[Top 14] Best Airpods under 2000 Rs in India

In this article, we are going to curate a list of only the Best Airpods under 2000 Rs range in India. Airpods also know as True Wireless Earbuds, and here we have collected Best True Wireless Earbuds under 2000 Rs price range from Customer reviews and ratings

The world is running behind wireless gadgets. Everyone requires simple and faster wireless devices in their homes and offices. One such commonly used wireless device is the Airpods also known for True Wireless Earbuds.

Best True Wireless Earbuds under 2000

Airpods are weightless and tiny gadgets that give you ultimate freedom with code-free or code less connectivity. These wireless devices can give you fantastic sound output quality with thumping bass and enough loudness with a noise cancellation facility.

One of the major advantages of the Airpods is the easiness of portability with tangle free music listening experience. The Airpods market is growing at a tremendous pace in India. Especially, people focus on low-budget AirPods under 2000 rupees from good brands. 

That’s where the importance of this list plays a major role. You didn’t have to search for a large number of products to purchase a single one. From this list of Airpods, we are sure that you will get at least one ideal product for your use. You may also interested in

Actually, Airpods are a new concept for the people in India. But as the days had gone, people are more likely to use Airpods due to their easiness in the user interface. 

List of 14 Best Airpods under 2000 in India

  • Oppo W11 Tws Earbuds
  • Realme Buds Q AirPods
  • Redmi Earbuds S
  • Portronics Harmonics Twins mini
  • WeCool Moonwalk M2
  • Boult Audio Airbass Musebuds
  • Zebronics Sound Bomb
  • pTron Bassbuds Pro
  • truk Fit Pro Power
  • pTron Bassbuds
  • Xmate Buzz
  • Redmi Earbuds 2C
  •  boAt Airdopes 121v2 
  • Noise Shots Nuvo Airpods

What are the Best AirPods under 2000 Price Range?

Realme, Oppo, BoAt, Noise, and Boult are the major dealers of Wireless Earbuds in India. They offer premium quality AirPods within a budget-friendly price range like 2000.

The crucial points about Airpods that you need to check before buying are its build quality, sound quality, battery life, and other special features like water, dust, and shock resistance. Our article is also based on these factors.

Let’s see the result of our comprehensive research on Airpods that comes under a budget of 2000 rupees. 

Oppo W11Best Wireless Earbuds under 2000

The Oppo Enco W11 has a clamshell design made up of a hard plastic case, is well built with a premium glossy finish on top. It looks attractive in hand, a matte finish shell offers to prevent scratches and fingerprint smudges.

Best TWS Earbuds under 2000

Oppo W11 wireless earpads are designed to fit the contours of your ears and ensure a secure fit and a firm and. Oppo W11  lightweight design and compactness allows it to conveniently fit you. The earpieces are very comfortable and offer a tight fit inside the ear canal. To indicate the battery/charging status, there is a single LED on the charging case at a glance. For charging purposes, you will get the modern C-type port.

The Oppo Enco W11 comes with a smaller 8mm speaker driver which delivers a  decently loud and natural bass response. The vocals and the higher end treble notes are crisp and clear without any issues. 

When compared to other products of this range, Oppo Enco W11 sounds a bit flat. The bass notes are appreciably more pronounced and the treble notes and midrange offer good stage separation as well. The inline mic quality is quite good.

The Oppo Enco W11 Airpods comes with dust resistance and IP55 water. You can easily take these Airpods to outdoors in the rain without getting damaged. It has touch-sensitive gestures that are easy to control. It will have an excellent touch response. 

A single tap allows you to play or pause videos, a double-tap will help you to change tracks with ease. You can receive or end calls by double-tapping.

The full charge gives you up to 5 hours of playback time and can also enjoy up to 20 hours of playback time with its charging case. The in-built Bluetooth 5.0 chip helps you connect any compatible device to this headset within a range of 10 meters. This headset delivers a stable and seamless sound in both ears using Binaural Simultaneous Bluetooth Transmission.


  • Bluetooth Version: v5.0
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 Hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Water Resistance: IP55
  • Inline Remote: Yes
  • Boom Microphone: Yes
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 m
  • Item Weight: 4.4 g

Realme Buds QBest AirPods under 2000

The Buds Q Airpods under the same price segment of under Rs.2,000.The Buds Q Wireless Earbuds come in a rounded pebble-like case made from a plastic material. The quality of this case made from plastic is very good. The hinge and the opening lid feels durable compared to the other products.

Best AirPods under 2000

Designed by the Hermès designer, this budget-friendly earbud Features a cobble-like design and comes with a state-of-art in frosted texture. Each bud weighs 3.6g only, the lightweight design is very comfortable to wear. There is a single LED placed on the outside to notify the battery level and the charge status.

The earbud’s angled stems help these buds to stay secure inside the ear canal. This product is rated with IPX4 water resistance. This will give reliability to the product and save it from water-splashes and all.

The Realme Buds Q sounds come with a large 10mm speaker driver inside delivering bass-heavy sound output. It delivers equally enjoyable vocals and complementing treble notes. The Realme Buds Q delivers an excellent quality sound output with good stage separation. This earbud supports the all-new realm Link App which is free to customize the touch controls.

The Realme Buds Q has a powerful R1Q chip with Bluetooth 5.0 that offers easy connectivity options with your phone. It supports Dynamic Bass Boost and  AAC audio codec for an exceptional audio experience. It has the latest R1Q chipset inside for wireless audio streaming performance and better pairing.

The Earbuds Q is equipped with a gesture mode control. There is a  dedicated low latency mode on this earbud that will help you play games with minimal audio lag. The Realme link app is available in the Google play store. This Earbud lasts for 4 hours on a single charge and the total battery life is around 20 hours.


  • Bluetooth Version:  v5.0
  • Battery Life: 4.5 Hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Audio Codec:  AAC
  • Battery Capacity: 400 mAh
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 m
  • Item Weight: 35 g

Redmi Earbuds S

Redmi is the budget-oriented sub-brand from Xiaomi. The Earbuds S from Redmi is an ultra-cheap Airpods that is priced at just under 2,000 Rs. The Redmi Earbuds S  made from a small plastic case which feels flimsy. These are named as best budget Airpods under 2000 Rs from Redmi.

Wireless Earbuds under 2000

The finishing touched to the external parts are done with a matte texture. The earbuds are small and compact. Each bud weighs 4.2g. It comes with an angled earpiece that fits well inside the ears.

The Redmi Earbuds S has 7.3 mm, speaker drivers that deliver a decent sound output quality. The bass is good and the high notes and the vocals exhibit better stage separation. It is equipped with a Realtek audio chip with good passive noise cancellation.

You can easily remove both earbuds from the charging case and automatically connect both earbuds in 2–3 seconds. There is an indicator of the left or right earbud slowly blinks white. This Redmi Earbuds S is compatible with all brands and products.

The Redmi Earbuds S Features clickable physical buttons located on the earpiece to control the music playback. These buttons are programmed to accept/reject calls, skip tracks, and triple-click mode helps to lower latency audio streaming. The pairing process is very easy. You can use both or only single earbuds at a time on your choice.

The Redmi Earbuds S supports Bluetooth 5.0, and both earphones are connected directly to your phone. It only supports the standard SBC codec. It has no companion app, so no way to update its software. These are mediocre sounding pairs of earphones. It comes with a reverse S-curve signature that produces a muddy sound with overwhelming high-bass.


  • Bluetooth Version: v5.0
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 Hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Voltage: 0.2 Volts
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth
  • Item Weight: 36 g

Portronics Harmonics Twins Mini Airpods

Portronics is a well-known brand in the Indian markets for its quality electronic products. The Portronics  Harmonics Twins Mini is an entry-level Airpods that offer the best all-round performance when it comes priced under Rs.2000.

Wireless Earphones under 2k

The Portronics Harmonics Twins mini comes with a fit and finishes department. This wireless earbud is made of plastics and has an extra mile to make it look robust and feel durable. The charging case is covered with rubber texture for shock resistance in case of an accidental fall and enhanced hand grips.

It has four LED indicators placed in front of the case to notify the charge level. The earbuds are lightweight and comfortable to be fit in the ear canals. The LED indicators automatically turn off and stop charging when the device is fully charged.

It comes with a mini-Features 8mm speaker driver which delivers a surprisingly loud sound loud and clear. The bass notes are rich and comfortable to the ears. The instrument separation is excellent and enables you to listen to music. It has the Latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology for a seamless connection. This device Features Highly power-efficient, lower energy consumption, and Compatible with both iOS and Android.

Portronics earbuds are IPX6 rating, it can withstand water and sweat and stays protected against rain and splashing. It is embedded with an advanced chipset that offers an amazing powerful HD stereo music experience by powerful drivers. It comes with four sizes of ear-buds which is apt for all ear shapes and sizes.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) ensures music listening smoothly without any worry of cable pulling from ears and perfectly balanced. It comes with an ATS3009 chipset inside this wireless earbud delivers a powerful and handles audio processing. Passive noise cancellation works best with an immersive music listening experience.

The Portronics Twins mini earbuds are powered by 40mAh batteries along with the 320mAh battery on the charging case. The Airpods last between 3-4 hours on a single charge with continuous music playback at 65% volume. The charging case can charge the earbuds completely up to three times and the total battery life extends up to 10 hours.


  • Bluetooth Version: v5.0
  • Battery life: Up to 3 Hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Voltage: 5 Volts
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth
  • Item Weight: 31 g

WeCool Moonwalk M2 Airpods

The Wool moonwalk M2 is a budget in-ear Airpods under Rs.2,000 Rs available in India. These Airpods comes with a handful of useful Features for a budget TWS earbud. The Wool Moonwalk M2 is very lightweight Airpods and is made from plastic materials.

WeCool Moonwalk M2 TWS Earbuds

The earbuds have a stem design and the in-ear style form factor ensures a comfortable fit. The minimalist design of the earbuds comes with a charging case. It has a rounded square pebble design which is easy to carry around. This is an IPX5 certified earbud that can withstand water splashes, sweat, and rain without any problems.

Inside the Moonwalk M2, is the 10 mm, dynamic drivers, delivering bass-heavy sound output. The in-ear design provides excellent sound isolation characteristics and a satisfactory listening experience. The bass lightly overpowers the vocals and the treble notes. The acoustic performance of this budget Airpods is bearable for the asking price.

The Wool Moonwalk M2 can be either used in monopod or stereo mode depending on your choice. This Earbud Features a type C port so that you can charge this device with the same cable used to charge your smartphone. The integrated microphone on this device gives decent quality voice calls when used indoors.

The Wool Moonwalk M2 Airpods are powered by a 40mAh battery that will last for up to 4 hours on a single charge. While placed inside the case, it takes around 90 minutes to completely charge this earbud.


  • Bluetooth Version: v5.0
  • Battery Life: 4 Hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Water Resistance: IPX5
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Polymer
  • Bass-heavy sound signature
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Item Weight: 50 g

Boult Audio Airbass Musebuds

Boult Audio is an Indian brand dealing with affordable headphones and earphones. The Boult Audio Airbass Musebuds is a budget-friendly Airpods suitable for music listening as well as gaming. This earbud has a sporty design integrated ear hook with the earbuds. 

Boult Audio Airbass Musebuds

The construction of this earbud is of sturdy plastic materials and feels very durable. The charging case comes with a pebble shape design and has a satisfactory opening and lid closing mechanism. This budget-friendly TWS Boult Audio earbud is IPX5 certified for sweat resistance, rain, and splash.

It has a 9mm dynamic driver inside that delivers a bass-heavy sound. It is very comfortable to fit in-ear and the sound isolation is noticeably better and enhances the overall music listening experience. It has the latest Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity and ensures stable wireless audio streaming anywhere within 10m.

These wireless earbuds can block out most of the surrounding noises and you can automatically pair them with your device. It has 4 additional charges to the earbuds making total play-time of up to 18 hours. 

The Boult Audio Musebuds Features a single multi-function button with which you control the volume, trigger the voice assistant, music playback, etc.

The Musebuds Airpods will last you around 5 hours per single charge and the total battery life up to 15 hours. This earbud Features an advanced high-quality mic for both earbuds pieces that will deliver a better calling facility. 


  • Bluetooth Version:  v5.0
  • Battery Life:  Up to 5 Hours
  • Warranty:  1 Year
  • Water Resistance:  IPX5
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth
  • Noise-canceling
  • Low latency gaming audio
  • Item Weight: 90 g

Zebronics Sound Bomb Airpods

Zebronics is a familiar name for most Indian customers and they are well known for manufacturing affordable computer accessories such as mice and keyboards. Their audio products are also trending in the markets and Sound Bomb their newly produced Airpods.

Zebronics Sound Bomb

This lightweight product comes in a rounded rectangular charging case that offers a fresh look to the product. The outer body of the earbud has a matte plastic finish and the quality offered is quite decent for the price.

These buds may not be smaller in size but are lightweight with only 140 g and are very comfortable to wear. It has a peculiar stem form factor which is normally seen with premium earbuds such as Apple AirPods.

The earbud will comfortably fit into the ear canal without falling off easily due to its ergonomic design. At the earpiece stem, located the touch controls that are soft and work very well, even with gentle taps.

The Zebronics Sound bomb comes equipped with a smaller 6mm driver that is capable to produce surprisingly rich sound output. These powerful drivers are combined with the tight in-ear fit offers the best audio quality with rich, deep bass and vocals with excellent clarity.

The digital noise isolation feature is present in this earbud which is not much seen with many products of this price category. You can even use this earbud for outdoor calling without much external noise interfering.

There is no specific IP rating for this device, but the company claims that these earbuds can withstand light rains and water splashes. HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP are the different types of BT profiles supported by this speaker.

It comes with Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity which is stable and efficient and is best for both Android and iOS devices. USB Type C charging port is equipped in this device which is a little bit faster than the older ports. Another advantage of having a C-type port is that you can simply charge this gadget with your smartphone charging cable itself. 

Zebronics Sound Bomb is powered by a 40mAh battery that can last up to 4-5 hours on a single charge. This earbud Features a 350mAh charging case that can recharge this gadget at least three times completely before running out of charge.

With the powerful drivers and excellent in-ear passive noise cancellation, this product holds the main position in our below 2K budget earbuds list. 


  • BT Version: 5.0
  • Drive Size: 6mm
  • Speaker Impedance: 16Ω
  • Playback Time: 6hrs
  • Charging Time
  • Earphone 1 hr
  • Case 2 hrs
  • Talk Time: 3 hrs 30 mins
  • Standby Time: 30 hrs
  • Item Weight: 140 g

pTron Bassbuds Pro Airpods

pTron is a well-known company for producing budget Airpods for budget-conscious buyers. pTron Bassbuds Pro is a feature-rich TWS Earbuds with decent sound production. A high-quality ABS plastic material is used for building this product. This earbud has a matte finishing on it giving a premium feel to the design.

pTron Bassbuds Pro

This is a small and lightweight product that has touch controls and will give you a comfortable wearing position snugly in-ear canal. Therefore, you will be able to use this earbud for longer hours. 

You can see the battery level on the digital display inside the charging case. With a 2000 rupees budget, what you will get is a decent build quality earbud with an IPX4 rating to protect against water and sweat.

pTron Bassbuds Pro Features a  6mm Dynamic Speakers driver which may feel like a smaller one to some customers, but considering the budget, this is excellent.

From the bass side, there is not much to emphasize, but it’s okay. You can experience good quality vocals and mids. But you may feel some sort of distortion when the volume is raised to the maximum level. Also, the quality of receiving and answering calls is acceptable at this budget.

The pTron Bassbuds Pro is powered by a 400mAh battery for charging case and with a 40mAh battery in each earbud. This battery will give you a battery backup of around 2 or 3 hours on a single charge. This may vary according to the way of using it. And with the charging case, this earbud will last for up to 10 hours. It will take two and a half hours to recharge the battery via a Micro USB port.

This earbud has a touch gesture feature that will help you to control the media and calls. But you may experience a lag between the command and action.

pTron Bassbuds Pro Features Bluetooth 5 technology that will offer a range of connectivity of around 10 meters, with instant pairing. For budget-conscious buyers, this is an ideal product to enjoy the audios you play.


  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Type-C port
  • Touch Controls
  • LED Display battery indicator
  • 4 Hours of Talk-time
  • 3 Hours Playback Time 
  • Bluetooth connectivity range: 10m
  • 300mAh Magnetic Charging Case
  • Item Weight: 35 g

truke Fit Pro Power Airpods

truke Fit Pro Power is one of the most affordable pair of TWS Earbuds on this list with a unique and Stylish dolphin design. The most attractive feature in this earbud is its massive battery packed inside that helps for fast charging.

truke Fit Pro Power

Hard plastic material is used for making this gadget and has a rubberized coating on the top. With decent build quality, this earbud gives you a better grip while you hold it in your hands. 

The dolphin design with which this earbud is designed is unique and stylish and fits comfortably in the ear canal for a longer time. It didn’t feature the ear tips. In terms of comfortability, the build quality is decent within this price range.

Truk Fit Pro Power comes equipped with 13mm Dynamic Driver Speakers that will offer amazing sound output. The bass, mids, and highs are of decent range at this price segment. Vocals are delivered without any lag while listening to music or watching a movie. But you may feel delay while playing games. That’s why this earbud is unfit for gaming purposes.

The truke Fit Pro Power is good for indoor calling purposes but is not much good for outdoor purposes. 

The Truk Fit Pro Power is built with a 2000 mAh Battery pack inside along with a 40mAh Battery pack for each earbud. This earbud offers a  battery life of up to 4 hours on a single charge. While using it with a charging case, this earbud offers up to 100 hrs of battery backup.

It will take only 15 minutes to charge the battery from zero to one and then you will get a playback time of 3 hours. Type-C Universal Charging Interface is equipped with this budget-friendly earbud so that there is no need to buy a separate adapter for charging.

This earbud Features Bluetooth 5.0, which offers a connectivity range of up to 10 meters. Mono connectivity is supported by this gadget for individual earbud pairing. A responsive tactic button is provided with this earbud in order to control media and calls.


  • Bluetooth version: v5.0
  • Bluetooth connectivity range: 10 m Range
  • Driver size: 13 mm Driver
  • Deep Bass
  • Microphone
  • Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Battery case:  2000mAh Battey
  • Item Weight: 74 g

pTron Bassbuds

PTron Bassbuds are True Wireless Stereo Earbuds that are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The Hi-Fi sound quality and crystal clear treble make this earbud a wonderful product under such a low budget range. 

pTron Bassbuds

It has an ergonomic design and is a lightweight product that fits comfortably and snugly in your ear. With the latest wireless technology and chip-set transfer loss-less audio quality is obtained and gives you a clear, crystal, and powerful sound.

This speaker is equipped with a solid connection, faster pairing, and lower power consumption and is compatible with dual stereo calling. By just charging this gadget you can enjoy the amazing sound quality.

High-frequency response and distortion-free bass are the other special Features that these Earpods bring you with such a low budget. The latest and industry-leading Bluetooth technology in this device offers a Bluetooth connectivity range of 33ft (10m). 

This earbud offers 100 hours of standby time and gives a continuous playback time of 6 hours with charging for 1.5 hours. You will also get 5 hours of talk-time. pTron Bassbuds Features a 400mAh charging cum storage portable case that can charge this earbud at least 2-3 times a day.

pTron Bassbuds is truly a universal earbud that pairs easily with all phone brands & tablets. You can also use this gadget with any other Bluetooth-enabled multi-media devices and offers excellent ease-of-use.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.0
  • Sound Type: Stereo
  • Style: In-Ear Wireless
  • Battery Average Life: 6 Hours
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Microphone Form Factor: With microphone
  • Bluetooth connection range:  33ft (10m)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Item Weight: 28 g

Xmate Buzz AirPods

Xmate is a popular Indian brand known for its computer accessories such as gaming mouse, chargers, etc. The Xmate Buzz is a cheap in-ear styled Airpods that Features a  peculiar egg-shaped charging case.

Xmate Buzz AirPods

This budget Airpods is priced under 2K rupees in which the case is made of plastic, which is not the best in quality while compared with the other products in our list. But asking more under this price range is not the right thing.

The charging case Features four LED light indicators that will give information about the state of charge of the integrated battery pack inside. The design of this wireless earbud has a nice industrial look and is a lightweight product with only half a gram. This is one of the lightest earbuds in this budget segment and the single piece of this earbud only weighs around 4g.

This perfectly designed earbud will not wiggle and slip from your ear canal and sit flush into the ear. For long sessions of use, this earbud never gets out of its comfort zone. 

The Xmate Buzz Features 10mm speaker drivers that offer decent quality sound output. The bass level may vary according to the category of music you’re playing. You will get clean vocals and treble notes without any distortions even at higher volume levels.

The resource-intensive FLAC codec works well for music playback. For producing a neutral signature sound profile with sufficient bass, this earbud is compensated with clean mids and treble notes.

The Xmate Buzz Features a touch-sensitive earpiece control system. There is a disadvantage to this feature as accidental touches can easily trigger undesired actions all of a sudden. This earbud has an easier user interface when compared with the physical buttons in most of the other earbuds. 

Bluetooth v5.0 wireless connectivity comes with this device that will give you crystal clear audio transmission for voice calling and music playback. The Bluetooth connection offers a range of 10M (33ft) and within this range, you will never experience any sort of problems.

Xmate Buzz Features a battery backup of around 3 hours with a single charge. The charging case also Features a rechargeable battery of 650mAhthat can be used to charge the earbuds almost twice completely.


  • Bluetooth Version: v5.0
  • Battery Life: Up to 3Hours
  • Microphone Form Factor: Built-In
  • Headphones Form Factor: In-Ear
  • Special Features: Noise-canceling
  • Multi-Function Control Buttons 
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Item Weight: 53 g

Redmi Earbuds 2C

The new Redmi Earbuds 2c Features a compact case with a matte finish design. This budget earbud under 2000 rupees has a sleek & super stylish look and is a super lightweight product weighing just around 4 g. You can carry this gadget anywhere you go in your pocket or the bag.

Redmi Earbuds 2C

The Redmi earbuds feature an IPX4 rating against splash & sweat, offering a decent life for this earbud. This TWS earbud gives you a four-hour playback on a single charge with its 43mAh battery per earbud. While using in with the charging case that comes equipped with a  300mAh battery, you will get a battery backup of around 12 hours.

It will take 1.5 hours to recharge this device from zero to a hundred percent charge. And this gadget is charged via a Micro-USB cable. This earbud is built with Bluetooth v5 wireless connectivity that offers an operating distance of 10 meters. 

The advanced DSP ENC offers better call quality. The only one button featured in this earbud will help you pause-play music, answer/end calls, mute/unmute calls, turn on a voice assistant, switching between two calls, and switching between earbud and device. 

The Voice assistance feature is present in this earbud and is compatible with Android and iOS phones. 


  • Battery life: 12 hours of music playback
  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Water resistance: IPX4 water-resistant
  • Stylish and fashionable design
  • Multifunction button
  • Voice assistant
  • DSP ambient noise cancellation
  • Single or dual earbuds
  • Quick and easy to pair with the device
  • Item Weight 35 g

boAt Airdopes 121v2

boAt dominates the audio electronics sector in India for many years are famous for their low-budget speaker’s, earphones, headsets, etc. The Airdopes 121v2 is boAt’s newly launched earbud priced under 2K rupees. This product has become one of the favorite gadgets inside the Indian market with its stunning battery, trendy look, and immersive sound.

boAt Airdopes 121v2

This earbud comes in three different color variants – active Black, mysterious blue, and cherry blossom. The external parts have a dual-toned finish and this is a lightweight product in this category. This gadget weighs only 4 grams so that you can comfortably wear it for longer sessions without feeling any discomfort in your ears. For phone calls for hours after hours, this earbud proves to be a great option for the customers.

The curves given to the design make the earbud perfectly suit inside your ear canal without slipping out. This will help you to get the tight and secure placement of the earbud. Even in small headshakes and all, the earbud will not slip from your ear. Hence, you can use these for jogging or to the gym, you don’t have to worry about losing them anymore.

For placing the left and right earbuds, clear indicators are provided on the charging case in order to avoid mistakes regarding the earbuds’ storage. 

The led indicator on top will blink red or blue and beside this, you can see the boAt logo. A magnetic lock will hold the earbuds to the case that pretty much does its job. 

The charging case of this earbud has a capsule-like design and this is made with hard plastic material. The case Features a matte finish exterior and is a compact one so that you can easily fit it into your pockets.

A micro USB slot is provided at the side of this case that can be used for charging this device. There is no indicator at the outside of the box to indicate the charging mode. But there is a led indicator that will show you the percentage of the case battery digitally.

boAt Airdopes 121v2 Features 8mm dynamic audio drivers that will give the user a whole new musical world. Reasonable sound output with zero distortion of sound at high volumes is what you will get with this earbud. The moderately boosted bass is not too thumping but will work smoothly with the mids and the highs. 

This device is compatible with stereo calling and is capable to provide a very balanced audio output. This is not for outdoor uses as the outside noise becomes hugely predominant. 

HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP are the various supported modes in this earbud. The Bluetooth version 5.0 offers a superior and strong connection. This wireless connectivity will work up to a distance of 10 meters. The smart pairing will easily pair this gadget with Bluetooth enabled devices.


  • Headset Type: Truly wireless earbuds
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0 
  • Charging Case Battery: 380 mAh
  • Earbud Battery Capacity: 40 mAh
  • Playback Time: 3.5 hours 
  • Mic: Yes
  • Voice Assistance: Supports
  • Sweat and Water Resistance: Ipx 4
  • Standby Time: 100 hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Wireless Bluetooth Range: 10 m
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Weight 36 g

Noise Shots Nuvo AirPods

Noise is known for designing many electronic gadgets that come under very attractive price categories and are affordable to Gen-Z consumers. With many features like the IPX4 rating, Bluetooth 5.0, the Noise Shots Nuvo earbuds are one of the trending ones in Indian markets that are priced below 2000 rupees.

Noise Shots Nuvo

The design may feel quite similar to the Redmi Earbuds S which is a competitor one for this product. You can find a Noise logo and a light indicator on the rear side of this earbud. 

The ergonomically designed product comes with in-ear silicone tips that will ensure comfort and grip while sitting inside the ears. The case is designed in an oval shape that comes equipped with indicators for charging and a battery indicator on the front. 

This charging case features an 800mAh battery that gives a battery backup of around  28 hours of total playback. With this case, you can charge this earbud up to 7 times in a single charge. By charging for just 10 minutes you will get a playback of 80 minutes.

This is a lightweight product weighing just around 5g and features a 6mm driver unit for dynamic audio output. The earpieces offer a standalone playback of 4hrs on a single charge. You will get smart touch controls for playback and voice calling. This product is rated with IPX4 protection for sweats during workouts and light rain. 


  • Bluetooth Version: v5.0
  • Battery Life: 32 Hour Playtime
  • Water Resistance: IPX4 Rating
  • Voice Assistant Support
  • Ultra-Fast Charging
  • Compatible Devices Android and ios
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Item Weight: 50 g


This concludes our review of the best Airpods under 2K rupees in the Indian markets. The above-mentioned 14 products are standing at the top position in this industry. This review is based on the products Build quality, sound quality, connectivity Features, battery backup, and other special Features like the display on the case, etc. 

From these 14 products, you can purchase any of them as all are the best-performing ones with an affordable price range and are reliable and durable too. You will never feel like a wastage of money by buying any of these products. 

Oppo W11 Airpods, Realme Buds Q Airpods, Redmi Earbuds S Airpods are the overall Best Airpods in this price of 2000 Rs category. If you are still confused after reading the reviews of 14 of these products, then limit the search to only these 3 products so that you can save time and get out of these confusions. We hope our article helps you to find the best product from the market.