Best Car Audio System in India to Buy Online

Audio systems are the devices installed on the car or other vehicles to create a space for the entertainment and to make your journey a pleasant one. Whether short, long, or occasional rides, audio systems are always best companions for your trip. This guide can help you to buy Best Car Audio System in India

best car audio system in india

In car, entertainment system has created a breeze, when the Motorola introduced the first car audio system. Over the past 90 years, car radio system has changed its shade from a single speaker AM radio receiver to complex electronic system that can reproduce music from over the air signals and recorded formats. Before buying a Best music system for car, you need to consider few things

Outlook of the audio system functions and some features will optimise your ability to pick the best car audio system. This buying guide will help you with the best car audio systems in India and the features to look into justifying your decision. Here is a list of best car audio systems with varied prices that are available in India

8 Best Car Audio Systems in India

Sony XAV-AX3000 AV Receiver with Android Auto and Apple Car Play

Now you can enjoy smooth and simple control for every journey with the Sony XAV-AX3000. Android auto is the convenient way of getting in touch with your contacts and control the playbacks with voice command. Sony XAV-AX3000 is one of the best music system for car in India.

Best Car Stereo System in India

Apple car play allows you to use all the essential iPhone features on the road. You can easily get help from the smartphone without taking your hands off the steering. Powerful 4*55 amplification can make the crisp, louder, clear, and dynamic sound and spreads around pleasant musical vibes. Sony XAV-AX3000 Receiver gives hands free experience and it works well with your smartphone. 

17.6 cm diagonal and responsive touchscreen can wake up in less than two and half times less than the previous models.  You can connect your Apple or smartphone to stream music and get the directions. 

Simple control buttons allows you to easily use the features such as volume, source, sound setting, and voice controls for the flexible operation while you are driving. 

4*55 dynamic reality Amp 2 could eliminate the interference with the advanced signal processing so that you can hear clear music even you crank up the volume. You can view the feeds of the rear view camera along with some customizable guidelines and to get back safely.

It is the Best car audio system in India with low end power. Installation is easy with enough room behind the display for accessories and cabling.

  • Easy installation
  • High responsive touch
  • Large 7 inch screen
  • Google voice assistant
  • limited background theme
  • single USB port

MyTVS 7 inch Double din touch screen stereo with night vision parking camera

myTVS is well known for best car audio system brand in India.  It is featured with 8 LED night vision parking cameras. The connectivity modes include Bluetooth, and USB. myTVS double din supports MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG, and APE audio formats. Soft screen touch technology supports smooth and faster operation.

Car Music System in India

You can avail the benefits of GPS/navigation using the mirror link option of your smartphone. It stores the memory automatically when the power is off under radio or TF/USB mode.

It comes with a TF card slot and USB 2.0 port.  7 inch screen can display 1080P high resolution movie players. MOSFET amplifier can amplify the output 4 times of the input. The stereo supports clock and mute functions.

It is the best car stereo system in India with night vision parking camera. Night vision parking camera has high definition and 170 degree viewing angle with versatile compatible mode. It can be fixed anywhere on the license plate or inside the bumper. It is compatible with all the weather conditions.

Night vision camera features:

  • Reverse parking is easy
  • Weather proof camera
  • It provides wide and clear view of the road while reversing
  • 1 year warranty
  • High resolution digital touch screen
  • Fitment frame needs to be purchased separately
  • Installation is expensive

Dulcet DC-F90X 220W single Din MP3 Car stereo with Built in Smart Phone Holder

It is the Best car audio system with ultra-fast charging. It is featured with a built-in smartphone holder that can firmly hold the smartphones of 6.5 inch very easily. 

Dulcet DC-F90X 220W single Din MP3 Car stereo

4*55 built-in amplifier delivers high output with remarkable quality. You can select among 7-backlight illuminations suiting your mood or car’s dashboard illumination. 2.1 AMP ultra-fast charging USB port allows you to charge your phone 3 times faster than with the entry-level car stereo.

You can enable hands free calling with the Built-in Bluetooth. it also allows you to wirelessly stream the music with much comfort and safety while driving. You can play songs via USB port while charging your phone.

The built-in FM radio is featured with the 18 preset radio memory that can keep you in touch with your favourite FM/Radio stations.  You can listen to the music of your choice by connecting your smartphone to the 3.5mm AUX cable or via SD card. Both of these come with the box.

All the functions can be easily controlled with the remote control. User manual gives you a better understanding of the car stereo and the awareness of the wiring and installation.

  • Easy installation and fits well inside all the cars
  • Remote control
  • Budget friendly
  • Decent sound quality
  • IC back panel gets heated up easily

iBELL DXP700 140W MP3 Car Stereo with one Touch Bluetooth

iBELL is the fast paced electronic industry in the world that is intended to surprise the customers with innovative designs and features. It manufactures classy, cost-effective, and consumer durables. iBell mainly focuses on entertainment and household appliances. iBell is named brand in India for Car music system from decades

It is facilitated with the handy remote and easy to use interface to play media on the car stereo. The stereo material is made from a rich quality material. It is designed to meet the needs of all the users over a long time. 

iBELL supports FM, USB & MMC. This media player is designed to make it easy to store. Front panel is detachable. Colour LCD display is featured with RCA line output and night illumination.

  • Design looks elegant
  • Installation is easy
  • Good bass and sound quality
  • Brightness cannot be set

Woodman Neo 3s-7 inch android car audio system with Google voice

Woodman Neo3s is the android 8.1 supported car stereo with Google voice assistant. Voice search is allowed for weather, navigation, YouTube, and other Google search. 

Woodman Neo 3s-7 inch android car audio system

It is the best car audio systems that is featured with 170 degree wide angle night vision HD camera. Neo 3s is facilitated with cortex A7 Quad core processor, 2GB RAM, and 16 GB ROM. You can enjoy many entertainment apps like Hotstar, Netflix, youtube, Amazon Prime and Gaana.

Built in GPS with Google maps, WiFi, Bluetooth & USB connectivity are the most versatile features of Woodman Neo 3s. Enjoy the unlimited entertainment with the FM radio quick access panel.

Woodman Neo 3s has a durable HD IPS display with Gorilla cover. Built in Equaliser that can stimulate your listening experience for standard, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classic, Flat, User, and many other music modes with bass boost. The pack comes with 1 car stereo, rear camera, 2 USB cables, GPS Antenna, Supply connector.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Calling & music via Bluetooth
  • Wireless mirror link
  • Rear view camera connectivity
  • Budget friendly
  • Processor is slow
  • Need extra frame for installation

Suzec Double Din Car stereo with LED reverse camera

Entertainment with digital quality videos can be really exciting when you are on move. Suzec double din stereo brings you the amazing movie experience with the high definition colored full display screen.

Suzec Double Din Car stereo with LED reverse camera

This stereo can support all kinds of video formats. Suzec is designed to cater your needs and surpass your expectations with multiple connecting options. You can watch 1080P quality videos on the screen.

Suzec supports mirror link on your android device, with this app controlling becomes so easy with larger icons. 7 inch capacitive touch screen gives you the faster and reliable touch experience. 

Wireless RC provides rear passengers and drivers easy means of controlling all the features of the stereo. Built-in FM radio allows you to stay connected with the songs that you love listen to.

Suzec is the best car audio system with quality sound that is driven by the powerful amplifier. With the customisable sound settings, you can listen to the music in your own way. It’s built-in Bluetooth features allow you to pick the car even when you are driving. You can stream phone music to the stereo when connected via USB or Bluetooth.

Suzec is the premier car audio system with multiple features like rear view camera & sensors, steering wheel control, and multicolour backlight buttons. It has universal fit design and can fit easily inside any car without any additional arrangements.

  • User friendly
  • Faster responsive display
  • Performs multiple functions
  • Easy installation
  • Remote with sleek touch buttons
  • Sub-woofer and parametric equaliser are missing

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Onix OCS-03 single Din Car Audio with Bluetooth/USB/FM/AUX

OCS-03 is the best car audio system for multiple functions introduced by Onix. Its multiple functions include USB, SD card, Bluetooth, and AUX in support. Smart LCD displays give a sleek look. 

Onix OCS-03 single Din Car Audio

Onix OCS-03 is the best car audio system with great power output of 4 *50W. This stereo can be connected to 4 channels to yield maximum output of 200 watts. with the treble bass, this car stereo can be a perfect audio partner for your car.

With the hands free calling feature, you can pick the calls without taking the phone in hands. Onix OCS-03 is facilitated with the remote control to handle all the features of the stereo in just a single touch. 

It is the best car audio system with bass control to adjust the bass as per your comfort. Onix supports audio formats like USB, Xvid, MP3, MPA, M4A. supported Disc formats include USB, AUX, SD-MMC.

Fixed front panel is featured with 18 FM preset stations and auto seek or auto store stations. Additional unique features include LCD display, RCA line Out & preset equaliser, Digital clock, and the entire body is resistant to shock.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Treble and bass control
  • Digital clock
  • Remote control
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Mobile charging is slow

Bebop Bluetooth FM USB AUX Card MP3 stereo with IR remote

Bebop Bluetooth FM USB car stereo is designed to add more color to your music journey and it is the best car audio system under 1000. 

Bebop Bluetooth FM USB AUX Card MP3 stereo

Connectivity modes include Bluetooth, FM, USB, MP3, AUX, SD card. Display type is an LED full array. No additional batteries are required, it takes power directly from the car battery. 

It can be connected to the Car Speakers through an amplifier. The kit comes with a remote control. Amplifier board and speaker module are required to use the Bebop car stereo. The unit comes with a seven segment LED display in the frequency range of 87.5 MHz to 108 MHZ. The remote comes with an external antenna.

  • Budget friendly
  • Good remote quality
  • Compact size
  • no memory to set equaliser and volume

Main components of car audio system

You can find many components in the high-end home audio system like a radio tuner, CD player, preamp, amplifier, connected by cables taking away more space. The limited space in the cars allowed automakers to design an audio system that is stuffed with all the necessary components in a single head unit. Here are the basic components of car audio system

Head Unit: Head unit controls the connected media devices like iPod and to navigate the contents of the memory unit, a USB flash drive. These days, most of the audio systems are featured with Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to stream the music wirelessly.

Head units are also featured with the tone controls to adjust the bass and volume as per your needs. Many audio systems are equipped with the signal processing that can adjust the volume as per the noise levels in the ambient vehicle. Some OEM audio systems come with the separate sub-woofer and subwoofer level controls.

Amplifier: Any car sound system is equipped with the amplifier to maximize the power of the audio signal that is strong enough to make the sound system produce sound. Amplification is usually a two stage process that is carried out by using a preamp and a power amplifier.

The preamp is located inside the head unit and takes the data from the external audio sources connected to the head unit. Preamp slightly boosts the collected data to make it a suitable input for the amplifier and this input is resistant to the sounds produced by other electronics in cars. Power amplifiers convert the pre-amp low level into sound levels that can elevate the entertainment.

Many head units are provided with the built in power amplifiers that can drive even the small speakers. This makes the audio system to reduce to a compact head size. For better quality sound, you need a powerful amplifier. So most of the high end sound systems will have the separate amplifier that is mounted far away from the head unit concerning the size and the heat they generate.

Speakers: Speakers will take up the amplified electrical signal and convert it into mechanical energy that can move the cone of the speaker back and forth to create a sound. Speaker cone creates the vibrations and they are usually the sound that we hear. The general audible frequency range is 20HZ to 20,000 HZ. 

Many audio systems are designed to cover full frequency spectrum. When the full frequencies are covered, bass response and very high frequencies are generally dull. More accurate sounds can be obtained with the help of an array of speakers that are dedicated to reproducing a small range of sounds.

6 Things to consider before Buying Car Audio System

Car stereo is the centrepiece of the car interior and adds a sleek look. Unlike other things and devices you buy, it’s not easy to select a car audio system. Here are a few things to consider to simplify your car audio buying process.

Audio sources: The foremost thing that you should look at is to ensure whether your audio system supports all playback formats. Audio quality is decided by the type of audio format. Sound formats like MP3, and AAC offer more convenient audio quality, whereas the other formats like ALAC, WAV, and FLAC will give you high resolution with better sound quality. 

It is more important to check that your car audio system supports all kinds of sound formats and can accommodate a wide range of audio sources including CD/DVD, Radio, USB, AUX, Bluetooth, SD card, or smartphone.

Sound controls: Sound controls are the typical factors to consider while buying aftermarket stereos. They offer flexible and convenient means of usage. Sound controls allow you to tune the sound output blending with the mood levels. High end receivers are facilitated with the digital time correction and parametric equalization for the better adjustments. 

Future scope: Auxiliary inputs, USB connections, and Audio/video outputs let you use your stereo to the best. Connecting devices including music players, rear seat video screens, external amplifiers, powered subwoofers will give a new life to your stereo and stimulate its scope of use. Stereo with USB input and Bluetooth connectivity gives you the pleasant listening experience inside the car.

Smart outlook: Car stereo with a high tech display interface and cutting edge layout adds a new look to your car interior. Animated displays with color themes, and touch screen monitors give more flexibility. Stereo with flashing beats as per the beat can elevate your listening experience to peaks.

Physical dimensions: Aftermarket stereos come usually in two sizes –single din and double din. Single din stereos have buttons and are packed with amazing functionalities and space for add-ons. Double-bin audio systems are featured with touch screens with supporting functions like GPS, DVD, playback, and more.

Additional features:Many people love to stay connected with the news and many other updates while travelling. Recent stereo systems can keep you informed on up to date news and current affairs. You can have the fun of listening to music while gaining some knowledge on the things happening around. Stereo with built in radio and GPS navigation are good to consider.

With the GPS navigation, you can reach the destination easily without stopping somewhere and asking a local for the route to a new place.


Car stereo plays a role when you wish to add a beautiful look to your car interior. Along with the sleek design, the car stereo must give you an amazing listening experience with all the quality components. This buying guide can help you to pick the best budget car audio system in India among various models.