Portable Microphone and Speaker for Teachers in India

Teachers rely on their own voices to reach all of our students in their classrooms. Voice is their main tool. Portable voice amplifiers ( PA Speakers ) are tiny devices with bigger benefits. They can save the teacher’s voices and make their work simpler. Voice amplifiers are there for rescue when your voice is tired but you still have a lot of speaking to do before the day is done. Here we have gathered best microphone with speakers for teaching in India

portable microphone and speakers for teachers

If you’ve tapped out your voice for the day or week, a voice amplifier will allow a soft voice to be heard, even by a large group. Amplifiers are essential for a major event or assembly. Just plug in the headset, and clip the unit to your belt or waistband and turn it on.

Frequently, the user will find microphones, speakers, and an amplifier equipped into one Portable PA System. Some budget-breakers may include multiple microphone ports, other audio connection jacks, a mixer to tune your output, and more than one speaker to cover a greater sound distance.

We’ve carefully come up with a list of the Best portable microphone and speakers for teachers in India to help you buy the perfect one for you.

9 Best Portable Microphone and Speaker for Teachers

AHUJA NBA-15 Portable Speaker With Microphone

AHUJA NBA-15 is an Elegant and compact ultra-portable PA amplifier with max. The output power of this portable speaker is 12W which is good for teachers taking classes before a huge mass of students.

Pa Amplifier Speakers in India

exceptional circuitry gives low distortion even at high output power. Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Low battery LED indicator is also equipped with this. 3.5mm Mic input socket for connecting the headband microphone and 3.5mm Line input socket for connecting a DVD, CD, or an MP3 player is present.

The convenience of use is great for this product. This product can be utilized by hanging on the shoulder or by putting around the waist. These are ideal for Teaching, Tour Guides, Yoga Classes, Play Schools, etc. It has an exceptional ability for addressing a large group of students.


  • Power Output is 12W Max.
  • Frequency Response – 80-12,000Hz
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery – 3.7V, 2000mAh
  • Weight – 662 g
  • Headband Microphone Element : Condenser, Cardioid

Maono AU-C01 Portable Voice Amplifier

Maono voice amplifier is a good associate for teachers, tour guides, lectures, etc. as a public address system. The simple and stylish design is the main distinguishing feature of this voice amplifier. After technical improvements, the now maono amplifier has been capable of amplifying to more than 400 sq.m. Its loud and clear voice is enough to meet the basic needs of public address. 

Portable voice amplifier india

With the evolution of technology, the continuous development of new features occurs which makes the product a long-lasting one. You can listen to FM Radio, and it can be a nice gift for old people and children. 

Maono AU-C01 Portable Voice Amplifier used as a mini loudspeaker with a 3.5mm audio cable to link with PC, mobile phone, pad, MP3. You can use it with a microphone, making a mini Karaoke System, perfect for kids to play. You are able to insert the TF card, and it has a loop function.


  • Pocket design
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • The battery of 1,500mAh provides up to 10-hour working time
  • LED display
  • In-built FM
  • Item Weight 259 g

Nefficar Portable Voice Amplifier with Microphone

This upgraded design of Nefficar comes with a back-clip that helps conveniently tuck it around the waist, making it more comfortable and natural for you. You can connect it with any computer, laptop, iPad, or Phone using the Aux cable and use it as a speaker. The 1800 mAh Lithium battery can be easily charged with the help of the included charger and lasts for sufficiently long hours.

Nefficar Portable Voice Amplifier with Microphone

This speaker system is equipped with an Advanced Microphone that offers crystal clear sound. These are loud enough with 15 w output – ideal for a group of 10-50 people. LED indicator lights to help easily identify modes, charging status, etc.

Simple plug and play design allow you to instantly start using the voice amplifier. Just make sure that you keep the mic & amplifier a little away from each other when connecting, to avoid any howling sound. Minimal controls that help you change mode between USB, TF, Microphone or Aux, switch ON/OFF, control volume, and change tracks.

Moreover, people with feeble voices due to rare conditions, also find it an excellent voice enhancement or amplification accessory, helping them communicate with ease. Lightweight, Stylish, and Sleek in Design, this is easy to carry along anywhere when compared to the traditional loudspeaker arrangements.


  • Hi-Fi high sensitivity microphone
  • ultra-portable 
  • Effective And Loud 
  • The battery of 1800 mA and playback time of 6-10 hours
  • 12-18 hours of life in microphone mode
  • Item Weight 449 g

Ahuja NBA-20Dp Portable Speaker With Microphone

Perfect for Teaching, Yoga Classes, etc. Ahuja NBA-20Dp is an Elegant and compact ultra-portable PA amplifier with a maximum output power of 12W.

Ahuja NBA-20Dp Portable Speaker With Microphone

The built-in MP3 digital player is available for playback of music via a USB drive or a TF card. The unit can be used by hanging on the shoulder or by putting around the neck. A 3.5mm Mic input socket is present for connecting the headband microphone and 3.5mm Line input socket for connecting a DVD CD or an MP3 player.

Aside from the headband mic included the mic input socket can also take input from Ahuja Condenser Microphones CTP-10DX UTP-30. The built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery is equipped with a low battery LED indicator.


  • Power Output is 12W Max
  • Frequency Response – 80-12,000Hz
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery 3.7V, 2000mAh
  • Item Weight 662 g

Laploma Portable Amplifier Speaker With Microphone

This portable amplifier is built with a retro-looking Walkman like the design. It is ergonomic and highly portable. It is integrated with intelligent ICs and digital display for complete user convenience.

Laploma Portable Amplifier Speaker With Microphone

This audio device can be used as an amplifier, FM radio, music player, and a karaoke speaker. It is built-in with a TF card slot, USB port AUX-in port, and a microphone port. The amplifier is integrated with super MP3 audio decoding technology. It has intelligent voice prompts along with Hi-Fi double voice coil magnets that produce powerful high-tone and bass.

The amplifier is built-in in a smart and easily accessible control panel. It has ergonomic buttons to change modes, pause/play, or stop the music and to skip the audio to the next or previous track.

This amplifier is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. It can function for about 6-10 hours in musical mode and about 12-18 hours in microphone mode. This is an ideal portable microphone and speaker for professionals such as teachers.


  • TF card, USB flash drive, FM included
  • Stylish, Ergonomic & Comfortable Design
  • 12-18 hours (microphone mode) working time
  • Special Feature: MIC, KARAOKE, RECORDING
  • Item Weight 481 g

JT SHIDU Voice Amplifier M328

JT SHIDU Voice Amplifier M328 is a small and compact personal voice amplifier that will project voice across the room.

JT SHIDU Voice Amplifier M328

The microphone headset with a speaker can be positioned near your mouth with its flexible gooseneck design. The headset positions above the head so it is steady and won’t fall off. These M328 microphones and speakers are a really great aid for doing presentations or running meetings.

This speaker system with a microphone can also play music via TF card AND flash drive. Comes with a belt strap that can attach with clips to the amplifier and then can be worn around the neck or through belt loops.

This Portable Pa Amplifier for teachers comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that offers you up to 5-8 hours of powerful amplification.


  • battery backup of 5 to 8 hours
  • Multifunctional Design
  • Item Weight 440 g

CROOVE Mini Teachers Voice Amplifier

Ideal for teachers in large auditoriums, tour guides with big groups of people, or large company meetings, these powerful speakers help magnify your voice to enhance your message.

Croove Mini Teachers Voice Amplifier

This product offers consistent quality and the company has excellent customer service. The design given to this product is contemporary, tiny, and extremely comfortable to wear.

The convertible volume makes it versatile and the playback time is 10 hours without recharging. The output audio from this speaker is free of cracking, or feedback noises, making sure about the clarity and precision of your voice. With amazing battery life, longevity is also a key spec in teaching tools. Croove provides replacement parts for every accessory that is equipped with the amplifier. 

The included waistband is flimsy and tends to shift and fall, especially if you’re on your feet and moving. The headset also runs large, so it may slip or fall if you have a smaller head.

The amplifier helps by allowing you to keep your voice volume down and protect your vocal cords but allows you to be heard in large auditoriums up to 4,300 sq. ft. without compromising on the quality of the sound.


  • Great for teachers and professionals.
  • Highly flexible with an adjustable microphone.
  • Covers 4,300 sq. ft. without distortions, breaks, or cracks.
  • 10 hours of playtime on one charge
  • Item Weight 417 grams

XIAOKOA 2.4G Wireless Voice Amplifier with Headset

This is one of the best voice amplifiers with high-end 2.4G wireless microphone, simple and stylish design, quality products to match your high-quality life. 

XIAOKOA 2.4G Wireless Voice Amplifier with Headset

An In-built speaker comes with a Rubidium magnet. The 5-30w output power of these speakers makes a high constancy and loud & clear sound. 

2.4G wireless transmission technology and 40m steady wireless connection at open area give the great output. Ear hook can be removed which makes the mic headset and handheld two in one. What you need to do is to plug the mic’s signal receiver in the voice amplifier, then it links the mic automatically.


  • Output power: 5-30w
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-13,000Hz
  • Battery: 7.4V/1800 mAh
  • 2.4G wireless microphone
  • Charging Time: < 4hours
  • Product Weight: 266g

ZOWEETEK Voice Amplifier with UHF Wireless Microphone

This voice amplifier from Zoweeteek is a great product for teaching purposes. The amplifier amplifies your voice and covers a distance of 10000 square meters with the utmost ease. 

Zoweetek Voice Amplifier with UHF Wireless Microphone

Thus, you will never have to put any pressure on your throat. Most importantly, it comes with a UHF microphone. Thus, it is resistant to any interference. Plus, it promises a longer range of transmission and a better listening experience.

In fact, it will also function as a music player. Whether you use Bluetooth or USB flash drive, you will be able to play your favorite music. Furthermore, it also comes with a 3.5 mm AUX cable. So, you can plug it in to use it as a wired music system.

It comes with an 1800 mAh rechargeable battery. As a result, you will be able to use it for 8-15 hours. You can also use the wireless microphone for 3-5 hours.


  • Output power: 10w
  • Frequency response: 90Hz-18KHz
  • Charging Voltage: DC 5v, 500ma
  • Unit Weight: 163g
  • Charging time: 3hours

Portable Microphones and Speakers for Teachers

Can I plug a microphone directly into speakers?

A microphone can definitely be wired directly into a speaker, however. The speaker input connector has to be identified at first in order to physically plug a microphone into a speaker, and then enable the suitable cable adapters to shift the microphone output into the speaker input.

Do microphones need an amplifier?

The audio signal from microphones is weak, so they need a preamp to translate it into a stronger “Line level” signal. in most cases today, any cheap audio interface will have built-in preamps already, but that doesn’t mean you don’t require an external pre-amplifier.

In which position should a microphone be held when speaking?

Point the microphone below or to the side of your mouth. Do not position it straight in front of your mouth. Hold the microphone in a comfortable position. Hold the microphone 1-3 inches away from your mouth.


The above-mentioned list includes the Best Portable Microphone and Speakers for teachers in India. Modern classrooms are incomplete without teaching aids like these microphones and speakers.

This actually releases the stress of teachers during long lecture sessions. Also, this makes the classes more audible for the students, and thus the class becomes more clear. Also, the health of teachers is also taken care of by this type of portable speaker with microphone.

AHUJA NBA-15 & XIAOKOA 2.4G  are the top two of this list according to the features it provides for the users. These will be a good choice for those who want to amplify their voice.