in the case of this guitar, you will get a trendy plastic bridge. For making the fretboard, the company uses ebony wood that can deliver a well-defined, crisp and bright sound. This wood material is not often found with Fender guitars. 

The low action strings of this guitar are helpful for minimizing hand fatigue and is easy on the finger. That’s why it has become ideal for beginners to develop hand strength.  Extra strings offer more playing time for the users. 

The 18 frets are excellent for amateurs or beginners. If you want to go to a higher level, then go for a 24-fret guitar. The package is included with one strap, bag, six strings, and three picks. For easy portability, you will get a case and belt while the picks facilitate in delivering an accurate and sharp sound.


  • Great looks with an innovative design
  • Linden wood fingerboard
  • Ebony wood fretboard
  • 38-inch cutaway design
  • Black glossy finish with 18 frets
  • Linden binding and full wood construction
  • Steel strings

Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

guitar below 5000

Juarez JRZ38C is one of the best Acoustic Guitar priced under 5000 rupees. Juarez is famous for its guitars with awesome sound quality and durability. The design with which it is crafted is very attractive and the material used for building is of excellent quality. 

The neck material of this guitar is made from Linden Wood. The bridge part is a key part and in this particular product, it is made from plastic.

The fingerboard and back material is made from Linden Wood. Nylon is used for making the string. Linden is again used at the sides of the guitar that gives an attractive look to this musical instrument. 

Low action strings are a great way to reduce hand fatigue and are easy on the finger. For beginners, building hand strength is an important factor and this guitar is much suitable for that.

The solid wood can deliver the smooth and rich sound ideal for all genres of music. The pegs are smooth and easy to adjust to keep the guitar in tune. 

This acoustic guitar is able to provide the best experience for all musicians. The manufacturers are always ahead to produce the products with the best value available online, without sacrificing quality. 


  • Black glossy finish
  • The number of frets is 18
  • Fingerboard made from Linden wood
  • Fretboard made from Ebony wood
  • 38 inches size with a cutaway
  • Linden binding and full wood construction

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series is the best acoustic guitar with an attractive finish and good quality guitar bag, sound under 5000 rupees price tag. Kadence guitar comes with a truss rod, 1 pack of strings, strap, and picks. Built for great sound quality and high durability. It increases ease of use. 

Kadence guitars are made from the Linden wood body allowing for a high fidelity resonating hollow chamber. Thus making it durable with the best sound carrying capabilities.

The Kadence Frontier Series is here to cover your melodic front for Beginner or a pro. This Acoustic Guitar provides a pleasing sound, impressing your friends and  Family by playing your favourite tunes on this guitar. It is a  perfect choice for beginners.

Kadence Frontier Series comes with a 6 round wood strings guitar. The strings are made up of good quality stainless steel. The Guitar grip is nice with a glossy touch. The Nut Width about  43mm  Top, Neck, Back, Sides are made of Linden Wood. Fretboards are from  Rosewood with  21 Frets. 

It has Decorative Inlays and the Tuning Keys are smooth and easy to adjust to keep the guitar in tune. The tuning pegs are perfectly engineered for Good sound quality. The strings have a softer feel and will take time to settle.


  • 39 inches in size
  • Fretboard made from Rosewood
  • Bridge Material made from Rosewood
  • Body material made from Spruce Wood
  • Kadence Copper Wounded MODEL STRA strings

Hovner Standard Acoustic Guitar

Hovner Standard Acoustic Guitar

The Standard 185 Natural Brown Acoustic Guitar which is a highly durable product comes with inbuilt pickups. This is a 41-inch guitar that features a Cut-A-Way design for making the holding of the instrument easier. 

Rose Wood is used as the material for building the  Fretboard and the string is made up of steel. The innovative design is capable of delivering good sound. The bridge is adjustable and reinforced Truss Rod gives a high gloss finishing. 

It features an Inbuilt pick-up to plug and play with an amplifier for enhancing the wonderful experience. The package comes with Bag, Strap, 1 Set of Extra Strings, and 2 Picks included. 


  • 41-inch Cut-A-Way Acoustic Guitar
  • Fretboard made from Rose Wood
  • Great looks with an innovative design
  • The adjustable bridge and reinforced Truss Rod

Breve Acoustic Guitar

Breve Acoustic Guitar

If you are looking for a high-quality practice guitar the Breve acoustic guitar is the best choice among the Best Guitars In India Under 5000. The 38-inch guitar is easy to hold and easy to play. It has a  cutaway design allowing easy access to the upper frets for smoother playing. 

The Breve acoustic guitar is made of linden wood to produce a rich tone and a quality sound. The bridge is made of plastic, and the material used for this product is quite durable. 

The Breve Acoustic Guitar is finely designed and well-made to produce good quality music. The guitar comes in a compact size and acoustic tone makes it the right pick to play music anywhere and anytime. A spruce top and apathies back and sides provide great sound and tone.

The bridge of the guitar has both in terms of sound and functionality. This guitar sports a trendy plastic bridge that can stand the test of time. It has 6 Durable Strings is ideal for strumming.

The string is quite durable and puts less tension on the user’s fingers. So there is no loss of tone. The strings emit quite a good amount of sound. The shape of the guitar is designed for the users to play effortlessly and ideal to hold.

It is lightweight and easier to carry and perform. Pegs are smooth and easy to adjust the tune.  It comes with a strap, bag, strings. The case and belt allow easy portability function and facilitate the delivery of an accurate and sharp sound with ultra-portability. 


  • 38 inches cutaway revolutionary design 
  • Easy to hold for stress-free playing
  • Ultra-portable
  • Superior quality linden wood 

Blueberry 38C IN Acoustic Guitar

Blueberry 38C IN Acoustic Guitar

Blueberry 38C IN Acoustic Guitar comes with an innovative design to produce good quality sound.  Great quality and impeccable styling are the two crucial features of this guitar. 

Spruce wood is used for making the top of the product, Side & Back made from linden wood, Fingerboard made from Rose Wood. The bridge of a guitar is one of the key elements in a guitar and it is made up of Rose Wood, its neck material is made from Catalpa wood.

This device features a Chrome die-cast for the machine heads and a mat finished body. The string is made from Bronze. This Guitar is available in 6 different color variants. You will get 2 Pick for extra Practice and a Free Bag for Extra Safety.


  • Spruce wood top
  • Linden wood Side & Back
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Chrome die-cast machine head
  • 38-inch, Cut-way style guitar
  • Truss Rod for better adjustment of Guitar Action
  • 2 kg weight

Martin Smith W-101-SB-PK Guitar

Martin Smith W-101-SB-PK Acoustic Guitar

Martin smith acoustic guitars are the best choice for thousands of guitarists in India. These guitars are especially for beginners to start their guitar journey. This full-size steel strung guitar comes complete with a guitar stand, strap, padded gig bag, clip-on tuner, spare strings, and plectrums. 

The Martin Smith W-100 range has perfectly designed and crafted for a well-rounded and rich tone suited for students and musicians.

This Acoustic guitar has a 39inch body with a perfectly curved for comfortable play. It has a Hi-gloss Finish and Geared Machine Heads, Steel Strings ND Accessories includes  Strap, Strings, Picks. 

A high-quality guitar stand to keep safe and secure when not in use. A lightweight guitar bag to keep your guitar safe and portable when on the move.

The Martin Smith W101 Acoustic Guitar has both picks and a pick holder. This guitar has a full size 39  body with a singular bottom peg which is attached to the strap. It is built to a high standard and features a hi-gloss finish.  

The guitar also comes with a truss rod that allows the wood’s natural shape to be adjusted, prolonging the life. It has steel-strung and geared machine heads. These features help to keep the guitar tuned for longer and minimize the strings breaking when tuning due to their controlled action.


  • Steel strung full-scale neck
  • Slimline contoured body
  • Comfortable playability and a rich tone
  • Includes sturdy guitar stand
  • Also includes a tuner, gig bag, strap, picks, and strings

Zabel Matt Finish Guitar

Zabel Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar

Zabel Matt Finish Acoustic Guitar is one of the most elegant collections that come with a glossy matte finish body.  This guitar body is made of Spruce wood and the Fret Board is made of maple wood, which gives a longer lifespan.

It has a cutaway design and the truss rod gets a high sound quality, making it ideal for all music aficionados.

It has a foldable guitar stand, straps,  pick, a pack of strings, capo, and tuner, making you ready for setting up a concert anytime. The cutaway design for this acoustic guitar adds to the shape line and also helps the music player to reach higher notes on the fretboard.

The tuning pegs of this guitar are made from high-quality metal with smooth plastic keys. This feature helps to easily tune you into the perfect tune.

Bridge material is made of plastic and the neck material comes with a spruce wood body. It has Eighteen truss rod frets for better adjustment of Zable guitar action.

It has a Total 6 Number of strings with 38-inch length. The desirable wood for acoustic tops provides rich, full, clear, and loud tonal quality. 


  • 38 inch sized guitar
  • Truss Rod for better adjustment of Guitar Action
  • Matt Finish
  • Cutaway design for a better experience of higher notes on the fretboard
  • Easy Tuning pegs
  • Made of Spruce Wood

Jixing JXNG-NAT-C Guitar

Jixing JXNG-NAT-C Acoustic Guitar

Jixing is one of the largest Guitar manufacturers all over the world. These guitars are priced at a very low budget of under 5000 rupees.

The Jixing JXNG guitar features  18 regular space fret that is good for the customers. The guitar’s bridge here is plastic material. For beginners, this is the best option to buy.

Linden wood is known as the standard material to make fingerboards. The size of this guitar suits well for beginners. Nylon is used for making strings. This is built with full freedom for experiencing classical music with ease and flexibility.

Black and Blue are the two color variants available with this product. Guitar Strap, Carry case, Pack of strings, and two extra picks are the things included within the package. 


  • 6 Nylon Strings
  • Linden Wood for neck and body
  • 18 Frets
  • Includes bag, strings, and two picks

Buying Guide for Acoustic Guitars below 5000

There are always some key elements to check before buying a product from the market. You should think about the reason to buy that product before purchasing it.

In terms of guitar, you should give attention to your level of mastering in guitar, the purpose of buying, budget (in this case it is fixed under 5K rupees), Construction and Design, Styles and Sound, etc.


Acoustic Guitars normally features steel-string and nylon-string. For a beginner, both of them may felt like the same. But this is not right, as they have a key difference. Nylon strings are capable to deliver mellower tune while steel string guitars are best for volume and power. Steel-string guitars produce a crisp cutting tone.

Classical and flamenco acoustics normally uses Nylon strings while steel string is used for rock, pop, country, and bluegrass.


Acoustic guitars can be found in different sizes and shapes. This factor has a great impact on the sound and playability of the guitar. The vibrations created by strumming or playing with a guitar is passed by the bridge. Therefore, the wood and design bracing should be of top quality to get more resonant, livelier, and fuller sounding.

Small bodies acoustic guitars are helpful for flexibility of comfort and playability. According to the shape, guitars are classified as Dreadnought, Jumbo, auditorium, mini acoustics, parlor, concert, and grand concert.


In order to produce original sounds, Tonewoods are a really important thing. Woods with tonal properties are said to be tonal woods.

This is the best choice to make musical instruments. Spruce, mahogany, walnut, cedar, and rosewood are the various choices of woods that are generally used for making the best acoustic guitar under 5000 in India.


The height of the strings from the fretboard is what it mean by the action of the guitar. This is a really crucial factor to check before buying an acoustic guitar. If the height or action from the strings is higher, then the pressure you need to apply for playing the strings will be more.

When the strings vibrate and hit the fretboard, the sound is produced by a guitar. Therefore, the action should be not too high or too low. It should be at a minimum height for better playability.


Acoustic guitars under 5K are mostly useful for beginner level guitarists. These guitars are helpful for developing hand strength. Also, there is no need to spend too much on a guitar, when you are just learning the basics. You can buy the next level guitars after mastering the basic levels.

You can find a lot of well-built, great-sounding, low- to mid-range acoustic guitars under low budget prices with modern technologies.


This is all about the review about acoustic guitars priced below 5K rupees. We have reviewed the top 10 acoustic guitars available under 5K rupees. All these 10 products are from the top brands that give you better quality performance in its best way. 

Guitars are always loved by people and are a medium to convert the feelings of people. While selecting anyone for your use, make sure that quality is confirmed in these products.

Our two personal recommendations from the above-mentioned products are Juârez Acoustic Guitar and Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit, which are highly rated by customers. These two are highly durable and can produce quality sound.

Always keep in mind that acoustic guitars under 5000 are a beginner level one and with a fewer number strings. If you are an advanced level guitarist, then buy a product with a little bit high budget and look for more strings.

Our list is not the last opinion if you feel any other product as the best one, you should go for that one. Hope this article helps you to find the best Acoustic Guitars under 5000.