[Top 7] Best Gaming Cabinet under 3000 in India

Are you planning to buy Best Gaming Cabinet under 3000 for your pc? Then yes, you are at right place to find Gaming Cabinets for your pc under 3000.

Best Gaming Cabinet under 3000

PC cabinets or PC chassis is an enclosure that includes all the hardware components of a personal computer. This cover is generally made from steel, plastic, or aluminium. PC cabinets are available in different sizes, shapes, and even build of different materials. 

In this article, we are dealing with PC cabinets for gaming purposes. All the peripherals required for gaming purposes are entirely different from that of general-purpose peripherals. Like that Chassis is also different. 

Tech-enthusiasts love to build a PC in their own way. While building a PC under low budgets like under 15K or 20K, we require a chassis that cost only 3000 to 5000 rupees. So we thought about making a list containing good quality PC cabinets for Gaming under 3K rupees. 

You can give a whole new look to your gaming PC and get a new gaming vibe in your home itself with the Cabinets available under the 3K rupees price range. Gaming cabinets should not be like an ordinary metal case that just includes a motherboard, power supply, hard disk, etc like components. 

RGB cabinets are always good for making a Gaming PC. Antec, Zebronics, Ant Esports, and Chiptronex are famous brands in India that are capable of producing Gaming Cabinets at affordable rates. 

A good cabinet is one that offers additional upgradeable options and expansions for the future along with being able to protect your components. A Gaming Cabinet must protect the internals from dust and debris, provide proper ventilation, and keep them in tip-top shape.

If all these factors are what you are looking for, then read the complete article and purchase a product from our list itself. Without any further introduction, let’s move on to the list and then to the detailed review section of each of the products.

List of 7 Best Gaming Cabinets under 3000

  • Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW
  • Ant Esports ICE-200TG
  • Zebronics Zeb-Demeter
  • Antec NX200
  • Aerocool Bolt RGB PC Gaming Case
  • Zebronics Zeb-Cronus

Corsair Carbide Cabinet – Best Gaming Cabinet under 3000

gaming cabinet under 3000

Carbide Series SPEC-01 comes with a smart and durable design which is available under 3K rupees and this can’t be said as an expensive one.

This design will not give you a boring experience instead of that, the cabinet offers aggressive styling, a huge side panel window for seeing the internal components, and an LED-lit front intake fan which will be helpful for drawing cool air directly to your video card.

You can include 5 fans inside this cabinet with a combination of four hard drive / SSD trays for storage options. This will make the installation and upgrade options very fast and easy. For reducing the clutters, the designers have given perfect  Cable routing cutouts. 

The built-in dust filters will protect the internal parts. The  USB 3.0 connector is provided at the front section which will offer high-speed transfer with the latest high-performance storage devices.

The large side panel window will allow you to see the beauty on the inside of a well-built system. This is a must required feature for a gaming PC cabinet. The 120mm front intake fan comes along with  LED lighting and its function is to draw cool air directly across your graphics cards. 

You can also include a second 120mm fan or even dual 140mm fans if they require more cooling or ventilation. All the Corsair cases are designed to withstand overclocking, running multiple GPUs, or if you just want more airflow then the case can do that too.

A dual front 140mm or 120mm fan, dual 120mm fans on top and a rear 120mm fan are the types of fans that this case can occupy.

With SPEC-01, you can even include four hard drives or SSDs even though that much is not required. Along with the two standard 5.25 inches optical drive bays, there are four built-in 3.5 inches / 2.5 inches combo drive bays for mechanical hard drives or solid-state drives.


  • USB 3.0 front port with internal connector
  • Large side panel window
  • Cable routing and CPU cooler backplate motherboard cutouts
  • Seven PCIe slots
  • long graphics cards up to 420 mm long
  • Install up to four storage drives
  • Dust filters for front and PSU intake
  • Easy system builds, maintenance, and upgrades

Ant Esports ICE-200TG Cabinet

gaming cabinet for pc under 3000

Ant Esports ICE-200TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet comes with RGB Front Panel and  Transparent Tempered Glass Side Panel. This will help you to see all the hardware inside it and also to get more air inside. Black Glossy Finish and Acrylic Front Panel give a special attractive design for this Cabinet. 

All the mainstream hardware available in the Indian markets are compatible with this cabinet and provide an improved experience while installation. For better heat dissipation an Isolated PSU housing is also present in this case.

Front 120 mm x 3 (Optional) or Top 120 mm x 2 (Optional) or Rear Auto RGB 120 mm x 1 (Preinstalled) are the fans supported by this gaming PC Cabinet. This cabinet can be categorized as a next-generation one with all the new features to run all games and satisfy the needs of a Gamer.

A dedicated SSD/HDD bay will help you to get improved storage and space management. This cabinet features a Top magnetic dust screen that will be useful for cleaning, disassembly, and assembly. You can easily clean the PSU and the case offers excellent air intake to improve heat dissipation.

This chassis comes with a dimension of 427 x 185 x 460 mm and weighs around 6 kg 550 g. Ant Esports also provides cable management and offers a separate zone for power supply and other components. 

This cabinet van holds two HDD and SSD, one flashcard reader, supports ATX, MICRO-ATX, MINI-ITX motherboard.


  • RGB front panel with LED control button
  • Black glossy finish
  • Acrylic front panel
  • Front LED control button
  • Cable management support
  • Transparent tempered glass side panel

Zebronics Zeb-Demeter Gaming Cabinet

Zebronics Zeb-Demeter

If you are in search of a premium gaming chassis, then Zeb-Demeter is a wonderful option for purchasing. This chassis supports the Atx / mATX / Mini ITX motherboard.

The chassis comes with a transparent side panel, a top magnetic dust filter along with a 120mm rainbow halo ring rear fan and front RGB LED strips. This is a mid-tower type cabinet. 

For experiencing pro-gaming, always choose these types of cabinets which are designed with styling and quality. As you are ready to spend a good amount of 3K for the chassis, you must get a lot of features and specs for all your needs. 

This chassis features a bottom duty PSU. The rainbow halo ring rear fan and front RGB LED strips give a cool look to this chassis and the gaming vibe will be at its best. A more vibrant look and optimized airflow are offered by the 120mm rainbow halo ring rear fan.

Two HDDs and one SSD are supported by this cabinet. Also, they hold two USB ports and one USB3.0 port. This chassis comes with a dimension of 200 x 430 x 450mm  and weighs around 5 kg


  • Top magnetic dust filter
  • Rainbow Halo Ring Fan
  • Transparent Side Panel
  • 120mm Rear Fan
  • Heavy Duty Structure
  • Optimized design for airflow
  • Bottom Duty PSU

Antec NX200 Cabinet

Antec NX200 Cabinet

Antec NX200 is a Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet that can offer a sleek and aggressive feeling for the users while playing games and all. Show the world, the wonderful PC that you have made for playing games under a budget of 3K rupees. 

The cabinet features a full-sized ABS side window panel for seeing the internal components and giving proper ventilation. The Ventilated PSU compartment is very important in cooling the power supply. All the cables are hidden with proper cuts. 

The cabinet features a 7 expansion slot that includes the two 2.5”/3.5” combo bays, & two dedicated 2.5” bays that give enough space for your drives & cards. Up to a total of 5 fans of 120mm size are supported by this cabinet and includes one 120mm rear exhaust fan to start with.

The normal power button, RGB control button, microphone & audio jack, USB 3.0, and two USB 3.0 ports are the connectivity options available with this cabinet. You will get a clean and well laid out  IO panel. 

This cabinet features a removable magnetic dust filter which can be used for air intake or for installing two 120mm fans below it. A space for PSU air exhaust is present at the bottom part covered with a dust filter. On its right side, there is a small space for fresh air intake. 

Semi-modular & Modular PSU will suit perfectly with this Cabinet. You can also include extra PSU cables very easily. Micro, mini, and ATX motherboards and graphics card lengths of up to 350mm are compatible with this case. 

For routing the cables of the GPU power connector, USB 3.0 & 2.0 headers, and front I/O headers, the cabinets possess large and easy cutouts and three large cutouts for perfectly routing 24 pins and other SATA cables.

The PSU shroud, RGB strip light, and cutouts on the back panel for cable routing are excellently designed and makes this cabinet one of the best on our list, and most of the customers are happy with the design.


  • Stylish look
  • Compact size
  • RGB strip light with button
  • Low price
  • 5 fans support
  • Transparent side panel
  • PSU shroud
  • Full-size ATX and GPU support

CHIPTRONEX MX1 Gaming Cabinet

CHIPTRONEX MX1 Gaming Cabinet

The Chiptronex MX1 is an RGB mid-tower type gaming cabinet that features a front spectrum strip bar.  RGB fans are pre-installed at the backside of this cabinet. The side panel comes with a 5mm thick edge to edge tempered glass that gives a unique outlook to the cabinet. It is also a chance to show off your build inside.

The cabinet features a PSU closure and is compatible with a 240 mm liquid radiator on the front. ATX/Micro -ATX/ Mini ATX motherboards are supported by this cabinet. The Max VGA Length offered by this cabinet is 365 mm and the Max CPU Cooler Height is 156 mm. 

A dedicated RGB control button is available with this cabinet for the front RGB strip to glow between different RGB color modes using a manual RGB control button. On the front side, it can hold a 240mm Liquid Cooling Radiator and a 120mm radiator on top and rear.

On the bottom of the case, the case has two 3.5 HDD bays, and with the help of the handy screws, the Hard disk should be fixed. The power supply will be fixed at the bottom and the Hard disk handy screws should be fixed before doing so. 

The case supports three 120mm fans at the front, two 120/140 mm fans at the top and one 120mm fan at the rear side. A Maximum VGA card length of 365mm and the maximum CPU cooler height of 156 mm is supported by this cabinet. On the front, this cabinet supports two 2.5 SSD.

The SATA connector is available with the Front RGB strip that can be directly connected with the PSU SATA connector for power. You should directly connect the  Rear Automatic RGB fan black connector to the PSU Molex connector. 

One 120mm Automatic RGB fan is already installed in this cabinet. One high-speed transmission USB3.0 and two USB2.0 are available with this cabinet that can transfer the data at high speed. A dedicated RGB control button and HD Audio are also available with this cabinet.


  • Motherboard Support ATX/MATX/ITX
  • Has a front spectrum RGB strip bar
  • Rear 1 x 120mm automatic RGB fan
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Bottom power supply with PSU closure

Aerocool Bolt RGB PC Gaming Case

Aerocool Bolt RGB PC Gaming Case

The Aerocool Bolt RGB features a unique design than the ordinary gaming PC chassis. The carbon fiber style in the front panel is an eye-catchy feature that offers a futuristic gamer style experience to the users. The overall PC aesthetics is excellent and people love this unique design.

This is one of the finest products under this 3000 budget category that is spacious enough to accommodate much of the PC hardware without any hassle. The mid-tower case has a  side panel that is made of tempered glass. This panel is scratch resistant as compared to the tempered glass panel.

The rear design is also pretty with a  fan vent on top, then grilles for the expansion slot, a cutout for motherboards, and a PSU slot at the bottom. A fan vent present at the bottom part. On top and the bottom, you can see a dust filter. The right side is plain and has expansion for accommodating the cables.

You will get access to 13 preset lighting modes through the conveniently located LED control button. A full-sized PSU can be easily fitted inside the cabinet. This case supports CPU coolers up to 155mm and high-end graphics cards up to 355mm. 

One USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, an HD Audio & Mic. socket, LED Control Button, and the Power Button are located at the top side panel of the Aerocool Bolt RGB. An HDD and a power LED are also present at the front I/O. 

The SATA connection provides the power required for lighting the RGB strips. This chassis features two 3.5” Drive Bay, two 2.5” Drive Bay, and seven Expansion Slots. The Air Cooling System includes three 120mm fans at the front, two 120mm fans at the top, one 120mm fan at the rear side of the cabinet. The cabinet also supports VG. 


  • Stylish RGB LED design
  • Access 13 preset lighting modes
  • Full acrylic side panel 
  • Carbon fiber style front panel 
  • Dual chamber design for improved ventilation

Zebronics Zeb-Cronus Gaming Case

Zebronics Zeb-Cronus

Zeb-Cronus is a premium gaming cabinet that is priced below the 3K rupees price range with support for ATX/ mATX. The cabinet has a mirror-finish front & tempered glass front and also features a side panel with a top-mounted PSU. 

On the front and rear side of the chassis, you can find the 4 x120mm Rainbow LED double ring fans. This will give you the best ambiance for gaming with optimized airflow. An AIO cooler can be installed within the chassis.

The driver supports one HDD of 3.5” and two SSD of 2.5”. A total of seven expansion slots are available and offer one USB 3.0, and one USB port space.


  • Double ring fans
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Mirror finish front tempered glass
  • 120mm rear Rainbow LED fan
  • 3 x120mm front Rainbow LED fans
  • Heavy Duty Structure
  • Optimized design for airflow
  • Top-mounted PSU

Best Gaming Cabinet under 5000


We have listed the top 7 Gaming PC chassis in India priced below 3K rupees. We can find a lot of cases for protecting your components, but the buying product should be of good quality in order to make the purchase worth it.

You have to be careful while purchasing a cabinet as it should be compatible with the hardware you look to include inside it. Different motherboards required a different type of cabinets for perfectly suiting. Not only the motherboard, but you should also check the driver compatibility, availability of ports, cutouts for proper wire management, etc. 

From the above list, Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW is the most rated product which is of the best quality, durable, and can be rated as the best out of this list. This under 3K budget will be your best partner for securing the major components of your PC.